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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2009-12-12 09:49 pm

VID: Bad Romance [Merlin]

Posting this while everyone's off flailing over the new episode. My sense of timing, let me show you it! That doesn't really matter, though - the important thing is, this is a birthday present for my partner in crime, [personal profile] avendya. ♥

Bad Romance
edited by [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: Merlin
pairings: Morgana/Morgause, Morgana/Gwen
warnings: incest
music: Lady Gaga
download: big@mediafire [high quality .mov, 44MB], small@mediafire [low quality .mp4, iPod compatible, 16MB]
stream: below
spoilers: up to 2x08, but no further

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notes: Ahaha, okay, basically, this was a cracky little idea that I had which I thought I would make after I'd finished the srs bsns Morgana vid I was going to make for Ave. Then the two sort of - merged. I REGRET NOTHING. *g* This isn't so much crack as 'lalala, canon, what canon?' Although, ha, the following exchange did take place after I sent it to Ave:

[personal profile] avendya: All right, I want to watch your show instead of what's actually on my TV. All femmeslash, all the time!
[personal profile] such_heights: :D
[personal profile] avendya: Also, there are amazing numbers of longing looks - I am actually quite impressed. :P
[personal profile] such_heights: omg, I know, right? I didn't have to do anything!

Dear Show: please continue with the lesbian intrigue plotlines. Love, me.
briar_pipe: Guinevere and Morgana leaning toward each other (Gwen & Morgana)

[personal profile] briar_pipe 2009-12-13 05:30 am (UTC)(link)
So. Uh. This was supposed to be a short editing break. Then I watched it three times in a row. No longer exactly short. *cries*

But omg, I never knew how much I was waiting for a Morgana-centric femslash OT3. Suddenly my firey passion for this show has DOUBLED in one shot. SO FRAUGHT. SO MUCH POTENTIAL. AAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Sword theme secction FTW, timing gorgeous as always, and wow, Katie isn't just beautiful, she's SEX ON LEGS. I keep forgetting that, but then you put it all together like this and I'm like YEAH, I'D GET DOWN ON MY KNEES FOR HER.

In conclusion, I need a new femslash icon with Morgause added. THANKS, AMY!