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Friday )


On Saturday I was accompanied by [personal profile] purplefringe and later joined by [personal profile] oparu and K. We cooed over stalls selling their geeky wares and also all the cosplayers. There were an absolute ton of Doctor Who cosplayers, unsurprisingly. Many more Rivers than I've seen previously, and also some fun ones like Idris, 6x07 Amy complete with a baby, Centurion Rory, Sixties Amy, a Silent, and a couple of little girls dressed up as Amelia, oh my goodness. So adorable.

Our first panel was Sylvester McCoy & Sophie Aldred  )

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to Mark Sheppard myself as I had a clash, but this is paraphrased from [personal profile] purplefringe:

Mark Sheppard )

In the afternoon I got to see Brent Spiner )

And then there was Karen Gillan.

I ended up being able to get my photo taken with her and get her autograph as well as go to her talk, which involved a reasonable amount of queuing but was completely worth it. I was very nervous in the build up to the whole thing, but all my actual interaction with her was incredibly brief, just long enough to bask a little in her presence.

She was gorgeous and lovely and radiant and her smile could light up a city. And her hair really is that amazing, and her legs really do go on forever, and her beauty is pretty much overwhelming close-up.

And she smiled at me and put her arm around me and said she would read the fan letter that I gave her (essentially an extended version of 'Amy Pond is the best, you play her brilliantly, thanks for cheering me up a bunch when I was ill') and everything was beautiful.

@such_heights: All done. She is so absurdly stunning in real life. Gosh. *wanders off dreamily* :)

photos and notes on her talk )


Yesterday the main attraction was Alex Kingston, who was completely lovely and fabulous. She was also pretty much unbearably cute with small children - when I was queuing up to get an autograph a little girl ahead of me asked Alex if she'd come here in the TARDIS, so Alex leaned over the desk and responded very seriously that yes, she did. <3333

Her talk )

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+ oh gosh, I watched most of the livestream of the HP premiere at Trafalgar Square last night, and UNEXPECTED FEELINGS ATTACK. I first I was all 'ooh, look at the pretty dresses, here are some interviews with people I like', and then Dan and Emma and Rupert and JKR made all these emotional speeches at the end and I was suddenly an emotional wreck, what even. So it would appear I will definitely be a mess when we go see the film at Diacon, then, heads up everyone.

+ Relatedly, today I am off to London Film & Comic Con! To see Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston, as well as other cool people. *insert massive flailing here* I am quite excited, as you may imagine. But, okay, when I was registering I got my general con ticket and a ticket for Karen's talk and also a ticket to get my photo taken with her. Which I do not know how I feel about! I couldn't not do it, because Karen Gillan, but given my track record of getting kind of weirded out and also totally speechless when face to face with people I am fannish about, well. At least on this occasion I've known it was coming so have had time to think about what I would like to say. And also, you know, it'll last a couple of minutes if that and I can photoshop myself out of the resulting photo if I look like a complete dork, etc. It is not a big deal. (Except it totally is, omg tomorrow I will be in the presence of the person I am fangirling like it's my job right now, ack ack etc.)

ANYWAY. Aside from that, I will try and take some pictures and report back in as much detail as I can about what Karen and Alex say and also any other talks I make it to, like Mark Sheppard or Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred. Also, if any of you are going to be there, give me a shout! I do not promise to be particularly coherent at any given time, but I can promise squee.


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