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Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletider,

Hi! You're really great! I hope you have a wonderful Yuletide, and if you already know what you want to do, please have a blast. There's a bit more info below if you'd find that helpful. I can't wait to read your story! <3

I love lots of different kinds of stories. I like friendship, chosen family, romance, adventure, wacky hijinx, ridiculous AUs, character studies, backstory, fannish tropes, and people being kind to each other and themselves. I love fic that matches the tone of a source and fic that goes completely in a different direction.

You can see my fic recs here or here if that's helpful.

Original request below. Fandoms: Ulysses Dies At Dawn, As You Like It, Elementary, Brave.

Ulysses Dies at Dawn (Album)

Ulysses (Ulysses Dies at Dawn)
Ashes O'Reilly | Hades

I'd love absolutely anything set in the world of this album, and I do particularly like Ulysses. Something about them and Penelope, perhaps, in happier times?

Alternatively or additionally, a story about what the Mechanisms were up to would be fab - more about O'Reilly's stint as Hades, or the Tin Soldier's adventures as a nymph, or anything else that takes your fancy.

As You Like It - Shakespeare

Rosalind | Ganymede (As You Like It)
Celia | Aliena (As You Like It)
Orlando de Boys (As You Like It)

I love these ridiculous kids v. much - Rosalind & Celia's bffery, Rosalind & Orlando's queer courtship, the whole thing. Bless their faces. A story about any one of them would be lovely! Something about Rosalind and Celia growing up together, or all of them after the events of the play.

I would also love anything about Rosalind falling under the trans/genderqueer umbrella - how did they feel about being Ganymede, were they sad to give him up, etc. Sexy genderplay adventures with Orlando are great, talking to Celia about it is great, as is a more general character study.

Elementary (TV)

Joan Watson (Elementary)
Sherlock Holmes (Elementary TV)

Joooooaaannnn! Sherloooock! I LOVE THEM. Gen for this one, please, though if you want to ship either of them with any other character from the show that's totally fine.

I'd love anything about the two of them hanging out - casefic, a rainy Sunday, one of them agreeing to do something the other one loves and the shenanigans that ensue. Or an AU maybe! HOLMES AND WATSON IN SPAAAACE. Or, idk, Joan's a majestic unicorn and Sherlock's a grumpy centaur. LET YOUR IMAGINATION ROAM FREE is what I'm saying.

Clyde gets bonus points. :D

Brave (2012)

Merida (Brave (2012))
Elinor (Brave)

All the mother-daughter feelings! Any fic about Merida and/or Elinor would delight me. Some totally optional prompts:

+ Merida taking a renewed interest in learning how to be a leader now she and Elinor understand each other better.
+ The two of them having more adventures and Merida teaching Elinor more things.
+ Merida deciding on her own terms whether or not she thinks she wants to get married - Merida as ace, straight, queer, anything you like, all good.
+ Backstory of Elinor as a young queen, maybe through stories she tells Merida.
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I looked for Ulysses Dies at Dawn on the list of fandoms multiple times and I couldn't find it. It was under the Music section right? I found The Mechanisms, but that was it.