apple_pathways: (Doctor Who: Don't Panic)
apple_pathways ([personal profile] apple_pathways) wrote in [personal profile] such_heights 2012-08-21 03:45 am (UTC)

Hi there! Just a note to let you know that I've included your fic "Women in Western Political Thought" on a rec list for Who stories featuring bisexual characters at my new comm, Who_BOP. (The "BOP" stands for "bisexual, omnisexual, pansexual".)

ALSO, I have friended you on LJ, because I have loved your fic for forever, and gearing up for the new series in September, I need to beef up the number of Who fans on my flist. (I would friend you here, but I don't really use Dreamwidth. I know, I know: I should make the move. Someday!)

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