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Pond Life!

So the webisodes the BBC are showing in the run up to Doctor Who coming back are very short and very ridiculous and exceedingly adorable. I believe they're not region-locked, and you can see them on the BBC website or at their youtube channel. Four are now up - there's one more tomorrow at noon and then MY SHOW IS BACK OMG.


In celebration of their cute faces returning to my life, I am in the mood to write some fic. Throw some prompts my way if you like and I will see what I can do! :D
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OOOOOOO, thanks for posting these!

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It's like someone in the department asked, "How do we make Rory seem almost more adorable than Amy?" Just fsdfhskaj his little Roman lunch box! <3 <3 <3 And oh- of course he would feel guilty about the Ood serving them.

Hmm... on a prompt: maybe- Amy getting Rory that lunchbox. xD
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awwwwwwwwwww *hugs*
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omg <3 <3 <3 And I love how you threw in the detail about Amy being the one to fix the picture on it. xD

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Amy and Rory can't make out because the Ood is there and it's too awkward!
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Your prompt is:
"If the Ood is going to live here he really ought to have a proper name."
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alkfjasdlkfjasd;kfjasd;kf I had not seen the fourth one yet. It is adorable.

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Could you write something that explains why Amy appears to be wearing a wig? It's very distracting. :/

Otherwise, I <3 these like pie.
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How about: Amy and Rory snuggling and remembering the other times the Doctor unnecessarily woke them up "for safety reasons." At first they are still grumpy, but the more times they think of the funnier it starts to get.

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Hello, it's silverweave from Livejournal, dropping your account to see if you were similarly squeeing about Pond Life and also secretly hoping you'd be writing fic about it.

If it's not too cheeky for a random to request a mini fic, I'd love to see a little something where the Doctor comments on Rory's new delightfully enormous hair...?
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Amy's parents call round one evening. They'd forgotten to tell them about the Ood.
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Joining in with the Ood-related prompts: how does the Ood like living with the Ponds?
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Ugh, thank you for linking these, I sort of knew they were out there vaguely but hadn't tracked them down, and wow, mistake. They're adorable. ♥