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I keep trying to write a post about Battlestar Galactica, because I want to talk about it, and how it pains me tremendously but also I can't let it go. I'm trying to work how best to explain the former, and I'm still not sure why the latter is the case. All I can really tell you is that I'm clipping episodes for vidding and I keep crying at random screenshots of characters giving DRADIS readings and other such mundane moments. :/

ANYWAY. Let us move to happier subjects! Hi guys, I'm super excited that there are so many people coming over to Dreamwidth right now. I'm enjoying watching all of this unfold. And while I still don't know where I see myself based long-term, it was nice to have this place as a reassuring background presence when I read things like this. An anti-gay marriage ad has surfaced on the rota of LJ's ads -- Marta, one of the LiveJournal staffers, is to be very much commended for jumping in quickly and directly and sorting it out, but it highlights a basic problem that LJ don't have all that much control, apparently, over the content of their ads. It gives a certain extra bigotry-flavoured spice to checking your flist in the morning, you know?

Okay, that wasn't especially happy either. Take three! I thought maybe I would post some sort of introductory-type thing for anyone that's new around here.

ten things about me )

If you would like to introduce yourself here, please do!


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