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+ The Fandom Hot 20 Poll is open for your votes! There are some excellent choices in there, and I'm delighted to see how well some of the ladies are doing - I believe Amy and Zoe are presently leading the polls? I approve. River Song is also doing v. well, as are many other worthy candidates.

+ Speaking of hot women, [ profile] thelittlebang, the femslash big bang, is open for sign-ups. *encourages you all* I will definitely sign up to do a complementary fanwork when the time comes, and maaaybe sign up for the main round as well. We will see.

+ Speaking of awesome fanworks! Here are some recs:


Introductory Drama by [personal profile] livrelibre (Annie/Troy/Abed, spoilers for the finale)

The perfect OT3 coda. :D

Doctor Who

From Morning to Night (Amy/Eleven/River/Rory, Ursula le Guin fusion)

So there was a really cool post by [personal profile] melannen called Love & Marriage about different kinds of poly marriages in sci-fi, including Ursula le Guin's sedoretu, a group marriage of four people involving a mix of romantic and platonic relationships. [personal profile] melannen explains it better. ANYWAY, all of that is a long-winded way of saying that From Morning to Night is a totally lovely story about the four of them being married in spaaaaace omg, and you all know my feelings about that. :D

Geometry by [personal profile] nekare (Amy/Rory, Eleven/River)

This is a lovely, lovely set of four character studies. <3333

Aftermath by [personal profile] tellitslant (River, OCs)

Hee! A hilarious look at the poor, put-upon prison guards at Stormcage and how they feel about River's constant breakouts. Lovely world-building.

VID: Butterfly by [personal profile] kaydeefalls (Jack, River)

There has been much discussion of the similarities between Jack and River in certain respects. [personal profile] kaydeefalls makes it SO FUN WHEE.

VID: Eleventh Dimension by [ profile] di_br (Eleven)

A lovely, lovely look at series five, with lots of great clip choices and sense of motion.

Fringe/Sarah Connor Chronicles

VID: Virus by [personal profile] chaila (Nina, Weaver)

YES, THIS. Tech-savvy corporate redheads secretly plot your demise. So awesome.

vid recs!

Mar. 25th, 2011 08:38 pm
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Here are some vids I've been enjoying lately.

For The Moon by [ profile] tearful_eye (Doctor Who, Amy)

This is really gorgeous and atmospheric and makes well-used footage seem fresh again.

New Dream by [ profile] gigglemonster (Tangled)

I really loved this film, and this vid is the perfect accompaniment - sweet, beautiful, and really lovely editing.

And recently I appear to have fallen headfirst into Community, and am for the most part entirely, entirely charmed. These are some vids I've been watching lots:

Folding Chair by [ profile] sisabet (Community, Annie)

Algebra by [ profile] sisabet and [ profile] cappylicious (Community, Troy)

Sex and Reruns by [personal profile] trelkez (Community, ensemble)

When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade by [ profile] bop_radar (Community, ensemble)



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