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Fanworks Masterlist

A complete list of the things I have written, vidded, and podficced. A few notes:

On ownership:

You don't need my permission to make art, record podfic, remix, critique, translate, save, share or other reuse and interact with anything I've done. I'd love it if you'd share a link with me when you're done, however.

On warnings:

I will endeavour to clearly signpost fanworks of mine that others may find triggering. Elements that I will warn for in my work include consent issues, whether real or part of a roleplaying scenario, 'on screen' major character death, substance abuse and themes of depression/self-harm/suicide. If anyone has doubts about whether or not they can safely view anything I've done, please contact me either by PM or email and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.


Vids | Avatar: the Last Airbender | The Avengers | Crossovers | Doctor Who | Harry Potter | Merlin | Stargate: Atlantis | Torchwood | Other Fandoms | Podfic


Avatar: the Last Airbender

Bad Romance
Azula/Mai/Ty Lee
Around Us

Avengers movieverse

Call Me Maybe
A Circus of Heartbreakin' Divas

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Can't Go Back Now


Don't Stop, Just Dance

Doctor Who

Month of Ponds: a vid for each episode of series 7a.
I am destroyer I am lover (7x01) | Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (7x02) | As Cold As It Gets (7x03) | Sunday (7x04)
Enough To Go By
Amy & Eleven, Rory, River
Another Girl, Another Planet
Ace McShane, for festivids
Love is Cool (made with [personal profile] purplefringe)
Team Eleven
Glósóli (made with [personal profile] purplefringe)
Team Eleven
Brighter Than Sunflowers
Amy, the Doctor, Vincent
Howl (made with [personal profile] purplefringe)
Amy, Rory, River
Strict Machine
Blue Caravan
Amy/Doctor, Amy/Rory
Five Years' Time
Lullaby For A Stormy Night
wee baby Amelia
Call Me Uprising
Pull Shapes
Begin (v 2.0)
Martha; a remaking of an early vid.
Oh What A World
The Doctor.
Love Is All You Need
Wanting To Begin


Made Up Love Song #43
Kaylee, ensemble


Float On
Finding Nemo
Of Monsters and Heroes and Men
Gladiator, for [ profile] festivids
Falling Is Like this
Imagine Me and You
Maximus Overture
Maximus, Flynn ; Tangled


Fresh Feeling
Episodic for 3x01/3x02
Is It Really So Strange?
Bad Romance
Morgana/Morgause, Morgana/Gwen
Merlin, Arthur
Night At The Opera
The Book Of Love


The Skins
Doppelgangers and parallel universes and robots, oh my!
For halfamoon.
Take Me Home
Femslash dance vid for CVV.
Many Hands
For [community profile] kink_bingo
For halfamoon.

Star Trek

We Go Together
Star Trek XI; ensemble.


The Good Old Days
Butterflies & Hurricanes
Dance Commander

Avatar: the Last Airbender

Breathing Space
Aang/Zuko, Mai/Zuko ; PG ; 1300 words ; no content notes
"And so when I got Mai's letter --" Zuko stared at Mai; Mai shrugged, "-- I thought I'd come visit. Sounds like you could use a break!"

Something Good
Mai/Ty Lee ; 1600 words ; PG ; no content notes
After the war, Mai and Ty Lee make a life of their own.

The Good Life
Katara/Toph ; 900 words ; PG ; no content notes
Toph is an irregular fixture in Katara's home.

Something Built To Last
Toph ; PG ; 1300 words ; no content notes
Toph helps rebuild after the war.

New Directions
Toph, Katara, Suki ; PG ; 1100 words
They could do anything, after the war.

The Avengers movieverse

Who You Are When You're With Me
Natasha/Pepper ; 2700 words ; PG-13 ; no content notes
Pepper felt herself begin to relax, the muscles in her back and her neck slowly uncurling from their default state of constant tension. She smiled over at Natalie, feeling a little dopey from the faint buzz of alcohol and the late hour. Natalie smiled back, warm and sympathetic. She really did have a very pretty smile.

Progress Reports, Pancakes, and Paper Planes
Natasha & ensemble gen ; 2400 words ; PG-13 ; no content notes
"Director Fury and I would like to know whether you want your role with us to take a change in direction."

those wet clothes
Natasha/Pepper ; PG-13 ; 900 words ; no content notes
Natasha hadn't exactly planned on ending the evening stuck inside a disused SHIELD bunker, but here they were, and they'd have to make the best of it.


Avengers/Doctor Who ; Jane/Thor/Eleven ; explicit ; 1400 words ; no content notes
The Doctor smiles at Jane, and oh, he wants to whisk her away in his TARDIS to show her the universe so, so, badly, but he knows that he won't. Besides, she's got Thor to give her all of the adventures she could ever want.

Palm to Palm
Fringe/Firefly ; Olivia/Zoe ; G ; 700 words ; no content notes
Zoe first met Olivia in a dingy bar on a particularly disreputable moon.

come by any time [Doctor Who/Avengeres]
Doctor Who/Avengers (Marvel movie-verse) ; Amy Pond/Darcy Lewis (background Amy/Rory) ; 2100 words ; adult ; no content notes
At the start of her week, Darcy hadn't exactly guessed she'd finish it up by falling into bed with a gorgeous time-traveller, but then very few things were predictable in her life these days.

in the woords [Doctor Who/Harry Potter]
Eleven, Amy, Rory, Harry, Ron, Hermione ; PG ; 600 words ; no content notes
"Just fellow travellers in the woods, nothing to worry about."

with you for the rest of your life [Merlin/Firefly fusion]
Gwen, Morgana ; PG ; 1200 words ; no content notes
"I'm looking for an engineer. They tell me you're the best on this moon."

Rebirth [Merlin/Torchwood]
Merlin/Torchwood fusion ; PG-13 ; 1000 words ; mostly gen
It's not like every other time, not this time.

The Alien-Fighters' Social Club [Torchwood/Stargate: Atlantis]
Sheppard and his team were to stay based with Torchwood Three until such a time as the Daedalus was in orbit. A chance to improve inter-organisational relations, apparently.
Team gen, PG-13, 2500 words.

Impossible Is Nothing [Doctor Who/Harry Potter]
The Doctor doesn't believe in magic, so Professor Lupin's about to get a bit of a surprise.
The Doctor, Martha, Remus. PG, 2800 words.

And Now, After All The Stars [Doctor Who/His Dark Materials]
After the end, Will Parry finds Rose Tyler, and discovers he is not as alone as he'd feared.
PG, 2000, gen.

Five Ways The Doctor Might have Met Remus Lupin [Doctor Who/Harry Potter]
PG, 600 words.

Doctor Who

To Honour And Obey
Doctor Who ; Amy/Rory ; explicit ; 2200 words
"Gorgeous woman in a suit giving me orders? Yeah, that worked for me."

Seven Weeks
Amy/Eleven/Rory (Amy/Rory, Eleven/River) ; 5300 words ; PG-13 ; no content notes
She breathed in the moment - the smell and feel and sound of another place, another time. She took another long sip of champagne and let her eyes wander over to the bed. Oh, she had plans for that bed. Extensive plans. Plans that were about to be rudely interrupted.

Stealing Time
Eleven/River, Amy/Rory ; PG ; 2600 words ; spoilers for 7x05 ; no content notes
River can have a good cry about it later. Right now she has work to do.

Don't Let Me Go
Amy, Eleven & Rory ; PG ; 1200 words ; 7x02 coda ; contains: discussion of PTSD
It's hard to avoid the truth, not when he's looking at her like this, careful and still.

She Has The Technology
G ; 1200 words ; Oswin, Eleven ; no content notes
"Right then. Bugger all this for a game of soldiers. Time to make a daring escape."

this rough cut design
Jenny & various ; 1600 words ; PG-13 ; no content notes ; for rarewomen
Jenny's still brand new, but there are people to help her figure things out along the way.

help me, hypervodkas, you're my only hope (the wishlist remix)
Amy/Rory, Amy/Rory/Jack ; 4000 words ; PG-13 ; no content notes ; for Remix 2012
"The last time I was sentenced to death, I ordered four hypervodkas for my breakfast. All a bit of a blur after that. I woke up in bed with both of my executioners." In which the Ponds meet a very young Jack Harkness, and Amy gets to cross an item or two off her bucket list.

You Made Me Forget My Dreams
Amy/Rory ; 600 words ; G ; no content notes
Ever since Rory's known her, Amy's always had vivid, strange dreams.

Raise Your Glass
Amy/Rory, Doctor/River, Martha/Mickey ; PG ; 1000 words ; no content notes
Three New Year's Eves: 1999, 2011, and 2734.

Weekend in the City
PG ; Amy/Rory, River ; 1800 words ; spoilers through 6x13
They'd had the mysterious summons from River a week ago: book four days off work, bring your passport, pack for sunshine. I've got a plan.

here (in your arms)
Amy, Eleven, Rory ; PG 1200 words
Rory doesn't seem quite able to see why it is that they want him around, as though he doesn't know how much he is loved.

Women in Western Political Thought
Amy/Rory ; 1500 words
In which Amy and Rory are philosophy MA students and Amy is into student politics. Featuring lots of other New Who characters.

the time is out of joint
Amy, River, Rory ; PG ; 1000 words ; spoilers for 6x13
Amy wakes up in another life.

that was just a dream
Today, everything she's bottled up over the last few months seems far closer to the surface.
Amy/Rory, River ; 2200 words ; PG ; no content notes ; spoilers for 6x11

The Penny Drops
"Wait a second!"
Amy/Rory ; PG ; 700 words ; no content notes ; spoilers for 6x08

only my hands to guide me
Amy had always liked kids, provided that she could give them back at the end of the day.
Amy, River (background Amy/Rory) ; PG-13 ; 7200 words

The Next Adventure
The other woman at the bar is watching her with casual interest.
Christina/River ; 2000 words ; PG-13 ; no content notes

Dress Up
It's Rory's turn to pick the outfits.
Amy/Rory ; explicit ; 1700 words ; no content notes

we are strange in our worlds
"Your boyfriend doesn't like me," the Doctor said, then winced. It sounded even more pathetic out loud.
Doctor/Rory (background Amy/Doctor/Rory) ; 1400 words ; PG ; no content notes

Fly Me To The Moon
After the moon landing, Canton comes home.
Canton/his boyfriend, the Doctor & the Ponds ; 1700 words ; PG ; no content notes

inhale, exhale
She spends so much time worrying about them, but right now they're both here with her, and they're both safe.
Amy/Rory ; G ; 1000 words ; 6x03 coda

Departures (The Slow Recovery Remix)
Martha isn't staying.
Martha, Jack ; PG-13 ; 1200 words

Disintegration (The Next Chapter Remix)
It's almost like travelling with the Doctor, except this time, none of it's real.
River ; G ; 2000 words

Out For A Spin
Amy spins around, and is face to face with herself for the third time today.
Doctor Who ; Amy/Eleven/Rory (with permutations and multiplications) ; adult ; 2300 words ; for [community profile] kink_bingo

Memory and Time
In which Rose gets sick, Jack comes back, and the Doctor doesn't know what to do about either of them. AU.
Ten/Rose/Jack ; PG-13 ; 3000 words

Academic Interest
When River first met the doctor, when she just a young grad student who didn't know much about anything except rocks and bones, this is where she asked him to take her.
River/Liz X ; adult ; 1700 words

The Sound of Silence
The silence makes it easy, somehow.
Eleven/Amy/Vincent ; PG-13 ; 1000 words ; for [community profile] kink_bingo

a shift in the universe
The Doctor and Rory have a conversation.
The Doctor, Rory ; PG ; 600 words

every story has a start
The universe has become her playground, and she's never felt so alive.
Amy Pond ; PG ; 1000 words

"We've got you, sweetheart, we've got you."
Jack/Rose/Nine ; explicit ; 600 words ; contains double penetration and telepathy and references other kinks ; for the Torchwood/Doctor Who comment!porn battle

The Slow Path
He had instructions from the Doctor, but Adam's never been good at following orders.
Adam Mitchell ; PG-13 ; 1300 words

Various Kisslets
Ianto/Eleven, Sarah Jane/River, Martha/Donna, Rosita/Jackson, Jenny/Team Torchwood, Mickey/Ianto, Eight/Reinette, Mickey/Jack, Eight/Martha ; PG-13

In An Interstellar Burst
Donna's got a teleport, Rose has an aversion to beaches, and maybe Martha's not quite as done with all of this as she thought. Next stop: everywhere.
Donna, Rose/Martha ; PG-13 ; 3000 words ; 'Journey's End' AU
podfic version

The Light In My Eyes Is Strange
Rose knows the answer and it makes it hard to ask. "What have I done to you?"
Rose, Jack ; PG ; 1000 words ; 'Journey's End' missing scene

Your History Written In Stars And Time
Donna's forgotten. The universe hasn't.
Donna ; PG ; 1500 words ; spoilers for 'Journey's End'

Going Home
Come home, come home, home to my warm embrace.
Ensemble finale cast, canon pairings, PG, 1400 words, a 'Journey's End' coda.

Everybody Knows That--
"So," she says. "So," he agrees.
The Doctor, Donna, PG, 600 words, Forest of the Dead coda.

An Impeccable Source
After Martha, after Astrid, after everything, the Doctor finds himself drawn back to Earth.
The Doctor, G, 600 words.

Long Time Coming.
Five scenes from a life spent waiting.
Jack gen, PG, 1700 words.

Circular Motion
Unplanned, unexpected, Martha meets the forerunner of her life.
PG, 800 words. Rose/Martha.

Brand New Waking Day.
Jack's first experience of life in the TARDIS.
Jack/Doctor, PG-13, 1200 words.

Five times the Doctor didn't forget about his companions.
G, 250 words.

Five things the Doctor never said to Rose but wished he had.
G, 500 words.

Doctor Who RPF

The Secret I Have Found
Arthur/Karen/Matt ; PG-13 ; 4000 words ; no content notes
In which Matt, Karen, and Arthur go down the pub, eat bacon, and occasionally make some TV.

Harry Potter


There Comes A Time
Now school is over, going home isn't as easy as Lily thought.
PG-13, 3600 words.

The Chronicles Of Sirius Black
Extracts from the schoolday memoirs of Sirius Orion Black, as written August 2nd, 1978. Found by Harry James Potter, July 5th, 1997. A James & Lily story.
PG-13, 5500 words.

Five things that made Lily realise James isn't so bad.
PG-13, 900 words. James/Lily.

Lily's Falling
Despite his best efforts, James Potter has become tolerable, and Lily has no idea what to do about it.
PG, 1300 words.


n the summer after the war, they need wands again.
Ollivander, Luna, Dean ; 1750 words ; G

Baby Names
Coming up with names proves more challenging than previously imagined.
James, Lily, Sirius. PG, 600 words.

In The Room (Where People Come And Go)
New maternity brings guests.
Lily, ensemble. PG, 2000 words.

The Perfect Blue
Neville's a friend with a problem, and Luna wants to help.
Luna, Neville, G, 1200 words.

All Ye Faithful
Neville can't bear to leave Hogwarts in the holidays, but a happy Christmas may be hard to find.
PG-13, 5700 words.

Eye Witnesses
Two eye witness accounts of Lord Voldemort's defeat.
Narcissa, Luna. PG, 900 words.

Cold Victory.
There are no heroes any more.
Regulus. PG, 600 words. AU.

I Know Where The Summer Goes
The Black family travels en masse for their summer holiday. This time, Sirius isn't going home again.
PG-13, 7100 words.

Still We Wait
The end of the war, on the other side.
PG, 800 words.

A Bit Of News
It's only right they should tell Sirius first.
PG, 800 words.

All Hallow's Eve
Harry pays his respects 20 years after his parents' deaths.
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna. PG, 700 words.

Summer Evening
At the Burrow, a month afterwards. Luna and Ginny look out for each other.
PG, 800 words.

The World Is Waiting For You
Four scenes, four characters, one summer. A school, a place of things beyond their wildest imaginings, awaits.
Hermione, Luna, Lavender, Neville. PG, 2500 words.

The River
Luna dives deep to find a Horcrux.
PG, 900 words.

Midnight Marauding
Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs would like to put their new creation to the test.
PG-13, 2000 words.

Princess Leia Does Not Care About You - co-written with [personal profile] noldo.
In which Sirius is a Doctor Who fanboy, James gets progressively more arseholed as the night progresses, and sanity is conspicuous by its absence.
PG-13, 5000 words.

The Only Son
"The only future prospect of a dying family. And look at you." Bellatrix shakes her head, lips pressed and cold.
PG-13, 1500 words.

Order Out Of Chaos
Dumbledore has an Order to create, Moody has Aurors to train, and four young men need to decide what they're doing with their lives..
PG-13, 6000 words.

Not To Yield.
Lily is having a moment of doubt.
G, 800 words.

Time Drains Away.
These are the last hours of Regulus' life.
PG-13, 1000 words.

And So Say All Of Us
It's Remus' sixteenth birthday, which the Marauders ensure becomes a school-wide event.
PG-13, 2000 words.

Here Comes The Sun
Remus has been in hospital since Voldemort's defeat.
PG, 1500 words.
--Fic commentary for Here Comes The Sun here, and it has been translated into Russian by [ profile] tirmeilin, viewable here and here.

James & gang go to Lily's Muggle fireworks night.
PG-13, 2000 words.

Deck The Halls
Sirius hosts Christmas in his flat.
G, 2700 words.

On the forming of Wizarding tapestries.
G, 1000 words.

How The Marauders Saved The Ranch
The Marauders are learning the tricks of the trade in a bid to become real cowboys, but there's a rustler on the loose!
PG-13, 1500 words. Written for the AU challenge at [ profile] omniocular>,

Professor R. J. Lupin
For Remus, a return to Hogwarts had always been on the cards.
PG-13, 1500 words.

Beginnings of the Order
After Dumbledore's first rally for the Order didn't go as well as they might have hoped, Remus finds that suddenly things have got very serious.
PG-13, 1500 words.

Remus is a man of layers, he always has been. PG, 700 words.

A Serious Thing. April Fools Day in Seventh Year. G, 500 words.
Five times James, Remus, and/or Sirius realized it wasn't such a bad thing, after all, to have old Wormtail around. G, 500 words.
The Tree - Because the Marauders would be territorial. PG, 500 words.


From Yorkshire, With Love
Remus/Sirius ; PG-13 ; 1800 words
"You're not the one who's going to be spending the next two weeks trekking around the Yorkshire Moors looking for werewolf encampments."

What Kind Of Day Has It Been
Remus/Sirius ; PG-13 ; 1200 words ; no content notes
"You know, he hasn't actually been arrested before. Let's hope he doesn't see that as a challenge."

someone came and kissed me there
Three times Remus and Sirius kissed under the mistletoe, and one time they didn't need it.
PG-13, 2500 words

Two Steps Back (inc. podfic)
Remus busies himself at the stove while Sirius looks around, a strange, tight feeling in his chest as he takes in the life that Remus has built without him.
PG-13, 1100 words

All The Umbrellas In London (and podfic)
PG-13, 800 words

A Weaving
PG, 500 words

a flame in two cupped hands
Sirius didn't crouch down to tuck the coat under Remus's shoulders, didn't press a soft kiss to Remus's forehead the way he wanted.
PG-13 ; 3000 words ; for [ profile] rs_small_gifts

Let's Call This Whole Day Off
In which Remus has research fatigue, Sirius gets into a fight, and sleep is a long-overdue luxury.
PG ; 900 words

Late Bloom
Sirius, the dutiful eldest son of the mighty Black family, has almost entirely lost his own hopes and dreams. An unexpected meeting with a long-forgotten friend might just change everything.
PG-13, 10,000 words, AU

Sailed On Shooting Stars
Weddings don't change anything that really matters.
PG, 900 words.

The Basic Art Of Communication
Wherein chaos is unleashed, Lily Evans proves corruptible, and Sirius is trying to say something important, probably.
PG-13, 3500 words.

The Tyranny of Petty Things (The Unconquered Skies Remix)
Moving into Number 12, Grimmauld Place is like starting a war. Sirius tries to fight it as best he can.
PG-13, 5000 words, written for [ profile] remixredux08.

Remus/Sirius & James/Lily
Love sent and received. 14th February, 1980.

These Bright Lights Calling
Seven times Remus thought he was invincible.
PG-13, 1500 words.

After The Agony In Stony Places
They'd kept vigil like this before now, and yet, the thought of anything happening to James, or to Remus - Remus, who only a few short weeks ago had just been a friend, and now--
PG-13, 2800 words.

By Candlelight
They sit together, still and warm and silent, as midnight draws near on Christmas Eve.
PG-13, 1000 words.

We Could Rule The World
Being a Marauder is intoxicating, and Sirius the most potent ingredient of it all.
PG-13, 1000 words.

After Charms on Tuesdays
They've been sneaking out together for a while now, but Sirius still can't quite get his head around it all.
PG-13, 1100 words.

It goes like this (the slowing heartbeat remix)
Memory's a tricky business, and Sirius has forgotten so much.
PG-13, 3200 words.

To The Shores of The Sea
Remus comes to meet Sirius by the sea before he finally leaves for the fugitive life.
PG, 900 words.

The New World
A Seventh Year evening down at the Three Broomsticks, which makes Remus reflective.
PG-13, 900 words.

Go Down To The Ocean
Remus and Sirius find themselves forced on holiday alone together, much to their mutual embarrassment.
PG-13, 2300 words.

Something Else Entirely
James is trying everything in the book to get Lily, Peter is only encouraging him, Sirius is in a foul mood and Remus despairs at the lot of them.
PG-13, 3300 words, with a side of James/Lily.

Valentines Day '76
James pines, Sirius' intestines go to war, and Remus does an awful lot of sitting about in the dark.
PG-13, 1000 words.

A Journey To Egypt
After Sirius' death, Remus is looking for answers, closure, anything.
G, 900 words.

For [ profile] scarvesnhats:

Intervention - Sirius is left in Grimmauld Place alone, where memories are strong. PG-13, 600 words.
Escape - Remus wants to find a way to make it all ok. Autumn 1980. PG-13, 500 words.
Fire - From first to last, the fire burned. PG-13, 1200 words.
Hedgehog & Sap - The Marauders discover a hedgehog. Remus takes a shine to him. PG-13, 600 words.
Human Tears - It is a strange victory as November dawns. PG, 400 words.
Beyond The World - On graves & life & death & hope. PG-13, 500 words.

For [ profile] dogdaysofsummer: An actual coherent series! Alas, unfinished.

Cliffs & Seagulls - Sirius wakes up after a rather disastrous camping trip. PG-13, 500 words.
Picnic Pit-Stop - On the way to visit James and Lily, Remus and Sirius stop off for a picnic. PG, 1000 words.
Arrival - Remus and Sirius arrive at the Potters, and discover what Lily is really like when eight months pregnant. PG-13, 600 words.
Tall Tales - Peter arrives and now the holiday can really begin, though that means nothing but embarrassment for poor James Potter. PG, 800 words.
Bend, Not Break - The peace of this break is suddenly shattered when Death Eaters attack London. PG, 700 words.
The Shore - After their shaken start to the day, the Potters and their guests go down to the sea. PG, 700 words.
Marshmallows - Sirius finds himself thoroughly pranked. PG, 800 words.

For [ profile] wellymuck

A Day For Fools - Plotted pranks, a Lily Evans scorned, James trying to resist peer pressure and someone ending up with very blue balls indeed. R, 1400 words.
The Effects of Spring - Spring brings out strange things in people. Some babbling!Sirius, a dash of war angst followed by a helping of awkward 13 year old boys. PG-13, 500 words.
The Importance Of Jumpers - Capers with a vest, a mysterious parcel and a trapped man. PG, 600 words.
Explosive Post - Sirius is in France for the Easter holidays in Fourth Year, here are 5 letters exchanged between Remus and himself. PG-13, 700 words.
Somehow - Sirus and Remus sort things out. PG-13, 1000 words.
Splash - Remus gets a sock wet, Sirius makes an unexpected purchase and there are japes on the way back from Hogsmeade. PG-13, 700 words.
Reflect The Raindrops - The muddled thoughts of Remus Lupin, after the end. PG, 700 words.
The Great Hogwarts Spring Clean - The Hogwarts administration takes an unprecented step to combat the sheer level of mess in the school, enforcing a week of Muggle heavy-duty cleaning, which may or may not have anything to do with Lily Evans. PG-13, 2200.
One Shot - Sirius is asked for dating advice, Remus resists photography, and Grimmauld Place is made to hold some happy memories. PG-13, 1100.
Adventuring - Sirius takes baby Harry out to play. PG, 800 words.
High Tension - When a prank goes awry, Lily delivers a blow in more ways than one, and Remus has finally had enough with the temper of Sirius Black. PG-13, 1200 words.
The Words That Bind Them - Three scenes, two people, one playwright. PG-13, 1000 words.
Wake Up - A sleepy morning chez Moony and Padfoot. PG, 400 words.
Groundbreaking - Remus & Sirius' illicit day off soon becomes much more shady as Remus is introduced to a feature of Sirius' new motorbike he was previously unaware of. PG-13, 800 words.

A Remus/Sirius spring fanmix. Repost here.

For [ profile] blanketforts:

/Day 01/Day 02/Day 03/Day 04/Day 05/Day 06/Day 07/
/Day 08/Day 09/Day 10/Day 11/Day 12/Day 13/Day 14/
/Day 15/Day 16/Day 17/Day 18/Day 19/Day 20/Day 21/
/Day 22/Day 23/Day 24/Day 25/Day 26/Day 27/Day 28/
/Day 29/Day 30/Day 31/

Other Pairings

The Rumour Mill
People really do focus on the strangest things.
Ginny/Luna, PG-13, 3000 words. Written for [ profile] lgbtfest.

The first time Padma noticed Luna Lovegood, really noticed her, she was standing outside in the pouring rain.
Padma/Luna, PG-13, 3500 words.

The Hardest Part
Andromeda's got a choice to make, she needs to make it soon.
Andromeda/Ted, the Black family, PG, 1700 words.

When The Sun Went Down
Sirius pays Lily a visit one summer evening, and Lily knows an opportunity when she sees one.
Sirius/Lily, PG-13, 1100 words.

Something New.
It's springtime in Fourth Year, and Alice has found a new interest.
James/Alice, PG-13, 1400 words.


Merlin ; Arthur/Merlin/Gwen ; PG-13 ; 1400 words
"Give that to Arthur, from me."

Trust (lay down your burdens
Merlin ; Arthur/Gwen ; adult ; 1000 words
"Will you trust me tonight?"

Magical Misfire
Merlin ; Gwen/Morgana ; PG-13 ; 600 words
Gwen sighed, long-suffering after several years of having a girlfriend who was also a witch.

Giving Thanks
Merlin ; Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Gwen ; PG ; 1000 words ; for [personal profile] glass_icarus, who had a birthday and wanted somebody to discover 'the secret diary of aggrieved sad-panda Merlin Emrys'.
Saved Arthur's sorry arse today. Again.

in a quiet water'd land
OT4 ; PG-13 ; 4800 words ; spoilers through 2x08, then wanders off-canon ; for [ profile] camelotsolstice
In which our heroes are waylaid by the elements and find themselves forced into an unexpected camping holiday.

Whatever You Want
Merlin/Arthur ; adult ; 1200 words ; kink: spanking
The trouble is, Merlin thinks, he probably should have twigged a lot sooner that sleeping with Arthur on any kind of regular basis was going to involve holding his hand and slowly undoing twenty years of Pendragon-style total repression.

Nimueh/Morgause ; R ; 600 words ; set sometime after 1x04

A Secret Shared
Gwen, Morgana, Merlin ; PG ; 1000 words ; 2x07 coda
It seems only common sense that they're better together than they would be apart.

three ficlets
Gwen/Morgana, OT5 ; adult ; >500 words

two kisslets
Gwen/Morgana, Gwen/Morgana/Merlin ; PG

How We've Grown
Gwen/Morgana ; PG ; 750 words ; missing scene for 2x01
They'd sat like this often when they were younger and Gwen had first taken up the position.

The Hills Are Alive
Gwen/Morgana ; PG ; 800 words ; [community profile] camelot_fleet comment!fic

Hunith/Tom ; PG ; 1000 words ; AU ; [community profile] camelot_fleet comment!fic

Your Skin Like A Canvas
Morgana felt as though she were anointing Gwen in hidden places.
Gwen/Morgana ; PG-13 ; 600 words ; for kink_bingo

Hormones, Alcohol and Other Non-Magical Complications (The Twelve-Step Program Remix)
Gwen/Morgana, Merlin/Arthur ; PG-13 ; 1400 words
The first step is admitting you have a problem. For RemixRedux

Something Old, Something New
Uther had married for love, and Arthur has always believed he should do the same.
Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Morgana ; PG-13 ; 3800 words ; for [ profile] lgbtfest

In Wine And Song
Destiny's yet to come.
Morgana/Gwen/Merlin/Arthur ; PG-13 ; 850 words

A Sideways Search
"Is this really still a question?" Gwen asks.
Morgana/Gwen ; PG ; 700 words

Emergency Rescue Plan Alpha
“Um,” Merlin said vaguely.
Merlin/Arthur ; PG ; 500 words

The Shorter Hours
Merlin shrugged agreeably, self-preservation winning out over the truth of the matter.
Merlin, Arthur (gen-to-preslash) ; PG-13 ; 6000 words ; spoilers for 1x13

no more yielding
The first burst of snow fell on Camelot all day.
Morgana/Gwen, Merlin/Arthur ; PG-13 ; 950 words

Rise and Fall
Gwen checks and pours over every joint in Morgana's armour, pressing her hands over the metal plates.
Morgana/Gwen ; PG-13 ; 500 words

Remember Me As A Time Of Day
In an open field, under a morning sky, two women sleep.
Morgana/Gwen ; PG-13 ; 1400 words ; amnesia!fic

The Breath Before Our New Beginning
Magic thunders in his veins now, not like the ripples and aftershocks he's used to, the feeling of potential.
Merlin/Arthur ; PG ; 800 words ; coda to 1x13

Stargate: Atlantis

Hypothesis (the you can go home again remix)
And the thing is, he's busy, they're all busy and so it's horribly easy for months to pass without Rodney even thinking to drop John a line.
John/Rodney, Jennifer/Rodney ; PG-13 ; 2500 words

Possibilities Unfurling
Rodney could imagine John's look of thoughtful creativity, the way his eyes narrowed while he planned his next move, Rodney's body like a mission.
John/Rodney ; adult ; 1300 words

Raindrops Keep Fallin'
John seems especially thrilled by the rain.
John/Rodney ; PG ; 600 words

the one where the team are snails
John missed things like opposable thumbs and the ability to put some of his crap down occasionally, but having a shell was pretty cool, especially after Teyla-snail had helped him decorate.
Team ; G ; 600 words

The Twilight & The Peace
"You're a sentimental old fool, you do know that?"
McKay/Sheppard ; PG ; 1100 words ; a snippet of the far future

Your Last Best Chance
Other friends make out drunkenly at parties, they apparently kiss when at death's maw most dire. It's a long time since anyone's accused either of them of being functional, after all.
McKay/Sheppard ; PG-13 ; 2800 words ; spoilers through 5x14


VS3 Episode 7: The Hunt
co-written with [ profile] beesandbrews, part of the [ profile] tw_itallchanges virtual season

VS3 Episode 4: Half-Baked
co-written with [ profile] blue_fjords, Galadriel and [ profile] rm, part of the [ profile] tw_itallchanges virtual season

For a long moment, everything is still, Jack and Gwen's hands entwined over Ianto's rapidly-beating heart, and Ianto doesn't know what happens now.
Jack/Gwen/Ianto ; adult ; 1500 words ; for kink bingo

And Tomorrow
Ianto knows second chances when they're handed to him. AU.
Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys ; PG-13 ; 2700 words ; spoilers for S3

Someone Else's Shoes
"This has happened before?" Gwen asked. Tosh really didn't know why she sounded surprised.
Tosh, Gwen (background canon pairings) ; PG-13 ; 3500 words ; bodyswap!fic

A Manner Of Speaking
Jack talks pretty much continuously in bed.
Jack/Ianto ; R ; 600 words

Various Kisslets
Ianto/Eleven, Jenny/Team Torchwood, Andy/Gwen, Mickey/Ianto, original!Jack/Ianto, Mickey/Jack ; PG-13

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
"We tried everything, Jack," Gwen said mournfully. "I'm sorry."
Jack, Gwen, Ianto ; G ; 700 words ; gen and silliness ; written for [ profile] redismycolour

Spaceships Sailing In (On Christmas Day In The Morning)
In which Gwen sleeps, Jack has a run-in with emotional honesty, Ianto is kidnapped by a wall, and Rhys meets his first alien tentacles. A Christmas tale.
Gwen/Rhys with a side of Jack/Ianto ; PG-13 ; 5000 words

A Change Is Gonna Come
When Jack first arrived in 1941, he read up on the social mores of the period, then chose to completely ignore them. It's not like he was planning on staying.
Jack, Jack/various ; PG-13 ; 2400 words

Give Me That Unbridled Sky
"So when you said we were going somewhere a little different tonight, you meant--" / "Anywhere in time and space."
Jack/Ianto, the Doctor, PG, 3000 words, post-JE

Four Ways Jack and Gwen Fell In Love, And One Way They Didn't
Four AUs off different bits of Torchwood, and one coda to 'Something Borrowed'.
Jack/Gwen, Gwen/Rhys, Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen/Ianto, PG-13, 1700 words

I Heard A Whisper (The Way I Might Have Been)
The whole world's in danger, if Ianto's to believe the bloke who's showed up claiming to be his time-travelling parallel universe boyfriend. It's the start of a funny old week.
Jack/Ianto, DW/TW cast, PG-13, 10,000 words.

I've Got A Diary, You Have All The Time In The World
Jack's never really understood the point of celebratory days.
Jack/Ianto, Gwen, PG-13, 2000 words.

Night Of The Living Dead
The zombie apocalypse comes to Cardiff.
Team, PG-13, 1000 words.

Snatches of Time (Bring Me Back, Bring Me Back)
There are some events in one's life that really do seem set. Thing is, that rarely takes into account certain mysterious blue boxes.
Torchwood/Doctor Who; Owen, the Doctor, Donna, team; Owen/Tosh; 2000 words.

stumbling, stopping; we outran death and fell
It's a weight they can hardly carry.
Team, PG-13, 1600 words. An Exit Wounds coda.

Access Denied
Here lie sundry records and conversations pertaining to the changing situation of Torchwood Three circa the turn of the 21st century.
Jack, Suzie, PG, 1200 words.

There's nothing about Torchwood Ianto doesn't know; that's the deal.
Jack/Ianto, PG, 1300 words. Set pre-Adrift.

Should Probably Talk About It
There's not really much of a support network in the event of the death of your alien girlfriend. Tosh and Ianto make do.
PG, 2500 words. A Greeks Bearing Gifts coda.

Connecting Strokes
It's all in the wrist, apparently.
Jack/Ianto, PG-13, 1000 words.

World Enough And Time
Jack has never been more grateful for the here and now.
Jack/Ianto, team, PG-13, 900 words. A Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang coda.

Since Ianto arrived at Torchwood, he's been trying to figure Jack out.
Jack/Ianto, PG-13, 2000 words.

Other Fandoms

The ArchAndroid (Janelle Monae)

These Dreams Are Forever
Cindi Mayweather ; PG-13 ; 1400 words
She'd heard stories before of people for whom music and magic were one and the same, people who could create songs of enchantment and dances to raise the dead. Nothing like that could really happen, of course.

Battlestar Galactica

Brighter Lights
Kara, Laura ; PG ; finale coda ; 300 words


Investigative Romantic Calligraphy
Troy/Abed ; PG-13 ; no content notes ; 3400 words
Abed's hand tingles slightly, like he can still feel the pressure of the pen tip on his skin.

Introduction To Vidding
Community ; Abed, Annie, Troy ; G ; 1600 words ; no content notes
It's crunchtime for Festivids. Abed asks for Annie's help.


Kaylee was idly leafing through the things Inara kept on top of her dresser when she found the feather.
Kaylee/Inara ; adult ; 1000 words ; for kink_bingo

The Night Shift
The stars shine bright when you can't sleep.
PG, 1000 words, Kaylee, Wash, Zoe.


Field Trip
Astrid, Altlivia ; PG-13 ; no content notes ; for rarewomen
When Olivia is kidnapped, Astrid is given an unusual assignment.

Good Omens

Just Save The First Edition For Me
In which Aziraphale accidentally sells a book, and finds himself dangerously near to parting with another.
Aziraphale/Crowley, PG, 900 words.

How Crowley Saved Christmas
It was 1842, and Aziraphale really didn't want to do it.
PG, 1500 words.

Five times Adam maybe did change things, just a bit.
G, 500 words.

There Is A Light.
PG, 400 words. Aziraphale/Crowley.

His Dark Materials

Forging Fate (The Worlds Collide)
Asriel has never believed in destiny.
Lord Asriel (Asriel/Marisa) ; PG-13 ; 1400 words ; written for Yuletide.

Within The Lapping Waves
"So that was how I stopped being a nun."
PG, 500 words. Mary/Alfredo.

Four Midsummers
Four of Will's Midsummer days.
PG, 1500 words.

Five things Asriel regrets not having done.
Lord Asriel/Mrs Coulter, PG-13, 300 words.

Imagine Me & You

Liquid Heat
Luce/Rachel ; adult ; 800 words
Luce is already awake when Rachel gets back, sitting up and sleep-ruffled.


Lions and Tigers
Parker, Hardison ; PG ; 600 words.


Make Believe
Queen Cassie would like to present herself to her royal court.
PG, 1500 words.

Star Trek

Deductive Reasoning
Garak/Bashir ; 2000 words ; PG-13 ; no content notes
Bashir definitely isn't dating Garak. Almost certainly. Probably.


Dean and Sam try to keep themselves entertained while hunting jobs are scarce.
PG, gen, 1500 words.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Out of the Void
Sarah, John ; PG ; 1100 words
Sarah writes John letters.


also at the audiofic archive

All Dressed Up (Doctor Who, Amy/Eleven/Rory), by kass

Stark, A.E., and Banner, R. Bruce. (2013). "Biodosimetric Tools for Measuring Induced Isomeric Transition in Inverted Paired States." International Journal of Radiation Biology 89.9, 43-85. (Avengers, Tony/Bruce + others), by thingswithwings

Stealing Time (Doctor Who, Doctor, Amy, Rory, River), by me

This Is (Probably) Perfectly Normal (Doctor Who, Doctor, Amy, Rory, River), by netgirl_y2k

Quantum Equilibrium (Doctor Who, Amy/Eleven/Rory), by pocketmouse

A Hundred Happy Things (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, by busaikko)

No Place Like Home (SGA, John/Rodney, by argosy)

The History Of Two Conversations (On Paper) (Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, by takadainmate)

Gus Goes For The Gold Star (Psych, Gus/Shawn, by liviapenn)

Stories We Tell Our Children (Doctor Who, Team Eleven, by calapine)

Oil Paintings (Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, by skellerbvvt)

All The King's Horses (Doctor Who, Ten, Donna, by lindenharp)

In An Interstellar Burst (Doctor Who, Donna, Martha/Rose, by me)

Two Steps Back (Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, by me)

All The Umbrellas In London (Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, by me)
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Hi there! Just a note to let you know that I've included your fic "Women in Western Political Thought" on a rec list for Who stories featuring bisexual characters at my new comm, Who_BOP. (The "BOP" stands for "bisexual, omnisexual, pansexual".)

ALSO, I have friended you on LJ, because I have loved your fic for forever, and gearing up for the new series in September, I need to beef up the number of Who fans on my flist. (I would friend you here, but I don't really use Dreamwidth. I know, I know: I should make the move. Someday!)