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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2009-11-01 04:25 pm

Merlin 2x06

+ ♥ ARTHUR ♥

+ Another new dress, Gwen? There's going to have to be fic about this!

+ Gwen had lines!

+ Whilst by and large this episode isn't my sort of humour, the running gag where everyone's trying to explain to Uther that she's a troll is kind of hilarious.


+ I had to pause the episode for quite a long moment when Merlin just APPEARED from out underneath Arthur's bed, oh my god, thank you, show

+ I also quite enjoyed Merlin cradling Arthur's head. ♥


+ Basically, I skimmed through a fair bit of the episode, I wish that Morgana and Gwen had had something to do, and that Gwen's lines weren't just about bucking Arthur up BUT some bits were hilarious and the Merlin/Arthur interaction was all that my heart could desire.

+ Brb writing an episode coda, I think!
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I've seen Gwen's dress before, lol. So I don't think it's new. But she mostly wears the violet one.
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LOL, clearly I pay wayyy too much attention to what the cast wears that I remember all their costumes. LOL. My life, NO life, actually.
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[personal profile] lorannah 2009-11-01 11:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Hee. Your reactions are pretty close to mine. Mostly these two episodes not my thing and they're still not getting the balance between out main four right, but there were an awful lot of genuine laughing out loud moments so I can forgive them and I'll probably be rewatching some bits lots. :D

Also I seem to be one for going against 'popular' reaction this week as I liked the lack of hug in both Merlin and SJA. Oh well...

I was thinking today about how in the last series you tended to have 'Dumbledore-Harry' closing moments at the end of each episode between either Gaius and Merlin or less commonly Uther and Arthur; and that this has sort of been superseded between Arthur and Merlin moments this series. Which is mostly I think because so far none of the episodes have really been about both of them. Last series most the episodes were Arthur being in jeopardy and Merlin going to the rescue, and then sometimes they'd swap the two roles and very occasionally they'd have something utterly different. This season instead we've had Morgana in jeopardy, Gwen in jeopardy, Uther in jeopardy... The Once and Future Queen was a bit more old style but was more about Gwen than anything else and I suspect that the next ep is going to be back to series 1 but... ok, I've completely forgotten where I was going with this. Sorry. :/

Oh dear.
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Whilst by and large this episode isn't my sort of humour, the running gag where everyone's trying to explain to Uther that she's a troll is kind of hilarious.

I think that by this stage, the actors and director were well aware of how UTTERLY STUPID this episode was, and had just decided to ham it up as much as possible -- you can definitely see Anthony Steward Head trying not to laugh during that scene (and the love scene), which is kind of hilarious in and of itself (even though I recognise that the love scene was also highly problematic from a feminist perspective).

And I did love the slash dragon's LULZ. Best part of the episode, IMO (and I rarely say that about the slash dragon!)

Overall, the completely unnecessary sidelining of Gwen and Morgana ruins this one for me though (in addition to the farting and excrement-consumption).
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i just finished watching, and i could basically c&p your reaction as my own! XD
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The dragon's fit of lolarity made me laugh and laugh much in the way these two episodes didn't so much though it seemed the cast had a great time and Sarah Parrish was purest awesome.

I did have to stop the player and immediately cap the two scenes of mouth porn, omg. Merlin gets to drip liquid into Arthur's mouth fairly often, doesn't he?

Moar ladies next time, though.