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Late Bloom
Harry Potter ; Remus/Sirius ; PG-13 ; 10,000 words ; AU
Sirius, the dutiful eldest son of the mighty Black family, has almost entirely lost his own hopes and dreams. An unexpected meeting with a long-forgotten friend might just change everything.

Written for Round Two of the [ profile] rs_games, Team MWPP. Originally posted here. I could talk about this story a lot, but I think I'll let it speak for itself first? Onwards!

James lay back, staring up at the bright afternoon sky. This summer was getting off to a marvellous start. )
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The Basic Art Of Communication
Harry Potter
PG-13, 3500 words
Summary: Wherein chaos is unleashed, Lily Evans proves corruptible, and Sirius is trying to say something important, probably.
Notes: Written for Round One of the [ profile] rs_games.

'Rise and shine, brethren! Today is our day of jubilee!' )
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Baby Names
Harry Potter
James, Lily, Sirius
PG, 600 words
Summary: Coming up with names proves more challenging than previously imagined.
Notes: Inspired by JKR's recent prequel. Written for [ profile] trowicia - happy birthday, darling! ♥

'Names! Baby names! A name to do proud to our imminent offspring.' )
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In The Room (Where People Come And Go)
Lily; ensemble
PG, 2000 words
Summary: New maternity brings guests.
Notes: For [ profile] sambethe on her birthday, in appreciation of the fact that she manages to be all things - an excellent writer, ever-helpful beta, and a great friend. Have a good one! Also written to the [ profile] 7spells prompt; in the room where women come and go.

'Yes, darling, you've said that already.' )
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First, see my last post for new and additional flail, for post arrived for me today from my wonderful sender, [ profile] morebliss, to accompany the emails of Thursday. I am all a-squee!

I was assigned [ profile] opheliet, who listed James/Lily and Remus/Sirius in her requests, so I thought I'd do both! You can see her post, with pictures and such, here, but now I shall rework those into a more digital form.

James/Lily, Remus/Sirius, PG
Love sent and received. 14th February, 1980.

Happy Valentine's Day )
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After The Agony In Stony Places
PG, 2800 words
Remus/Sirius, Peter, James, Lily
Summary: They'd kept vigil like this before now, and yet, the thought of anything happening to James, or to Remus - Remus, who only a few short weeks ago had just been a friend, and now--
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] avendya at [ profile] hp_quotathon; inspired in part by T.S. Eliot.

'You could have given me a little warning! Only fair to give a bloke a bit of preparation before you floor him with sudden pronouncements,' James said. )
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Because this is totes canon given recent events.

(On which, by the by. Can I get a big WORD for [ profile] snegurochka_lee, a hearty LOL for [ profile] shaggydogstail's inspired [ profile] ihasatardis moment, and many thanks to [ profile] last_radio for bringing out the real scandal from that interview. ♥ to them and all of the rest of my flist for making me laugh or generally being sane. eta: And Neil Gaiman wins too! Oh yay.)

Anyway. This is for [ profile] pink_faerie81, who prompted me James/Sirius, "you just want to get into my pants, don't you?". It's actually sort of James/Sirius/Lily, but I figured she wouldn't mind. :P And like I said, this is clearly canon now.

PG-13, 400 words.

'How, exactly, did you manage to spend all of that?' )


More on their way!
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A Bit Of News
PG, 800 words
Sirius, James, Lily
Summary: It's only right they should tell Sirius first.
Notes: Belatedly for [ profile] nyxfixx's birthday, as a token of how very much her writing owns me.

"You might want to sit down."
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I know, I know, I keep churning them out at the moment, don't I? But I lose at predictions, thus owe fic for [ profile] dh_predictions.

Still We Wait
PG, 800 words.
Lily, James, Remus, Sirius. Mostly gen.
Contains DH spoilers
Summary: The end of the war, on the other side.
Notes: Written to [ profile] onehundredmoons's request of your own DH epilogue, set only a few hours/days/weeks after the final battle, told either from earth or from the "other side". Ended being a little esoteric, but I hope it suits!

And though Dumbledore had said Harry would be safe, how could I believe him, after all that we had seen? And so we waited - just the four of us at first, those who had helped him on his way.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] shortstack88!!!
&hearts &hearts &hearts

I hope you have a wonderful day, my lovely. =D

In honour of the occasion, I present:

There Comes A Time
Lily; James/Lily, mentions of Remus/Sirius
PG-13, 3600 words.
Summary: Now school is over, going home isn't as easy as Lily thought.
Notes: This was just meant to be a happy James/Lily ficlet, and it sort of mutated and grew when I wasn't looking. Still, I hope there's suitably squishy bits - enjoy, Leigh!

Lily spends the whole train journey back from Hogwarts, this last time, resting on James' shoulder and watching the remnants of her school days flit past her through the window. )
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[ profile] springtime_gen reveals! Thank you so much again, [ profile] ignipes, for Everest to Kangchenjunga for Afternoon Tea. &hearts

And this is what I wrote. Behold the word count! Behold the vague semblance of plot! I had a blast writing this one, and though re-reading it I can certainly find flaws, I'm still pleased with it - something just slightly different from my usual fare =)

Order Out Of Chaos
PG-13, 6000 words
Ensemble First War cast including the Marauders, Lily, Frank, Dumbledore & Moody.
Summary: Dumbledore has an Order to create, Moody has Aurors to train, and four young men need to decide what they're doing with their lives.
Notes: With enormous thanks to [ profile] magnetic_pole for the last minute beta. Written for [ profile] ignipes at [ profile] springtime_gen. Original post here.

As a student, Remus had rarely been into Dumbledore's office. )
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Something New
PG, 1400 words
Summary: It's springtime in Fourth Year, and Alice has found a new interest.
Notes: Written for [ profile] nest_of_spiders, but not a response to a particular prompt, merely a springtime story. Also, has anyone ever seen this pairing before? If so, please be pointing me in that direction, I'm intrigued.

It is a result of spring, really, but Alice can't help but feel it's time for something new. )
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Quickly before my NYE festivities commence!

PG, 2700 words
Gen, really. Bit of James/Lily, bit of something else.
Summary: James goes to meet Lily's family in Surrey, and the Marauders accompany him. Fireworks ensue!

James was sitting in his parents' living room, flapping. )
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[ profile] trowica, thank you so much for your card! Felt! Stars! Shiny things! It was all terribly exciting =)

And now, a ficlet for [ profile] pink_faerie81, as requested. I meant to post this out to you, but alas my organisation wasn't quite up to it.

James/Sirius (!), 400 words, PG-13.

Much as James loved (well, felt appropriate and manly affection for) Remus and Peter, he wasn’t exactly complaining it was just him and Sirius for a couple of weeks, you know? )
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The Chronicles of Sirius Black
PG-13, 5500 words
James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Peter. Harry.
James/Lily, other minor pairings & some subtext.
Summary: Extracts from the schoolday memoirs of Sirius Orion Black, as written August 2nd, 1978. Found by Harry James Potter, July 5th, 1997. A James & Lily story.
Notes: Well, if this hasn't been some time in the making! With thanks to the wonderful [ profile] sambethe and the delightful [ profile] old_light for thorough and inspired betas - I owe much of the best of this to their insight. &hearts



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