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Icons: Agent Carter

9 icons for Agent Carter 1x01 & 1x02 behind the cut.

peggy in sunglasses peggy in an elevator with a red fedora peggy looking at a glowing orb
close up of peggy picking a lock peggy in her red fedora in a sea of grey suited men peggy leaning over a sink
angie looking surprised at the diner jarvis tending to peggy peggy and jarvis sitting back to back at the diner
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Pretties! :D
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SQUEEE, Agent Carter!
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These are AWESOME. (I can't remember the etiquette behind asking to use one anymore. It's been so long. But I'd love to use the one with the nails and the lock.)
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Oh! These are FABULOUS. I'm going to snurch a couple, as soon as I'm done looking at all the pretty. :)
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Surfing through FFlist. These are fabulous! I'll snag a couple and will happily credit. :)
beck_liz: Peggy Carter in her red hat (Agent Carter red hat by such_heights)

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Snagged the 1st one with Peggy's red hat. :-) Thank you!