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Female Character Trope Fest: Prompts Masterlist

This is the masterlist of prompts for the female character trope fest. More information here.

Any Fandom

any/any, roleplaying as Kahlan and Cara (from LotS)
Any high school fandom, any, "Shag the cheerleader, save the world."
any & or /any, epistolary: “When he wrote a letter, he would put that which was most material in the postscript, as if it had been a by-matter.” ~Francis Bacon, “Of Cunning,” Essays
protagonist/antagonist, “Only if you were the last woman on earth” as self-fulfilling prophecy


Alias/Burn Notice, Fiona & Sydney, forced domesticity
Anchorman (2004)/Boston Legal, Shirley Schmidt/Veronica Corningstone, Weapons training.
Angel/Supernatural, Lilah & Lilith, The Devil's in the Details
Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars, Alex Drake & or /Annie Cartwright, genderswap.
Bandom/Disney RPF, Selena Gomez/any Bandom female, soulbonding
Battlestar Galactica/The Good Wife, Caprica Six/Kalinda, fuck or die.
Becoming Human/Being Human, Christa & or /Nina, epistolary.
Becoming Human/Being Human, Christa & or /Nina, huddling for warmth.
Being Human/Torchwood; Gwen/Nina; fighting crime and pretending to be gay for undercover reasons.
Burn Notice/NCIS, Fiona & or /Ziva, each doesn't realize the other is undercover
Castle/Fringe, Kate Beckett/Olivia Dunham, sex at the end of the worlds.
Castle/West Wing, CJ Cregg and Kate Beckett get stuck in an elevator with a pack of cards.
Charlie's Angels (movies)/Green Hornet (2011), Natalie Cook (becomes Lenore Case), epistolary.
Chronicles of Narnia/Doctor Who, Amy Pond/Susan Pevensie, time travel.
CSI/Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Barbara and Sara, stuck in a lift
Doctor Who/Eureka, S.A.R.A.H. & or /TARDIS, RPG
Doctor Who/Firefly, Martha Jones & or /Zoe, Time loops
Doctor Who/Merlin, Amy/Morgana, time travel
Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures, River, Sarah Jane and/or Rani and/or Maria, mirror universe
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Donna & Lois, sudden superpowers
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Gwen Cooper/River Song, sex to save the world
Enchanted/Tangled, Giselle/Rapunzel, AU Disney-theme crime fighting team
Eureka/Sanctuary, Eva Thorne/Helen Magnus, been a long time (if I had Good Omens nearby, I'd pull out a quote describing Aziraphale and Crowley's friendship).
The Fast and the Furious/Transformers (film), Letty/Mikaela, fuckbuddies
Firefly/Torchwood, Kaylee and Tosh, College AU.
Fringe/Sarah Connor Chronicles, (alt!)Astrid & or /Jesse, time travel
Fringe/Sarah Connor Chronicles, Olivia & or /Sarah, confined space (Olivia runs into alt!Sarah locked up Walternate's facility)
Fringe/Sarah Connor Chronicles, Olivia & or /Sarah, on the road trip to save the world(s), somebody has to talk
Fringe/X-Files, Olivia/Scully, accidental overlapping stakeouts.
Fringe/X-Files, Olivia/Scully (or Altlivia/Scully), only one bed (impossible things before breakfast).
Green Hornet (2011)/Iron Man (movieverse), Lenore Case/Pepper Potts, not realizing they're dating.
The Good Wife/Veronica Mars, Kalinda/Veronica, weapons training
The Good Wife/White Collar, Diana/Kalinda, undercover as a couple
The Good Wife/The Wire, Kalinda and Kima, teaming up for some reason (going after Blake, maybe?) leading to strip poker.
In Plain Sight/Psych, Juliet & or /Mary, road trip
In Plain Sight/Torchwood, Gwen/Mary, time loop
In Plain Sight/White Collar, Diana/Mary, handcuffed together
Inspector Lynley Mysteries/Wire in the Blood, Barbara/Carol, undercover gay
Ivanhoe A&E/Robin Hood BBC, Marian of Knighton & or /Rebecca of York, writer's choice.
Leverage/White Collar, Alex/Parker, Truth or Dare is scarier when two fearless, lawless, acrobatic thieves play it
Life (tv show)/NCIS: Los Angeles, Dani Reese & Kensi Blye, they're both on undercover jobs that overlap.
Luther/Silence of the Lambs, Alice Morgan & or /Clarice Starling, truth or dare
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir & Sam Carter & any of the other ladies, AU -- steampunk. (That is, Sam as scientist/military, not as leader.)

A Great and Terrible Beauty

any femslash, bodyswap
any femslash, sex pollen in the Realms
Felicity/Gemma, Not realising they’re dating

Adventure Time

Marceline/Princess Bubblegum, spin the bottle
Marceline/Princess Bubblegum, marriage of convenience

All My Children

Bianca/Maggie, stuck in a lift
Greenlee/Kendall, only one bed

American Gods

Bilquis, magic powers

Anansi Boys

Anansi Boys, Eutheria Noah & Rosie Noah, sudden superpowers

Anne of Green Gables

Anne Shirley & or /Diana Barry, AU -- modern/university

Arthurian legend

Elaine of Astolat & or /Isolde of Brittany, AU -- modern (school/university, workplace, whatever)

Avatar (2009)

Mo'at & Neytiri, road trip
Trudy/Grace, everyone thinks they’re dating
Trudy/Grace, fuckbuddies
Trudy & or /Grace, only one bed

Avatar: The Last Airbender

any combination of Suki/Ty Lee/Toph/Jun, not realizing they're dating
any & or /any, unexpected co-parenting
Azula/any, AU -- vampire
Azula/any, mirror!verse
Azula/Mai/Ty Lee, time loop
Azula, Mai, & Ty Lee, strip poker
Katara/Toph, AU -- college roommates
Katara & or /Toph, time loops
Katara & Suki, animal transformation
Katara and Suki, huddling for warmth
Mai/Ty Lee, everyone thinks they're dating
Song, AU -- Modern

Babylon 5

Susan/Talia, pretend relationship

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Boomer/Caprica, time travel
Boomer & or /Starbuck, they're nuggets and one of them is secretly a virgin (you pick who).
Kara/Kat, stuck in a Raptor
Kara Thrace/Kendra Shaw, fuckbuddies

Being Human

Annie/Lea, any
Annie & or /Nina, AU -- detective
Annie & Nina, bodyswap.

Bend It Like Beckham

Jess/Jules, amnesia
Jess/Jules, only one bed

Bitch Slap

any/any, sex pollen
Camero/any, fuck or die

Black Swan

Lily/Nina, bodyswap
Lily/Nina, soulbonding
Lily/Nina, truth or dare
Lily/Nina, wingfic

Bloody Jack

Any, strip poker
Amy/Jacky, confined space
Amy/Jacky, weapons training

Body of Proof

Kate Murphy/Megan Hunt, bodyswap
Kate Murphy/Megan Hunt, wingfic


Barbara/Helena, bodyswap
(TV or comic) Barbara/Helena, wingfic, who needs legs when you have wings?

The Borgias

Giulia/Lucrezia, confined space
Giulia/Vannozza, forced domesticity
Giulia Farnese & Vannozza dei Cattanei, no lifts in the 16th century, but being stuck in Giulia's apartments during an assassination attempt sucks just as much.

Boston Legal

Lori Colson/Shirley Schmidt, slow courtship/dating.

Braid (video game)

The Princess

Breakout Kings

Erica/Julianne, undercover gay

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

any pairing among Buffy/Faith/Willow, when the other woman has amnesia, she wants to help her remember, but she probably shouldn't tell her everything
Anya & Dawn, road trip
Buffy/Faith, bodyshare
Buffy/Faith, fuck or die.
Harmony/Kennedy, prophecy made them do it
Tara/Willow, bodyswap

Burn Notice

Fiona, mirror!verse
Fiona & Madeline, Road Trip

Cardcaptor Sakura

Meilin/Tomoyo, road trip/travelling


Annie & Daisy, end of the world road trip

Charlie’s Angels

Charlie's Angels (movies), Alex Mundy/Dylan Sanders, cluelessness.
Charlie's Angels (movies), Alex Mundy & Dylan Sanders & Natalie Cook, AU -- regency/historical.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Aravis/Lasaraleen (from The Horse and his Boy), makeovers &/or sex pollen
Susan, amnesia
Susan, de-aging
Susan, self-fulfilling prophecy

Chronos (Madeline L’Engle)

Vicky Austin & Emily Gregory, AU -- outer space


any among Sarah or Mary or Ellie or Alex (but not Mary/Ellie), pretending to be in a relationship because they're undercover
anything involving the CAT Squad


Annie/Britta, gay chicken!
Annie/Britta, secretly dating
Annie/Britta, strip poker
Annie & Britta & Shirley, sudden superpowers
Annie & or /Shirley, campus security/undercover gay (and double badassery)

Corner Gas

Karen & Lacey & Wanda, steampunk AU -- IN SPAAAAAAACE

Cougar Town

Ellie/Jules, Everyone thinks they’re dating
Ellie & Jules & Laurie, one of them is a werewolf but just because the others are human, doesn't mean they aren't a pack.
Ellie and Laurie, bodyswap

Criminal Minds

ALL THE LADIES (i.e. Prentiss, JJ, Garcia, Seaver, Jordan and anyone else you can think of), weapons training.


Mandy & Wendy, vampires and werewolves


Patty/Ellen, in Truth or Dare, as in all things, Patty always wins

Damar (Robin McKinley)

ANY AND EVERY, AU -- college
Aerin/Harry, dream (which is pretty obvious, as far as prompts go - if you'd like to do Aerin/Harry, [something else], by all means do)
The Peterson sisters, domesticity

Darths & Droids

Annie & Sally, Truth or Dare

Death Proof

Abernathy/Kim/Zoe, huddling for warmth
Abernathy/Kim/Zoe, strip scrabble
Kim/Zoe, having sex to save the world


Amy/Lucy, weapons training

The Demons' Lexicon

Mae/Sin, fuck buddies

The Devil Wears Prada

Andy/Miranda, stuck in a lift
Emily/any, everyone thinks they’re dating

DC (Animated)

Batgirl/Supergirl (Babs/Kara), not realising they're dating

DC Universe

Anita/Cassie/Cissie, post-apocalyptic Canadian shack
Artemis/Wonder Woman, weapons training
Barbara & Cass, unexpected co-parenting
Barbara/Dinah, (bodyswap) sex pollen
Barbara/Dinah, everybody thinks they're dating
Barbara/Dinah, not realising they're dating
Barbara/Dinah, AU -- soccer
Barbara/Dinah, road trip
Cassie Sandsmark & Donna Troy, marriage of convenience
Cass Cain & Lady Shiva, AU -- Regency/Historical
Cass Cain/Stephanie Brown, spin the bottle
Cass Cain/Stephanie Brown, weapons training
Dinah & or /Helena & or /Zinda: sex pollen is in the air, and they are on the prowl. For men? For eachother? Whatever. Sex pollen.
Dinah/Lady Shiva, physically bonded
Grace Choi & anyone, strip poker
Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, (literal) sex pollen
Helena/Renee Montoya, undercover relationship
Holly Robinson, Karon, & Selina Kyle, techno-dystopia
Kate/Renee, confined space
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, soulbonding
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, telepathy
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, weapons training
Lian Harper/Milagro Reyes, time loop
Power Girl/Supergirl, humans made them do it (please warn for noncon)
Power Girl/Terra, accidentally married
Stephanie Brown and Tam Fox, bodyswap
Wonder Woman/whoever, regency.


Little Mermaid, Ursula, The Rise of a Sea Witch.
Princesses, any & or /any, AU -- university and/or workplace


any character, body swap
any Monstrous Regiment characters, AU -- modern
any Watch characters, undercover gay
Adora Belle Dearheart & or /any, strip poker
Adora Belle Dearheart/Susan Sto Helit, time loops and/or having sex to save the world
Granny Weatherwax/any, everyone thinks they're dating
Nanny Ogg & or /any, telepathy
Susan/Unity, Not realising they’re dating

Doctor Who

any, epistolary -- leaving letters to each other (or self) scattered through time and space.
any, time loop.
ALL THE LADIES, AU -- university
Amy/any, Amy is part-Veela - as ridiculous or serious as you like!
Amy/Amy, Time loop: "This is how the world ends: Pond, flirting with herself. True love at last. Sorry, Rory"
Amy/Martha, sci-fi trope of your choice!
Amy/Martha, woke up gay
Amy and Martha, amnesia
Amy/River, having to babysit
Amy/River, road trip without the boys
Amy/River, weapons training
Amy & or /River, bodyswap.
Amy & or /River, wingfic ("these aren't the wings I ordered")
Donna/Martha, road trip
Donna & Martha & Rose, AU -- detective
Donna Noble/Reinette, stuck in a lift
Donna & River, telepathy.
Erimem/Peri, only one bed
Iris Wildthyme/the Rani, unexpected co-parenting is bad enough. Unexpected co-parenting between two renegade Time Ladies, neither of which are exactly sane or the motherly type, is even worse.
Jenny/Martha Jones, amnesia
Jenny and or /River, coffee shop
Liz X/River, pretending to be married
Liz X/River, I don't really care. They meet at the beginning of The Pandorica Opens.
Martha/Rose, having sex to save the world
River/Romana II, Time Loop (with pure Whoish style of companions who shouldn't have met style)

Dresden Files

Ivy & Molly, road trip
Murphy & any, strip poker

Due South

Elaine Besbriss/Francesca Vecchio/Meg Thatcher, strip poker.


Anri/Celty, soulbond


Joanna/Kat/Roxie (or any combination thereof), any

Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Cimorene & Shiara (& Kazul?), learning to be queen


Allison/Jo, robots or time travel (or both? could be awesome!)
Allison/Jo, she's a great girlfriend except when she's clueless
Allison/Jo/Tess, Truth or Dare
Allison/Tess, sex pollen
Allison/Tess, telepathy
Jo/Zoe, road trip
Jo/Zoe, spin the bottle


Rose & Snow, Road Trip!


Arriane/Luce, AU -- School (that is, it really is just a school for juvenile delinquents)


Aeryn & or /Zhaan, unexpected co-parenting


Inara/Kaylee, bodyswap.
Inara/Kaylee, everyone thinks they're dating
Inara, Kaylee, River, Zoe, road trip. Ship as you will!
Kaylee/River, bundling for warmth and/or let's get out of these wet clothes
Zoe & or/ any, a moment of peace.

Final Fantasy 7

Tifa/Yuffie, Weapons training

Final Fantasy 8

Edea/Rinoa, Telepathy (dubcon/noncon are certainly plausible, but not required)
Quistis & or /Selphie & or /Rinoa, weapons training

Final Fantasy X

Lulu/Rikku, Robots (or, machina). "Hey, Lulu. Look what I built."

Final Fantasy X-2

ALL/ANY OF THE LADIES, strip poker

Forever Knight

Janette/Natalie, time travel

Freaks and Geeks

Kim/Lindsay, not realizing they're dating
Kim/Lindsay, only one bed--sleepover gone horribly right, hurt/comfort, your choice. :)

Friday Night Lights

Julie/Tyra, drinking games


Astrid, amnesia
Astrid, season one, babysitting Walter.
Astrid & or /Nina & or /Olivia, AU -- space
Astrid & Nina, bodyswap
Astrid/Olivia, truth serum
Astrid & or /Olivia, truth serum (Brown Betty-verse, if you like)
Alt!Astrid & Alt!Olivia, Rise of the Machines
Fauxlivia & Olivia, unexpected co-parenting. Either universe is fine.
Fauxlivia & Olivia, together they fight crime!
Nina/Olivia, bodyswap or bodyshare
Olivia, Gothic horror

Gilmore Girls

Paris/Rory, gay chicken
Paris/Rory, marriage of convenience

Glass Books of the Dream Eaters/Dark Volume

Contessa/Miss Temple, AU -- College/University
Contessa/Miss Temple, pretending to be in a relationship


ALL THE LADIES, AU -- office
ALL THE LADIES, AU -- Superhero
ALL THE LADIES, football is a woman's sport.
ALL THE LADIES, road trip.
ALL THE LADIES, sudden superpowers
ALL THE LADIES, vampires and werewolves
Any, giant robots
Brittany/Santana, AU -- cyborg/robot
Brittany/Santana, AU -- secret agents
Brittany/Santana, bodyswap.
Brittany/Santana, soulbond
Brittany/Santana, stuck in an elevator.
Brittany/Santana, wingfic
Carole & Quinn, epistolary
Mercedes/Quinn, AU -- spies
Mercedes/Quinn, not realizing they're dating
Mercedes/Quinn, soulbonding
Mercedes/Quinn, pirate queens AU
Mercedes/Santana, pretending to be girlfriends.
Quinn/Rachel, amnesia
Quinn/Santana, vampires and werewolves
Rachel, self-fulfilling prophecy
Rachel/Santana, they get dared to play gay chicken and Rachel is hell bent on winning.
Rachel/Santana, they find out that their main competition at Nationals is an all-girls school, so they use their spring break to go undercover and get intel - they end up undercover gay.
Santana, sudden superpowers

The Good Wife

Any, telepathy
ALL THE LADIES, apocafic
Alicia/Kalinda, finding fanfic about themselves
Alicia/Kalinda, road trip/only one bed.
Alicia/Kalinda, stuck in a lift.
Alicia/Kalinda, telepathy.
Alicia & Diane(& Jackie) & Kalinda, superpowers
Alicia & Diane & Kalinda & Wendy ... in SPAAAAACE

Gordon Korman's Macdonald Hall series

Cathy/Diane, bodyswap

Gossip Girl

Blair/Serena, unexpected co-parenting
Blair/Serena, everyone thinks they're dating
Blair/Vanessa, magical girl powers

Grey’s Anatomy
Cristina/Meredith, fuck or die
Cristina/Meredith, woke up gay


Ashleigh/Rebecca(/Casey?), forced to share a bed
Ashleigh/Rebecca, gay bar

Gunbuster aka Top wo Nerae

Kazumi/Noriko, noir AU

Gunnerkrigg Court

Annie & Kat, animal transformation
Annie & Parley, weapons training

Harry Potter

Any characters, amnesia
Any characters, strip poker
One of Fleur Delacour's relatives/any, fempreg ("Where did you think full-blood Veela came from?")
Angelina Johnson/Cho Chang, undercover straight
Angelina Johnson/Ginny Weasley, Veritaserum made them do it
Ginny Weasley (& or / any), AU out the butt--high school AND super powers: One day Ginny finds a cat with a strange mark in its forehead, and it talks! She's a soldier for justice, and she fights in the name of the moon!
Ginny Weasley/any, mirror!verse
Ginny Weasley & or /Hermione Granger, Muggle!drag road trip (across the US?)
Ginny Weasley/Luna Lovegood, everyone thinks they're a couple
Ginny Weasley/Luna Lovegood, huddling for warmth.
Ginny Weasley & Luna Lovegood, amnesia. It’s hard enough trying to believe you’re secretly a wizard without Luna as your one touchstone.
Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, time loop
Hermione Granger & Luna Lovegood. Can be AU. Amnesia: you pick the target, but they have to get amnesia through an accidental clunk on the head and then also regain it through an accidental clunk on the head.
Hermione Granger & Minerva McGonagall, de-ageing.
Hermione Granger/Nymphadora Tonks, time travel
Lavender Brown/Parvarti Patil, slow courtship/dating
Luna Lovegood/any, telepathy
Minerva McGonagall/any, de-aging spell or potion accident


Hanna/Sophie, huddling together for warmth.
Hanna/Sophie, pretending to be married.


Audrey/Julia, slumber party

Hawaii Five-0

Grace & Kono, having to babysit
Jenna/Kono, undercover in a dyke bar
Jenna/Kono, weapons training.


Bobbie/Christina, AU -- colony in space
Kelly/Malia, confined space


(Comic or movie), Liz Sherman, weapons training (actual weapons or being trained to use her power as a weapon).


Any, sudden superpowers
Alice/Marti, confined space
Alice/Marti, huddling together for warmth
Alice/Marti, Physically bonded
Alice/Savannah, film noir
Marti/Savannah, Truth or dare.


Amanda/Gina de Valicourt, huddling for warmth
Amanda/Rebecca, weapons training

The Hollows

Ivy/Rachel, bodyswap/powerswap


Jade, de-aging
Jade & Rose, only one bed
Kanaya & any, vampires and werewolves
PM, weapons training
PM & WQ, AU -- modern
PM & WQ, curtainfic
Rose, AU -- historical
Rose/Kanaya (& any), is the "spin the bottle" suggestion composed purely of sarcasm, or...?
Rose & her mom, locked in an empty room together
Terezi & Vriska, bodyshare


House, Cuddy/Thirteen, everyone thinks they're dating/not realizing they're dating (either or both)

How to Train Your Dragon

Astrid & Ruffnut, road trip.


Amber/Becca/Chloe, huddling for warmth

The Hunger Games

Delly/Madge, weapons training.
Katniss and Prim, soul bonding.
Prim Everdeen, AU -- Superpowers


Ariadne/Mal, AU -- regular crime heist
Ariadne/Mal, mirror-verse - Mal holds Dom's position in the film, and receives Ariadne's attention/attraction/anxieties.

Jekyll (2007)

Katherine Reimer, sudden superpowers (aside from, or elaborating upon, her canonical photographic memory.)
Min/Miranda, curtainfic.

Jim C. Hines' Princess Series

Snow/Talia, unexpected co-parenting

Justice League Unlimited

Hawkgirl/Wonder Woman, having sex to save the world
Hawkgirl & Wonder Woman, stuck in a timeloop together


Ava, space pirates
Ava/any, any
Ava, any
Ava/Winona, any
Loretta & Mags, AU -- 1920s
Mags, any
Rachel(/any), any
Winona, any

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Adelheid & Shitt P, makeover
Bianchi & Lal Mirch (& anyother girls), AU -- superhero
Chrome/MM, imprisoned together

Keizoku 2: SPEC

Mirei & Toma, weapons training with Mirei as Unsolved Cases' newest employee

Kimi Ni Todoke

Ayane, Chizuru, & Sawako, Sawako would like to be useful in the post-apocalyptic world

Legend of the Seeker

Cara/Cara Mason (from the Unbroken!verse), mirror!verse.
Cara/Dahlia, animal transformation
Cara/Dahlia, Kahlan decides to play matchmaker.
Cara/Dahlia, instead of re-writing reality Zedd's spell throws Dahlia into a timeloop the day she betrayed Cara. She has to decide if she will spend the rest of her life re-living that day with Cara or break the time loop and either loose Cara or betray Lord Rahl.
Cara/Kahlan, AU -- modern, where Kahlan is a cop
Cara/Kahlan, AU -- Modern, Cara can't believe she's actually trying online dating
Cara/Kahlan, AU -- roller derby
Cara/Kahlan, accidentally married
Cara/Kahlan, fempreg
Cara/Kahlan, forced domesticity
Cara/Kahlan, Kahlan is turned into a male confessor (evil twin/genderswap)
Cara/Kahlan, having sex to save the world
Cara/Kahlan, they both have their reasons for keeping their distance, until their survival depends on their huddling together for warmth.
Cara/Kahlan, marriage of convenience
Cara/Kahlan, power swap
Cara/Kahlan, pretending to be confessed/pet
Cara/Kahlan, pretending to be in a relationship
Cara/Kahlan, (secret) fuck buddies
Cara/Kahlan, sex pollen
Cara/Kahlan, telepathy (Kahlan's tired of not being able to read Cara & buys a potion)
Cara/Kahlan, they're the only ones who don't realise that they're dating.
Cara/Kahlan, Truth or Dare
Cara/Kahlan, Kahlan confesses Cara (to death) so Richard makes Zedd stick them in a time loop until they learn to play nice.
Cara/Kahlan, unexpected co-parenting
Cara/Kahlan, AU -- university
Cara/Kahlan, AU -- workplace/office
Cara and Kahlan, ~powerful magic~ deages Cara


Maggie Collins/Sophie Devereaux, pretending to be in a relationship for the sake of the con, and then realizing they really want that
Parker/Sophie, not realizing they're dating.
Parker/Sophie, going undercover at a lesbian bar
Parker & Sophie, time loop
Sophie Devereaux/Tara Cole, they woke up with superpowers

Leviathan series

Deryn/Lilit, pretending to be in a relationship


Dani Reese/anybody (cross someone over if you like), undercover gay

Little Women

any, superpowers
second gen girls, AU -- modern or college
second gen girls, Truth or Dare


any/all, workplace AU

Lost Girl

Bo/Kenzi, everyone thinks they're dating.
Bo & or /Kenzi, bodyswap
Bo & or /Kenzi, suddenly developing a telepathic bond
Bo/Lauren, magical gay pregnancy.

Love & Rockets

Hopey/Maggie, dragons! (riding them, raising them, living in a world with dragons returned, anything. just: DRAGON

Make It Or Break It

Kelly Parker & or /Payson Keeler, AU -- High School

Mad Men

Joan & Peggy & Trudy, girls' night out.

Marvel Comics

Anya Corazón/Rikki Barnes, AU -- wartime
Anya Corazón/Rikki Barnes, cosy catastrophe
Colleen Wing/Misty Knight, AU -- Pokémon
Jubilee/Monet St. Croix, truth or dare
Monet St. Croix/Theresa Cassidy, undercover girlfriends

Mass Effect 2

Jack & or /female!Sheppard, domesticity

Merlin BBC

ALL THE LADIES, AU -- US women's college
Freya/any, having sex to save the world
Freya/Gwen, huddling for warmth.
Freya & Gwen, AU -- university
Gwen, amnesia, she only remembers being a servant, not High Queen of Camelot
Gwen/Morgana, amnesia, Morgana doesn't remember going evil.
Gwen/Morgana, AU -- buddy cop
Gwen/Morgana, AU -- Gwen&Merlin Detective agency, undercover relationship
Gwen/Morgana, AU -- office or other workplace
Gwen/Morgana, body swap
Gwen/Morgana, truth potion/spell/what have you
Gwen & or /Morgana, huddling for warmth
Morgana/any, self-fulfilling prophecy
Morgana/any, waking up from a nightmare
Morgana (& or / any), time loops or time travel--trying to get it right this time.
Morgana/Morgause, magical lesbian pregnancy.
Morgana & Morgause, AU -- modern, epistolary-style
Morgana & or /Nimueh, telepathy
Morgana/Sophia, arranged marriage
Morgause & or /any, AU -- noir
Nimueh/Ygraine, sex pollen. (magical accident? potion gone wrong? literal sex pollen?)
Nimueh & or /Ygraine, wingfic.
Nimueh and Ygraine, unexpected co-parenting.

Merlin RPF

Angel Coulby/Katie McGrath, confined space
Angel Coulby/Katie McGrath, Bradley or Colin play matchmaker -- still focused on the ladies, natch, but I want a reversal of the usual Merlin RPF story very much omg. :D

The Middleman

Lacey/Wendy, mirror!verse (canonical or otherwise!)
Lacey/Wendy, only one bed at the hotel
Lacey/Wendy, vampire slayer(s)
Lacey & or /Wendy, adopting a kitten which may or may not be an inter-dimensional fugitive from justice.
Wendy/any, AU -- mythology

Miranda BBC

Miranda & Penny & Stevie & Tilly, zombie apocalypse
Miranda & Stevie, physically bonded (a superglue accident maybe?)
Miranda & Stevie, stuck in an elevator

Mists of Avalon

Morgaine, magical powers
Morgaine, telepathy
Morgaine & Gwen, rivalry

Murder in Suburbia

Ash/Scribbs, Sudden superpowers
Ash/Scribbs, Unexpected co-parenting


Abby/Kate, secretly a virgin
Abby/Ziva, spin the bottle
Abby & Ziva, stuck in a lift


Door, epistolary


Alex/Jaden, soulbond
Alex/Jaden, undercover gay
Alex/Nikita, having to babysit
Jaden/Nikita, only one bed
Jaden/Nikita, weapons training

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Grace/Precious, not realizing they're dating

No Rest for the Wicked

November/Red, mirror!verse

Nurse Jackie

any combination of Jackie, O'Hara, Akalitus and/or Zoey, physically bonded
Akalitus/O'Hara, stuck in a lift

Once and Again

Jessie & Grace, bodyswap
Jessie, Grace, and Zoe, apocalypse

One Piece

Bellemere + Nami&Nojiko, forced domesticity
Nami & Nojiko, Mirror!verse
Nami & Robin, time travel
Nami & Vivi, curtainfic
Nami & Vivi, marriage of convenience

One Tree Hill

Brooke/Peyton, everyone thinks they're dating
Brooke/Peyton, no more lies
Brooke/Rachel, strip poker

One Life to Live

Téa/Blair, confined space

Parks and Recreation

All, Galentine's Day roadtrip
Ann/Leslie, accidentally married
Ann/Leslie, not realising they're dating
Ann/Leslie, Hogwarts AU
Ann & or /Leslie, everyone thinks they're dating

Phineas & Ferb

Candace/Vanessa, AU -- superpowers

Pokémon Best Wishes

Bianca & or /Iris, academic AU


Chell/GLaDOS, animal transformation - specifically human transformation from being an AI, GLaDOS becomes human and for some reason Chell has to put up with her for mutual survival. Gen or femslash, though personally I am strongly in favor of femslash.

Portal 2

The Different Turret (from the Turret Redemption conveyor belt), anything, really. A day in the life?

Power Rangers

Any, Body swap.
Any, Truth or Dare
Any, Weapons training
Any, Road trip (post giving up powers)
Any, Time loop.
any season, De-Aging
Aisha/Kim, amnesia
Kat/Kim, the power transfer caused some sort of life bond/soul bond, physical bond
Kat/Kim, unexpected coparenting
Kim/Trini, epistolary

Pushing Daisies

Chuck/Olive, Body swap (The insane possibilities for this are... insane!)

The Prestige (movieverse)

Jessica, any
Julia, any
Julia, epistolary (journal or letters)
Julia/Olivia, any
Julia & Olivia, bitter enemies

Pretty Little Liars

Hanna/Spencer, bodyswap
Jenna/Spencer, Jenna is a werewolf (and A is Ali is a vampire)
Melissa/Spencer, truth or dare

Princess Jellyfish

the Sisterhood, AU -- high school


Abigail/Juliet, roleplaying a fictional relationship
Abigail & or /Juliet, sudden superpowers
Juliet & or /Karen, telepathy

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Anthy/Utena, amnesia.

Robin Hood (2006; BBC)

Marian/Anyone, AU -- Superhero, with Marian as the secret identity of "Nightwatchman".


Atia/Servilia, amnesia: the mechanics and which party gets it are your choice, but the non-amnesiac party first toys with, then feels unexpectedly sympathetic towards, and finally realizes a deep attraction and loyalty to the amnesia-ized woman.
Atia/Servilia, AU -- modern

Rosemary & Thyme

Laura/Rosemary, unexpected co-parenting...of dragons (or not)

The Runaways (2010)

Cherie & Joan & Sandy, Cherie is the apocalypse maiden

Sailor Moon
Haruka/Michiru (& Setsuna!), unexpected co-parenting
Haruka/Michiru, curtainfic


Ashley & Helen, roadtrip
Ashley/Kate, amnesia
Ashley/Kate, sudden superpowers
Ashley/Kate, telepathy
Ashley & or /Kate, bodyswap
Ashley & or /Kate, stuck in a lift
Ashley & Kate, mirrorverse
Helen & Kate, roadtrip
Helen & Kate, you can't beat learning from a master.
Kate, weapons training

The Sarah Jane Adventures

Lady Jane/Rani, time travel and possibly only one bed.
Maria/Rani, huddling for warmth
Maria & Rani, epistolary
Maria & or /Rani, physically bonded.
Rani and Sarah Jane, age regression (teenage Sarah + teenage Rani!)

Saving Face

Vivian/Wil, bodyswap.


(Othello/Hamlet/Romeo and Juliet), Desdemona & or /Emilia & or /Ophelia & or /Juliet, AU -- modern: After the interventions of Sassy Gay Friend, they move to London together and invent a literary travel machine by which they rescue other tragic heroines of literature, like Tess or Anna Karenina; perhaps shenanigans ensue? (They fight crime! They write novels! They have fantastic polyamorous sex! Maybe all of the above!)

Sherlock Holmes (any)

Irene Adler/Mary Morstan, confined space (or stuck in a lift).
Irene Adler/Mary Morstan, AU -- modern, pretend couple/undercover gay


all Sora's weapons, cooking-restaurant AU


ALL THE LADIES, waking up with superpowers.
any/any [gen. one girl(s) and gen. three girl(s)], epistolary.
Cassie/Jal, time loop
Effy/Katie, gay chicken.
Emily/Naomi, curtain!fic
Emily/Naomi, vampires and werewolves.

Scott Pilgrim (Comics or Movie)

Kim & or/Knives, animal transformation - domestic cat or kitten
Kim & or /Knives, weapons training.
Kim & or /Ramona, time travel.

Skulduggery Pleasant

Tanith/Val, weapons training


Chloe/Lana, not realizing they're dating
Chloe/Lois, amnesia
Chloe/Tess, fuckbuddies
Chloe/Tess, sex pollen
Chloe/Tess, weapons training
Lana/Lois, truth or dare
Lana/Lois, undercover gay
Lois/Tess, body-swap
Lois/Tess, Lois wasn't going to fall for her boss again, no matter how attracted to her she is, but a sex pollen messes with her plans
Lois/Tess, stuck in an elevator
Lois/Tess, undercover gay

A Song of Ice and Fire

Arya Stark, animal transformation
Catelyn Stark, time travel
Cersei Lannister, self-fulfilling prophecy
Daenerys Targaryen, wingfic
Sansa Stark, telepathy
Sansa Stark/Margaery, huddling for warmth

Sonny With a Chance

Sonny/Tawni, disaster/apocalypse
Sonny/Tawni, the tabloids think they're dating

St. Trinian’s

Any, vampires and werewolves
Andrea/Taylor, soulbond
Polly/Anyone, Unexpected co-parenting

St. Trinian’s (Movie)

Any/any, amnesia
Andrea/Polly, not realizing they're dating
Andrea/Taylor, bodyswap
Annabelle/Kelly, AU -- Regency
Annabelle/Kelly, marriage of convenience
Chelsea/any, not realising they’re dating
Chelsea/Ms. Dickinson, Regency (or Regency-like) AU
Kelly/Polly, spin the bottle
Polly/any, sudden superpowers

StarCrossed (Thief Errant series)

Digger/Merista, huddling for warmth

Stargate Atlantis

Any, Strip Poker.
Elizabeth, wingfic
Elizabeth Weir/Kate Heightmeyer, Veela
Elizabeth Weir/Laura Cadman, pretending to be in a relationship
Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagan, aliens made them do it
Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagan, woke up gay
Elizabeth Weir & or /Teyla Emmagan, truth serum or equivalent Ancient device. (I don't care which of them it affects, or whether it's both, or even whether they find the device and end up debating the ethics of using it.)
Jeannie Miller/Sam Carter, AU -- college, only one bed
Jeannie Miller & Jennifer Keller, epistolary.
Jennifer/Teyla, offworld mission with alien kissing ritual
Jennifer, wingfic
Jennifer Keller & or /Teyla Emmagan, weapons training.
Kate Heightmeyer/Teyla Emmagan, wingfic
Katie Brown/Laura Cadman, huddling for warmth.
Katie Brown/Laura Cadman, road trip.
Laura Cadman/Teyla Emmagan, the first Ladies' Truth or Dare Night on Atlantis
Laura Cadman & Teyla Emmagan, physically bonded
Sam Carter/Teyla Emmagan, aliens made them do it
Teyla Emmagan & the other ladies, AU -- superpowers
Teyla Emmagan, weapons training
Teyla Emmagan, wingfic
Teyla/Sam, bodyswap

Stargate SG-1

Cassandra & Janet Fraiser & Sam Carter, road trip
Janet Fraiser/Sam Carter, not realising they’re dating
Janet Frasier/Sam Carter (& Cassandra), unexpected co-parenting

Stargate Universe

Lisa Park & TJ, timeloops

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

any & or /any, AU -- sword and sorcery
Ezri Dax/Kira Nerys, everyone thinks they’re dating
Ezri Dax & Kira Nerys, stuck in a transporter
Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys, having sex to save the world (Bajor? The Federation? I don't care.)
Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys, only one bed
Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys, pretending to be in a relationship
Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys, strip poker or truth or dare
Jadzia Dax & Kira Nerys, Kira gets de-aged and Dax has to babysit
Jadzia Dax & Kira Nerys, truth or dare
Kira Nerys (& or / any), curtainfic.

Star Trek: Enterprise

Elizabeth Cutler/Hoshi Sato, not realizing they're dating
Hoshi Sato & or /T’Pol, bodyswap
Hoshi Sato/T’Pol, fuck or die

Star Trek: The Next Generation

the Troi family, AU -- Regency/Victorian/Edwardian
Amanda Rogers & Beverly Crusher, AU -- Superpowers
Beverly Crusher & Deanna Troi, powers swap
Deanna Troi & Guinan, amnesia. Specifically, *Guinan* with amnesia. Nobody ever has to take care of or help Guinan in canon and generally not in fic either. fix please.
Deanna Troi/Katherine Pulaski, fempreg
Deanna Troi & or /Ro Laren, bodyswap

Star Trek: TOS

Caitlyn Barry/Number One, huddling for warmth
Christine Chapel & or /Janice Rand, stuck in a transporter
Christine Chapel & Janice Rand & Nyota Uhura, AU -- high school
Christine Chapel/Nyota Uhura, everyone thinks they're dating.
Christine Chapel & or /Nyota Uhura, confined space and possibly also huddling for warmth (mission gone wrong?)
Janice Rand/any, strip poker. She's better than people expect.
Nyota Uhura (& or / any), weapons training. (She seemed pretty confident with mirror!Uhura's knife; I'd love to know who taught her or whether she taught anyone else.)

Star Trek: Voyager

B’Elanna Torres & or /Kathryn Janeway, road trip
Kathryn Janeway/female Q, AU -- modern combined with either Forced Domesticity or Unexpected Co-Parenting
Kathryn Janeway/female Q, AU -- school. There's an annoying friend of Kathryn's who keeps trying to get her to date him even though he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend is acting like a jealous mega-bitch to Kathryn, but the real reason is that she's a lesbian who's in love with Kathryn and too scared to come out of the closet and admit it... and maybe her boyfriend knows this and is doing it on purpose to make them interact, or maybe he's just an idiot. Femslash of the "teenagers mutually figuring out/admitting to themselves they're gay/bi, together" variety.
Kathryn Janeway & or /female Q, sudden superpowers
Kathryn Janeway/Seven of Nine, Borg nanoprobes made them do it
Kathryn Janeway/Seven of Nine, AU -- College/University
Kathryn Janeway/Seven of Nine, soulbonding Borg-style, Janeway is dying and Seven injects her with nanites to save her. Now they are a mini-Collective, together. Could be gen but sounds a lot like femslash to me.
Kathryn Janeway/Seven of Nine, woke up gay
Kathryn Janeway & Seven of Nine, de-ageing

Star Trek XI

Amanda Grayson & Winona Kirk, vampires and werewolves.
Christine Chapel/Gaila (& any of the other ladies), truth or dare.
Gaila/any, secretly a virgin
Gaila/Nyota Uhura, mirror!verse
Gaila/Uhura, slow courtship/dating
Nyota Uhura, balancing Duty to Crew with Duty to Pack.
Winona Kirk(/George Kirk or /Number One), what happens on Delta Vega stays on Delta Vega.

Sucker Punch

Any, weapons training
Any, time loop
The girls, mirror!verse
The girls, strip poker
The girls, vampires and werewolves
Amber & or /Baby Doll & or /Blondie & or /Rocket, post-canon road-trip
Amber/Blondie, curtainfic
Amber/Blondie, wingfic
Amber & or /Blondie, roadtrip
Baby Doll/any or Baby Doll/all, Baby Doll is part Veela.
Baby Doll/Rocket, having sex to save the world
Madame/Dr Gorski and the girls, amnesia

Sunshine (Robin McKinley)

Rae & her gran, rainy day


Angel!Anna/Demon!Meg, Temporary Truce
Anna Milton & or /Ruby, bodyswap
Anna Milton/Ruby, not realizing they're dating
Anna Milton/Ruby, time loop
Anna Milton/Ruby, world-saving sex
Bela Talbot/Jo Harvelle, animal transformation
Bela Talbot & or /Jo Harvelle, road trip
Bela Talbot/Ruby, AU -- human
Ellen Harvelle & Jo Harvelle, road trip
Ellen Harvelle/Mary, confined space.
Ellen Harvelle/Mary (as a Campbell or Winchester), learning to love again
Ellen Harvelle/Mary, soulbonding
Ellen Harvelle/Mary, world-saving sex
Ellen Harvelle/Mary, unexpected co-parenting
Ellen Harvelle & or /Mary, unexpected co-parenting
Ellen Harvelle & Mary, AU -- steampunk
Gwen Campbell & or /Jo Harvelle, Vampires and Werewolves (Optional: Turns out they are hunting the same creature.)
Jessica Moore, sudden superpowers
Jessica Moore, truth serum
Jessica Moore(/any), mind-reading
Jessica Moore(/any), time loop
Jessica Moore/any, succubus (Veela for the SPN world!)
Jessica Moore & Meg & Ruby & whoever, AU -- historical
Jessica Moore/Ruby, any trope
Jessica Moore/Ruby, amnesia
Jessica Moore/Ruby, everyone thinks they’re dating
Jessica Moore/Ruby, pretending to be in a relationship
Jessica Moore/Ruby, Truth or Dare
Jo Harvelle/Sarah Blake, confined space
Jo Harvelle/Sarah Blake, undercover gay
Meg/Ruby, any
Pamela Barnes, psychic powers
Ruby, epistolary
Sarah Blake, any

Tales of the Otori

Kaede/Shizuka, slow courtship

Teen Titans

Raven/Starfire, fake girlfriends

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

any femslash, they take it slowly because they have too many reasons not to trust each other
Jesse/Sarah, only one bed (with optional unexpected co-parenting of a robot-raised child!)


Gwen/Tosh, weapons training

Tron: Legacy

Gem/Quorra, confined space
Gem/Quorra, weapons training

Twin Peaks

Audrey/Laura, fuckbuddies

Valdemar series

Any/any, lifebond (soul bonding)
Talia, any
Talia/any, telepathy

The Vampire Diaries

Any, wingfic
Anna/Bonnie, pretending to be in a relationship
Anna & Katherine, confined space.
Bonnie/Caroline/Elena, fempreg
Bonnie & Caroline & Elena, road trip
Bonnie & Elena, bodyswap
Caroline/Katherine, Confined space
Caroline/Katherine AU where Katherine takes Caroline under her wing and teaches her about being a vampire after Katherine turns/kills her.
Elena/Katherine, forced domesticity
Elena/Vicki, time loop -- Vicki relives the day of her death (as a human or as a vampire, as you wish) over and over
Isobel/Katherine, fuck or die
Isobel & Jenna, getting drunk together
Jenna/Liz, truth serum
Katherine/Pearl, fuckbuddies
Katherine/Pearl, time travel
Lexi & Rose, road trip.

Veronica Mars

Veronica/Mac, undercover as a couple
Veronica & or /Mac, having to babysit.


Cat/Jade, (secret) friends with benefits
Cat/Jade, spin the bottle
Jade/Tori, onstage or in-character makeouts
Jade/Tori, truth or dare


Drou & or /Kareen, coparenting (Cannonically, it wasn’t unexpected.)
Elli Quinn, in the hospital (having her face put back on, circa Warrior's Apprentice? Up to you.)

Warehouse 13

Claudia/H.G./Myka (or some combo thereof), Truth or Dare
H.G./Myka, everyone thinks they're gay
H.G./Myka, having sex to save the world
H.G./Myka, undercover gay
H.G./Myka, weapons training
Kelly/any, "but I'm a veterinarian, not a ______!"
Leena/any, artifact shenanigans.
Mrs. Frederic/any, AU -- noir

The West Wing

CJ/Kate, only one bed
Mallory/Zoey, AU -- office

Wheel of Time

Birgitte, any
Birgitte/Nynaeve, bonding - Nynaeve is the one who bonds Birgitte
Birgitte & Reene Harfor, Curtain!fic: Elayne sends Birgitte to Reene to redecorate the throne room in Caemlyn
Siuan & or /Leane, magical powers and/or telepathy

White Collar

Alex/Sara, handcuffed to each other
Christie/Diana, what does Christie think of all Diana's 'undercover straight' operations?

Whip It

Bliss/Pash, having to babysit (or pet-sit, or something-sit)

Wire in the Blood

Alex/Paula, undercover relationship

Wise Children (novel, Angela Carter)

Nora and Dora, epistolary

Wizard of Oz

Dorothy/Ozma, (AU) slow courtship/not realizing they are dating .

Women's Murder Club

Cindy/Lindsay, undercover gay.


Emma/Jean, learning to love again
Mystique/Destiny, robots, instead of being mutants they are robots in a world where humanoid robots have no rights and they are fighting for survival or freedom. Maybe Mystique is a sex bot and Destiny is an analytics AI in a fembot body. Femslash. Definitely should be femslash.
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