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hey, dreamwidth!

So I've been reading away on Dreamwidth as ever but apparently haven't updated in nearly a month? Let's fix that, as our work email server has just crashed (ahaha our IT is so bad, oh, charity sector life).

i. I have been at the new job for three months now! I really like it, but it's definitely taking away a lot more time and energy from doing fannish stuff than the last one, which is annoying. I have all these feels and no time to put them anywhere!

ii. What fannish time I do have at the moment is mostly spent getting ready for Vidukon! I'm excited, we've got some great stuff lined up this year. It's great we're managing to make it an annual thing and I hope it continues. Viiiids. All being well, I should have two premiering vids there and also possibly a shiny new remaster of one of my old cam vids, which would be lovely. (psst it's not too late to get an attending or supporting membership -- which includes nifty streaming options!)

iii. Vidding projects are going well (though as ever I have more things I want to make than time to make them) but writing continues to ... not. Looking back, I've not managed to post much in the last couple of years. And actually, pretty much what it seems to be is that I haven't been able to write much since the end of Ponds-era Doctor Who. Many many WIPs stashed away in various fandoms, very little ability to finish any of them. Not to mention the 50k Ponds fic of doom that has been rigorously beta'd and really just needs a final go through but I'm worried it's not very good and that no one will really care when I post it anyway.

... WRITING IS HARD. How do words. I would love to be able to actually write any of the dozen MCU fic ideas I have buzzing around, but I can't manage more than about 500 words on anything.

iv. Fannish pursuits of the moment - saw Cap 2 again, still love it with all my heart like they made it just for meeeee. <3 Also in that category, I've caught the first season of Orphan Black, though I haven't started s2 yet. IT IS PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL.

Also perfect and beautiful: Brooklyn Nine-Nine! [personal profile] happydork and I are making our way through the season and it's so totally delightful. I horribly overidentify with Santiago ('yes sir, I will make better mouth') and Captain Holt is honestly one of the most glorious queer characters I've had the pleasure of watching in ages. *draws sparkly hearts*

v. Anyone on HabitRPG? Having tried it for a little while now it seems to be working quite well for me, and it would be fun to have some buddies on there to do quests with etc. My username is syntaxed.
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How time-consuming is HabitRPG? Because I keep hearing good things about it but I do. not. have. time. Except, of course, for when I do not have brain.
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Santiago is awesome! And Diaz! AND TERRY JEFFORDS! And Captain Holt is brilliant. I hope Andre Braugher wins all the Emmys he was denied as Frank Pembleton*.

*He won once in his last season on the show.
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ALL OF THIS. There are no characters on that show that I hate (I can even put up with Peralta and Boyle, whom I find to be That Dude and That Other Dude, respectively), but Santiago, Diaz, and Gina are my favorites, and Terry and Holt are basically next in line.
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Yeah, I had avoided the show because of Andy Samberg, but they made me not hate Peralta, and I consider that practically a miracle!
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I didn't hate Andy Samberg on SNL, but the man-child schtick turns me off so much. They, um, certainly gave Peralta a place to grow from in the first episode of the season. Which, frankly, I appreciate the slow slide into something approximating the beginnings of maturity!

But I still think Santiago and Diaz are golden and they are my babies, and nobody on that show had better mess with them. (I got very attached. As you may have noticed.)
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I do not HabitRPG things, alas, but I love all the same shows and fandoms as you are talking about here, and that makes me very happy! As does the fact that you're posting again. :)
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HabitRPG looks interesting...I might check it out because I have some projects I have to work on over summer vacation that will not get done unless I take them seriously.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine <3 <3 I love that show so much, I can't wait for the next season.

Not to mention the 50k Ponds fic of doom
Is this the one with kittens that you posted an excerpt of that time? :)
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I'm glad new job is going well! Even if it is taking away from fandom a little bit.


I think I will sign-up for HabitRPG, I'd like some help getting into dish-doing and podficcing habits. I'll add you if the interface seems like a thing I could use (I will probably be PlayingSwords).
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Drive-by comment:

Not to mention the 50k Ponds fic of doom that has been rigorously beta'd and really just needs a final go through but I'm worried it's not very good and that no one will really care when I post it anyway.
POST! Go on go on go on. (It's what I'm doing with my AtS fic and just making sure it gets out there is very satisfactory. Even if I only have 3 readers...)

Also perfect and beautiful: Brooklyn Nine-Nine!
Yes, yes and a thousand times yes. It is totally my squishy. *draws hearts*
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Orphan Black for the win! Season 2 is just as good so far!

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Yay for you watching Orphan Black & Brooklyn Ninety-Nine! I adore both of those, different though they are.