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Merlin 2x07

I have some squee, but also am quite hacked off.

The Good:

Gwen was amazing! Oh my goodness, I am so glad she got to be part of Merlin's investigation and actually be the one to come up with some parts of the solution and her speech to Arthur was wonderful and I am so glad that her role in the story was non-romantic. Also, SHE MENTIONED TOM AND PARTLY BLAMED ARTHUR FOR IT, which maybe is not the kind of thing I should be capslocky happy about BUT I AM.

♥ ♥ ♥

The Bad:

I can't believe Morgana was so criminally underused AGAIN. What the hell. Will she ever, ever get to do anything other than looked scared ever again? WHY did we not get a single scene with her and Gwen aside from that snippet at the beginning - oh look, they're gazing soulfully out of a window again, how daring; WHY did we not get a single scene of her interrogation; WHY do the writers seemingly not care about her character really at all week to week? *rends hair*

Also, potentially unpopular opinion time, I do not really have the vocabulary to express how much I HATE the staggering amounts of extra screentime Uther and Gaius are getting this season. Partly because I don't actually like either character that much owing to their incredibly questionable actions - in different ways - that the show handwaves all the time, and partly because, yes, show, what we really need is more focus on the white guys.

*sigh* I miss Morgana being kickass/her POV being given any weight at all and I miss Gwen and Morgana getting to have scenes together/be in the same episodes. Stop being fail, show! :(
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I didn't mind Uther and Gaius screen time (although I do think that focusing the episodes so much on Gaius when they could be focused on the GIRLS bothers the hell out of me) in this episode, because at least there was BACKSTORY MEATY BACKSTORY. Even of the Dragon.

Morgana made me so worried this episode, she was shaking like a leaf, I hated it.
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I am right now writing her some Gwen!hugs.

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um... your icon


*ahem* me likey
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And you icon is of major win!
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On the one hand Gwen is EPIC, and I'm looking forward to reading the inevitable Gwen & Merlin fight crime AUs.

*looks expectantly at fandom*

On the other, if I were Morgana it's at about this point that I'd be considering going evil just for something to do.
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Dammit I'm not even safe from nano-distracting plot bunnies reading comments.

That is a wonderful idea. Someone write it, please. Before my typing fingers get too itchy.
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Morgana's treatment is INEXCUSABLE. I remember thinking, for the second interrogation, "really? you're really not going to show it on camera?"

Uther and Gaius' screen time, at the expense of Morgana's, wouldn't be such an issue if the show didn't so often handwave the things they do just because they love their kids/charges. Gaius is consistently presented as right when he is wrong, wrong, wrong, 80% of the time. Maybe if the show spent more time dealing with their issues and less time trying to convince us that they're Not That Bad Really, it would be better.
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Amen to your points on both Gwen and Morgana.

I really like your point about the way Gaius & Uther focus reinforces the hierarchies that are so prominent in the show, though I'm less upset about their screen time (which would have had me throwing fits last season) because I'm starting to think that they're inching toward undermining both characters, and outright rejecting Uther in a way they haven't previously.

I'm impressed that you remember Morgana being kickass/having a POV. That was...when exactly? 1.11?
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yeah, morgana is severely underused and basically all she does is cry and look like she's about to faint - that is not the kickass morgana plotting to kill the king of season one!
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I'm tired of Morgana not showing up, and I'm tired of her not getting to fight back when she does! I would have loved to see her disarm the witchfinder; it would have been better than her watching teary-eyed as everyone else saved her.

But Gwen was fantastic! I like her solving problems with Merlin and the show not leaving it to Gaius to have all the answers. And the way she got Arthur to act was fantastic. Now, if she and Morgana could just get more screentime together, everything would be great!

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Yes! If only Morgana had actually fought off the witchfinder and been the one to push him out the window! It would be her revenge for him terrorizing her all episode and would further develop her villain potential!

You're brilliant! Why didn't the writers think of this?
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Gwen was brilliant, just brilliant.

I just want to close my eyes when Morgana has to be scared and hysterical again, which was every scene she had in this episode.
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Finally watched it and yes, yes, yes. There were things I really liked about this episode and even got teary on Merlin's behalf. And as I very secretly ship Gaius/Uther there were many shippy moments for me to lol over.

But, what the hell, how can Morgana have such an important part of the plot and barely any screen time and why are they making her such a passive character. Raaarrrgggghhhh.

This could have been such a kickass episode, if they'd allowed Morgana to do something and showed us more of both Morgana and Merlin's interrogations and let Morgana and Gwen interract for fucks sake and maybe had shown Arthur actually thinking that Merlin was in danger and... dammit. Grrr...
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While I do enjoy Gaius and Uther it is true that they've been getting a lot of extra time and Morgana has been totally SHAFTED just about the whole season, except for her one episode. I am getting tired of just the 'eek!' all the time looks.

(And I was excited about Gwen mentioning Tom too!)