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this post is heavy both on the images and the hot, just so you know

[ profile] cherrybina made a post of her girlcrushes. I picspammed at her, then I thought I'd post that here. Then I added a few more. Then I forgot to stop. There are, er, 51 images behind the cut. It is apparently picspam central with me this week! :D

Amanda Fucking Palmer

Naoko Mori

Regina Spektor

Rachel McAdams

Zoe Saldana


Bridget Regan

Angel Coulby

Rachel Luttrell

Freema Agyeman

Lena Headey

Summer Glau

Dawn French

Katee Sackhoff

Grace Park

Marlee Matlin

Leisha Hailey

Vienna Teng

Mary Louise Parker

Queen Latifah

Michelle Ryan

Indira Varma

Gina Torres

Sigourney Weaver

Kate Moennig

Anna Friel

Scarlett Johansson

Emma Thompson

Stephanie Jacobsen

Meryl Streep

Jewel Staite

Keira Knightely

Dana Davis

Rachel Maddow

Billie Piper

Drew Barrymore

Katie McGrath

Lenora Crichlow

Rosamund Pike

J.K. Rowling

Kandyse McClure

Liv Tyler

Tricia Helfer

Catherine Tate

Jeri Ryan

Parminder Nagra

Eve Myles

Morena Baccarin

Helen Mirren

Naomi Watts

Sarah Shahi

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Michelle Obama

Sela Ward

Michelle Branch

Gillian Anderson

Claire Danes

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ESP: Rosamund Pike <333333
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Ginnifer Goodwin

Image (

Zooey Deschanel

Image (

Emily Watson

Image (

Kristen Chenoweth

Image (

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I also forgot Toni Collette!

Image (
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Wow, you really weren't kidding when you said it was image-heavy. But still, I think you forgot a few fabulous ladies. :)

Christina Hendricks

Carrie-Ann Moss

Michelle Rodriguez

Claudia Black

Mary Tamm

Mary McDonnell

Michelle Yeoh


Lis Sladen -- then and now

Linda Hamilton

Kate Winslet

Maggie Cheung

And two totally obscure girlcrushes of mine...

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All I have to say to this is ROOOOOOOOAR!
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That's Rachel Luttell's natural hair? She looks even better like that.

Ah, Helen Mirren.

This is a fabulous meme/idea. I'm just thinking of who I'd add:

Sasha Horler:

Leah Purcell:

Rachel Griffiths:

Cathy Freeman:

Tara Morice:

Missy Higgins:

Alice Garner:

Cassandra Magrath:

Petra Yared (who was in one of my history tutes and I never told her that I loved her in MDA):

Anita Hegh:

Alison Whyte:

Daniela Farinacci:

Okay, definitely stopping now.

After adding:
Ella Hooper:

and Myf Warhurst:

(Most of these pics are from Sydney Morning Herald, which is kind of interesting. Or the Australia Film Commission website.

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Eee, this is such an awesome post! :DDD
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-draws hearts around this post- I've had this post open for two days now & keep snatching glances at it, only I am somehow just now commenting. BUT. VERILY IT IS MADE OF AWESOME.

(I think I am going to have to borrow this concept...)
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I am in love with this post. And all the comments! So many different kinds of beauty!
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Wow, this is a gorgeous post. (Although I was sort of freaked out to find my mother's next door neighbor in it.)

*scrolls back up to admire some more*