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Rumour Has It (Legend of the Seeker, Dahlia/Cara, Kahlan/Cara) by [ profile] sol_se
You and I have history, or don't you remember?

THIS IS REALLY GREAT. Gosh, I miss this show with its pretty and its oodles of femslash. And leather. Sigh.
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Okay, so project watch all the vids and also project feedback all the vids are both kind of time-consuming and may have to wait until I return from my travels, but here are some recs! I can do that bit!

11 recs for premiering vids at VVC )
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+ Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig! Not a holiday I celebrate usually even though I am Irish, but I hope everyone going out tonight has a fun, safe time.

+ I have this problem where I can't stop watching [ profile] bradcpu's new Legend of the Seeker vid, Lightning Field. It is so unspeakably gorgeous, and it's the Cara/Kahlan vid of my SOUL. Well worth a watch whether you know the show or not - pretty, pretty femslash!

+ Speaking of pretty, pretty femslash, [personal profile] netgirl_y2k wrote Protect Me From What I Want, a modern!AU Morgana/Morgause story that really, really works for me.

+ omg White Collar. character spoilers through the finale )
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There is a whole treasure trove of wonderful vids waiting for everyone - here is the masterlist.

I have vids! Two vids! Just for meeeee! But here, I am feeling charitable, I will share them with all of you as well.

Just A Girl (Much Ado About Nothing - 1993)

I like to think of this as an ode to Emma Thompson and her faaaace, omg. I just love the idea of a Beatrice character study set to No Doubt, unspeakably so. This is so, so charming and happy-making!

Your Song (Much Ado About Nothing - 1993)

More Beatrice good times, now with added Benedict! Okay, guys, listen. This is a vid where Kenneth Brannagh lip-syncs to Moulin Rouge, that's seriously all you need to know. But also it is melodramatic and hilarious and very sweet, and filled with Beatrice/Benedict OTP joy!

*covers both vids in hearts and sparkles*

some recs!

Samson (Roswell, Michael/Isabel)

I used to adore this show way back when, for all its cheesiness, but here it looks all grown up and epic and absolutely gorgeous.

Here It Goes Back Again (Back to the Future)

I have not seen the films - now, I really want to! This is hilarious and full of motion and energy.

Body and Soul (Legend of the Seeker)

OMG. This is perfect - I'm really glad someone ran with this request because the song choice is fantastic, and the editing even more so. Hot, edgy, kick-ass, delightful!

Mr Blue Sky (WALL-E)

I have not seen this film - clearly this is an oversight, because this is SO CUTE YOU GUYS OMG ADORABLE ROBOTS YAY. <33333

Contra Mundum? (Withnail & I)

Richard E Grant/Paul McGann/The Clash OT3! This is wonderful and perfect, yay. :D


Also, [ profile] kinkelot is now open for business! *\o/* Our first challenge is ... spanking! Jeez, I just wrote that, now I have to come up with something else - life, it is hard.


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