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What the hell, I appear to have committed Jack/Gwen. I don't know, guys, I just do not even know. But I do blame [ profile] magic_at_mungos entirely!

Four Ways Jack and Gwen Fell In Love, And One Way They Didn't
Torchwood ; Jack/Gwen, Gwen/Rhys, Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen/Ianto ; PG-13 ; 1700 words
Four AUs off different bits of Torchwood, and one coda to 'Something Borrowed'.

It's been a long time since Jack last fell in love. )
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The Alien-Fighters' Social Club
Torchwood/Stargate: Atlantis ; Team Torchwood & Team Sheppard ; PG-13 ; 2500 words
Sheppard and his team were to stay based with Torchwood Three until such a time as the Daedalus was in orbit. A chance to improve inter-organisational relations, apparently.

written for [ profile] dw_cross, originally posted here, beta'd by [ profile] multiclassgeek

Rodney blanched. 'Cardiff? Oh, this is worse than I thought.' )
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Snatches of Time (Bring Me Back, Bring Me Back)
Torchwood/Doctor Who; PG
Owen, the Doctor, Donna, team; Owen/Tosh
Summary: There are some events in one's life that really do seem set. Thing is, that rarely takes into account certain mysterious blue boxes.
Notes: Spoilers for Doctor Who Series 4 and Torchwood's Exit Wounds. Birthday fic for [ profile] crooked - CJ, this isn't really either of your prompts, because every time I sat down to write this it kept becoming denial!fic instead. I hope you enjoy in any case, and happy birthday once again!

'It's okay, it's going to be okay.' )
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[ profile] springtime_gen reveals! Thank you so much again, [ profile] ignipes, for Everest to Kangchenjunga for Afternoon Tea. &hearts

And this is what I wrote. Behold the word count! Behold the vague semblance of plot! I had a blast writing this one, and though re-reading it I can certainly find flaws, I'm still pleased with it - something just slightly different from my usual fare =)

Order Out Of Chaos
PG-13, 6000 words
Ensemble First War cast including the Marauders, Lily, Frank, Dumbledore & Moody.
Summary: Dumbledore has an Order to create, Moody has Aurors to train, and four young men need to decide what they're doing with their lives.
Notes: With enormous thanks to [ profile] magnetic_pole for the last minute beta. Written for [ profile] ignipes at [ profile] springtime_gen. Original post here.

As a student, Remus had rarely been into Dumbledore's office. )
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Human Tears
Order Gen, really
450 words
Summary:It is a strange victory as November dawns.
Notes: Title from the Wilfred Owen poem 'Autumnal', the prompt for this day.

Fear has been lifted, an oppressive mask ripped away leaving former victims exultant in oxygen. )


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