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Vids Roundup

I made 7 vids in 2015.

The Hardest of Hearts (Maleficent)
She Keeps Me Warm (Saving Face)
Get Lucky (Singin' in the Rain)

Between (Doctor Who, Clara, Twelve & Danny, s8 overview)

Fly (multifandom, awesome women)

Uptown Funk (Parks and Recreation, Vidukon premiere)

We Got History (Multifandom, fannish review of the year)

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Wheeeee, another vid in the Aims vidding project has gone up!

[personal profile] purplefringe has made Never Look Away (Doctor Who, Eleven & Clara)

It's so perfect and beautiful. I think [personal profile] purplefringe has really outdone herself on this one - there's so much packed into every moment, lots of layers of narrative and symbolism and also their precious faces. It gives me MANY FEELINGS and it's really really pretty too.

I'm so so pleased with all of the Aims - they're all brilliant, and have a lovely range of sources, themes, and interpretations of the songs, plus a lot of focus on women. Just two more to go now! We're hoping to be able to show all of them as a Vidukon vid show which would be pretty awesome.

Speaking of - Vidukon! Is a thing, happening in Cardiff at the end of June, and if you like watching and talking about vids and can get yourself there you should definitely come. Create an account on the website to register, and even if you don't want to register just yet you can join in discussion about possible panel topics etc.

We'll also be accepting premieres whether you're attending the con or not (deadline: April 27th).

In additional con news, I'm going to doing some vidding content on the fanworks track at Nine Worlds this year, and am also chatting to some of the people at Worldcon about doing something similar with them as they're trying to get fanworks involved. So if you're doing the London con circuit this summer, come and watch some vids with me!
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2013 was not a very high output year for me, creatively. I spent the first six months ludicrously busy, and the latter half of the year trying to find my groove again.

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I'm running some vidding programming for the Fanfic track at Nine Worlds. In particular, I'm doing a talk on vidding, which I'm aiming at fans who probably read fic but don't necessarily know so much about vids.

Crowdsourcing a little bit of my research here - I'd really like to hear about other people's experiences of discovering vids.

I'd love to know about the first vids you can remember watching.

a) Which fandoms were they in?

b) Which websites did you hear about them from?
eta: that was poorly worded, lots of you saw your first vids offline via cons, tapeswaps etc. Tell me about that too!

I'm particularly interested in hearing about fandoms other than Western media fandoms, and websites other than LJ/DW, but all responses will be helpful!
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Well I took my time about it, but basically all of my vids are now hosted on dedicated webspace thanks to [personal profile] settiai. I need to edit the links into individuals posts on here but for the moment you download all my vids here.

If there are any broken download links etc anywhere, do let me know!

(There are over 50 vids up there. I am not entirely sure how that happened.)


Also, [personal profile] happydork is passing on info for someone looking for any folks who come under the general "non-straight" umbrella okay with being interviewed about their experiences of terminating therapy early?

oh dear

Dec. 17th, 2012 12:33 pm
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So my mediafire account has been suspended, which means I have a lot of dead links scattered across the internet, ack. Given that some of the files on there are straight up copyrighted material, doesn't seem that there's much I can do to get it back.

Apologies for the inconvenience! Vids, podfic, fanmixes, no doubt many other things, all gone. I will start trying to restore as much as I can - if you're after something in particular and having problems, let me know and I'll prioritise it.

I'm not sure what a good long term solution is, really. For podfic, there is of course the archive, so my stuff will still be on there. <3 Vids, I'm a bit stuck. Do I need to look into getting my own webspace? I need somewhere permanent that can support a fair amount of files/downloads without costing me the earth and isn't going to throw me out. Suggestions welcome!

(Also dammit I have stuff to make I don't have tiiiime for this.)

quick hits

Apr. 9th, 2012 04:52 pm
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+ New entries over at the hug fest including fic for The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek XI, Harry Potter, Soul Eater, BBC Sherlock and XMFC. All are lovely. <3333

+ The current challenge over at [community profile] vidrecs is character studies!

+ This month's challenge at [community profile] kink_bingo is super cool - themed gift baskets on a range of topics from 'all the feels' to 'supervillains', it's very awesome.

+ The winners are up for The Fourth Wall vidding awards - many thanks to [ profile] obsessive24 and [ profile] hollywoodgrrl for shortlisting Blue Caravan and writing such a kind review for it. :DDD

+ I am currently rolling around in the middle of ten whole days off work, it's pretty magical. Though I should try to remember that I aim to actually do things like finish my Remix story and finally make that auction vid for a very patient [personal profile] counteragent. Yay making things! And also sleeping, there has been a lot of that too.
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While I fret over watching the NY Senate live stream as they vote on same-sex marriage in the state, [personal profile] were_duck gave me some more questions:

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So I'm organising some files and such to get a vid project ticking away in the background for later this summer, and I am in search of source! Specifically, I am thinking of making a multi-fandom vid about doppelgangers and clones etc for my 'mirrors and doubles' [community profile] kink_bingo square. Originally I was going to keep it in Doctor Who, but really, this is one of my faaaaavourite tropes, so why stick to just one show?

Source already on my radar:

- Battlestar Galactica
- Buffy
- Doctor Who
- Farscape
- Fringe
- Sarah Connor Chronicles
- Stargate Atlantis
- The Vampire Diaries

Star Trek too, but I can only think of the Mirror!verse episodes in TOS and DS9 and am probably missing other examples.

So! I am looking for footage that has doppelgangers/clones/evil twins/parallel universe selves/robot copies/holographic projects/any other variants I can't think of interacting with their original selves. Any show/film, any genre, though I will probably lean more towards more fannish media. Bonus points for canonical instances of characters hitting on themselves (thank you in advance for your services to this cause, mirrorverse!Kira!).
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+ Over at [community profile] wiscon_vidparty I am hosting a discussion for anyone trying to/planning on submitting a premiere for Wiscon (myself included, oh dear /o\).

+ The response to the female character trope fest has been fabulous so far, thank you all very much! We are onto ten pages of prompts in under 24 hours, good grief. [personal profile] fly_to_dawn is my hero for coding up the first nine of those pages. Depending on how things are shaping up by Thursday or Friday, may need to slightly rethink structure in order to minimise unwieldiness.

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So I have had this problem with Final Cut for a few months where if I use the Export as Quicktime conversion --> export as divx option, it repeats a random snippet of the music right at the end of the vid, i.e., the song will fade out and there'll be a one note blast right at the end.

I have previously had two workarounds with this - either just open up the file in Streamclip once I'm done and rexport as an avi with the last second or so cut off, or export from Final Cut as a huge quicktime movie -- where there's no audio problem -- and rexport as an avi from Streamclip.

However! For my current project this isn't working, because however I export from Streamclip, some sections of it come up all pixellated and unpleasant. So now I am trying to figure out why Final Cut does this in the first place, but am drawing blanks. Anyone got any suggestions?
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It is that time of year again! Let's start off with some vid chatter, last seen at [ profile] obsessive24's journal.

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Thanks so much to everyone who attended the vidding workshop! It was a huge success and I hope that we're going to see some new vidders emerging as a result. :D

Over there, [personal profile] obsessive24 was MEAN and HEARTLESS and asked us all some really hard questions which seemed to have generated a bit of a meme. I pass this onto you, my vidder/vid-watcher friends!

If all but one of your vids are erased from history, never to return (you can't reconstruct them, nor can you get anyone else to do it for you), which one would you keep and why?

And, name ONE vid that's had a formative influence on you as a vidder and tell us why. (Yeah, I'm sure there is more than one that's had a formative influence on you as a vidder. Suck it up and whittle it down. ;) )

And one for all vid-watching types:

AND, if all but one of the vids that you've ever watched are erased from history, never to return, which one would you keep and why?

My answers were: )

I shall now return to angsting over what to do for my Vividcon Premiere. (No one told me it would be this difficult just to decide on a vid to make! /o\)
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[community profile] ao3vidders is hosting an auction to raise funds for the AO3 to help them create a more permanent home for vidders online. More information and a masterlist here, and my thread here.

I'm offering:

Doctor Who (2005), Torchwood, Legend of the Seeker, Firefly, Merlin, Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Harry Potter, Star Trek XI, Battlestar Galactica, White Collar. I'd also be happy to try to vid a film whether I've seen it or not, or anything else you think I'm familiar with - email to check.
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I'm hosting a vid workshop over at [community profile] camelot_fleet all weekend, particularly aimed at beginners/people looking to pick up some new tricks. I'm also joined by a fantastic guest panel who will be taking questions about their work. Join us! (There's a Merlin slant, of course, but all are welcome.)
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My Club Vivid vid is uploading right now, argh, flail, etc. I am cautiously excited about it, though!

Latest fuck yeah she's awesome round up:

+ [personal profile] frangipani on The Tale of Admiral Wan Zafirah ibna Wan Mahmud

+ [personal profile] scrollgirl is picspamming the ladies of Stargate - Day One, Day Two.

+ [personal profile] bewize on Hit Girl (Kick-Ass)

+ [personal profile] littlebutfierce on female characters in baseball animanga.
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+ [personal profile] verasteine, thanks so much for the little canine friend sitting on my LJ! *ruffles her pixellated ears*

+ There are some new people around here - hello! Feel free to drop by and introduce yourselves, if that's a thing you're into. If you're more a lurking type, know that you are warmly welcomed also. :D

+ In Epic Fail news, United Airlines apparently have this policy where they treat passengers with disabilities like total shit. [ profile] cleolinda has more. (Warning: rage-inducing!)

+ Dear everybody who has finished/has a draft/is on their way to finishing their Club Vivid vids: omg I hate you all. (Not really.) I -- at least I'm gathering source now?

+ The reason for the above is that I have just failed to meet yet another self-imposed deadline re. my [ profile] help_haiti pieces. Woe! They are all on their way, just unwilling to be finished, apparently. Curse you, uncooperative fanworks!

+ Have a poem. This is the first 'grown-up' poem I ever fell in love with.

The Lake Isle of Innisfree, W. B. Yeats )


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