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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2010-03-31 06:17 pm

go in haste!

Remix sign-ups close in 12 hours! In particular they're after more Sherlock Holmes writers.

lgbtfest prompt claiming ends tomorrow!

For the latter, I have plumped for the following, on account of how the prevalence of gender essentialism in high fantasy really hacks me off. Also, I have Seeker on the brain.

1778. Legend of the Seeker; any Confessor character or OC; The Confessors are all female, the ritual sees to that. So what happens when one of them is trans? (Does he come out? How do other people take it? How does he deal with other people's assumptions? and so on.)
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Ooh, that sounds interesting! I've never seen the show, but I did read several of the books, so maybe I can get by on that knowledge enough to read it.
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I hear the show is pretty different in terms of plot, but the major elements are still the same, so if it's just about the Confessors as a group, I doubt that's really different.
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I don't know anything about Legend of the Seeker, but that sounds amazing!

The timing of lgbtfest is so bad for me this year, but I would do it anyway if I found a prompt I really associated with. But I'm not finding anything. Sigh.
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Never mind, I found something. But I don't have to post until June, so that'll help, I'm sure.
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I think I must be crazy, because I claimed a prompt at lgbtfest! That + Remix = ded, I fear.