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Reposting from [personal profile] thingswithwings's journal. (original post)

Hi, this is Toft posting for Megan. Megan is stuck somewhere in north Minneapolis with a broken car. She has to stop at a garage but has nowhere to go after that. Is anyone able to pick her and her dog up and take them somewhere warm? Her number is [redacted] - please call her direct, don't reply here. Thank you so much.

eta: all is well! [personal profile] sophinisba reports having talked to Megan, and someone is on their way. \o/
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[community profile] access_fandom is hosting Festibility, a fanworks fest to celebrate disabled characters (whether canonically disabled or not). There is a prompt post here which already has loads of great ideas featured. Prompts are open for fills from next week and then through the next two months.


Also, [personal profile] thingswithwings has some great recs for fic with disability themes.
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+ Signal boost: [ profile] lgbtq_recs wants YOU to sign up to rec some queer media sometime in the month of June. It's been a fabulous, fun resource the last two years, and year three should be as good as ever! Check it out.

+ Thank you, anon who sent a vgift my way earlier today! I feel duly sparkled up. :D

+ A thingy borrowed from [personal profile] heathershaped:

Give me the name of a fictional character from any fandom and I will write them a short love letter. (Whoverse, HP, Merlin, T:TSCC, Seeker, Firefly, SGA, BSG, or anything else I know.)
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Recommended reading for the day - [personal profile] iambickilometer: Five+ Ways Being Transgender in Fandom Really Sucks, and Why I Stick With It Anyway. An excellent privilege check, especially re. 'genderswap' fic.


Totally unrelated, two clips from the next Doctor Who episode (previously tumblr'd) that made me squee!

cut for youtube embed and spoilers )

... seriously, is it Saturday yet?
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+ [ profile] sheafrotherdon: "It's now time to tell." trigger warning for discussion of sexual violence.

+ on Angry Asian Man: ... and Harrison Ford as Dr. Chen, in which a real person's life is getting white-washed.

+ an AfterEllen interview with Jane Espenson, writer of Caprica: "It's Time for Sexuality To Be Incidental">. Given BSG's track record of evil (dead) queers, that interview does not exactly inspire me with confidence, but, maybe it won't be so awful. We will see! And as we know, I will put up with a lot for canon queer and robots, heh.

+ in fannish news, Torchwood/Doctor Who comment!porn battle VI is a go!

+ via [ profile] lazy_daze, Everybody's Free (To Be Fannish) by [ profile] elizah_jane, which is SPN-specific in places but delightful all over.
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+ In department of 'omg this had better be a totally unfounded rumour': Fox to commission a RTD-penned US remake of Torchwood? WHAT. And I am just not thinking about how I would feel if it did turn out that RTD did indeed blow up his old show then go and make a brand new shiny one. May this never come to pass!

+ In happier news, [ profile] queerlit50 is starting up, similar to [ profile] 50books_poc. Read some queer authors! Tell me about them! :D My reading list for the next few weeks includes Sarah Waters' Fingersmith, Mary Renault's The Persian Boy, and Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint, so I will probably chat about those over there.

+ Also, [personal profile] oxoniensis's ninth porn battle is taking prompts.

+ eta: Also! The [ profile] help_haiti auction closes in just over 24 hours. There's a lot of things still available over there very reasonably, and everything's all listed and indexed so it's easy to find something you might like.
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[ profile] help_haiti is letting people offer a whole plethora of goods in exchange for donations to various emergency funds dedicated to helping Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. There's a number of ways to get involved and a lot of very talented people offering up their skills; see the comm for more details.

I have three items up for auction: a fic, a vid, and a podfic. There are more specifics about what I'm offering at the links.


Nov. 11th, 2009 12:23 am
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+ Julie Bindel brings the transphobic fail once again. This link comes with a blood pressure warning, for it is full of offensive vitriol. Get off my team, Bindel, you make us look awful!

+ Via the New York Times, not all groups have felt the recession equally. It's US stats, but i suspect relevant across other countries too. In any case, illuminating and rather dismal.

+ Disability and Asexuality by [personal profile] kaz on FWD/Forward, a really great new-ish feminist disability blog. Highly recommended reading.

+ Also on FWD, [personal profile] avendya posts To Whom It May Concern.

+ [ profile] ressie_noldo writes on the monstrous other; for the asian women blog carnival.

+ Lastly and unrelatedly, who_daily and torchwood_three are looking for new newsletter editors. I'm stepping down from my position as a back-up editor due to time constraints, but I do recommend it unreservedly to anyone who likes being part of the cogs and gears of fandom - things are quiet at the moment, too, so it's a good time to step in and get to grips with things.
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+ [personal profile] copperbadge is hosting an online job fair, which is bringing forth a host of resources in any number of different fields and countries. Go see if you have some advice to offer, or something relevant to you. If anyone wants to chat to me about UK law conversion, NGOs or think tanks, please do.

+ Recs!

-- A Beginner's Guide to Vulcan Sexual Practice, by Captain James T. Kirk by [personal profile] thingswithwings [Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock, explicit]

Hee! Okay, so this is based on the crazy non-kink community that was doing the rounds for a few days, and the result is delightful. It is beautifully characterised and hot and Uhura is very much there, which is always a requirement for me with Reboot K/S fic, and basically I love it lots.

-- Here Comes The Sun by [ profile] miakun [Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, R]

This is futurefic with OT4 in the background and a pregnant Gwen and it is made of sunshine and happiness. ♥

-- VID: Spaceman by [ profile] kaydeefalls [Doctor Who/Torchwood]

This is beautiful. It's full of visual parallels and rarely-used shots and gorgeous musicality. The vid is full of so much heart that it made me fall in love with both shows all over again.


Nov. 4th, 2009 01:23 am
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+ Signal boost: [ profile] yuki_onna is stranded far from home without funds. More details here.

+ Some stories I enjoyed recently:

Twitterpated by [ profile] fled_music [Supernatural, slight Dean/Castiel, Sam]
Castiel insists that Dean and Sam start using twitter as a means of communication (seriously).

I clicked on a whim and was totally charmed!

A Cautionary Tale About Tomatoes (and zombies) by [ profile] netgirl_y2k [Merlin, team Camelot, gen]
Armed with two swords, a slightly dented helmet and a wooden spoon, our heroes fight zombies.

Hee, this is delightful and brilliant! Not to mention exactly how a zombie invasion would go down on the show.

The Assist by [ profile] 51stcenturyfox [Torchwood, Rhys/Gwen/Ianto, R]
Three adorable Welsh people have sex.

The summary nails it, really - this is sweet and fun and well-characterised, and reads like a breath of fresh air.

+ Ahahahahaha. Ha. Um. So I just did a stupid thing, namely count up approximately how much writing (academic, fannish and otherwise) I have to do over the next month or so by word count. And, well. Let us just say that frankly, I might as well be doing NaNo based on how it breaks down for words per day. D:
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+ [ profile] touchyerwood (*snicker* ... *is twelve*), a new Torchwood anon kink meme, is open for business.

+ A new anthology, Headcase, is accepting submissions for non-fiction pieces by LGBTQ writers & artists about mental illness.

+ I still have not watched Merlin. I may not do so before tomorrow evening. Woe!

+ People. I see this all the time and it pains me in my soul just a little. 'Discrete' and 'discreet' are two different words with two very different meanings. Discrete means 'separate and distinct'. Thus, even if Arthur and Merlin (hypothetical example!) are keeping their relationship on the down low, I rather doubt that they'd feel particularly discrete about it.

/end friendly PSA!

+ Lastly, some vid & fic recs! )


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