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we're all stories in the end

Sometimes a story comes along at just the right time in your life, with a character or an idea or a feeling that is exactly what you need. A spark is ignited, and because of the particular circumstances of your life and the contents of your head and your heart the story writes itself onto your bones, special and important in ways that only happen once in a while and are in many ways beyond your control or any objective judgement.

Amy Pond arrived on my TV exactly when I needed her. She and Eleven and River and Rory were there for me during months when I was sick and things were pretty bleak, and have been a huge source of happiness for the past two and a half years. Change is essential of Doctor Who, and I can't wait to see what new things the future holds, but knowing that Amy and Rory won't be part of it is breaking my heart right now.

Thanks, Ponds. You're the best, and I'm going to miss you so much. I hope your sendoff is as good as you deserve.

one cap per episode of the Ponds' era
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That first paragraph is such a perfect description of what happens sometimes. I think people who haven't experienced that sometimes don't understand the v. real grief when a story ends. ^^;;
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omg, this picspam!

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This is SO lovely! And I am so sad about this...for once the show put the weep in weeping angels.

Come back, Ponds!

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This. Pretty much every word.