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Dear Festividder

Dear Festividder,

Hello! I love you already! And if any potential treat-makers are perusing, I would be delighted!

Copied from last year because it's still true -

So most of the things I have nominated are very fluffy things that I love with all my heart. I assume we have matched because you share a similar fondness! So really, there's no way you can go wrong. I love vids in all styles and genres and my vid rec tag gets a lot of use.

My original requests:

Lego Star Wars
Details: Oh man, I don't even know if this is possible but if you have offered this absolutely anything would make me so, so gleeful. I love this game so much. The actual Star Wars soundtrack could be amusing, but I am entirely at your disposal re. music choice and everything else. LITTLE LEGO JEDI OMG. :D

Maru the Cat
Details: Listen to your heart. Do it for Maru, the most ridiculous and charming cat of all time. I have no other suggestions. :D

Imagine Me & You
Details: Luce/Rachel OTP OMG OMG. :D I also love the whole rest of the cast, so whether it's on the ensemble or the shippy side it is all good.

Tangled - 2010
Details: I love everything about this film, and I love Rapunzel herself the most. Anything sparkly or fluffy or amusing or thoughtful or anything else will be loved and loved.

Hercules - 1997
Details: My favourite childhood Disney film! I love it all. Something Meg-centric would be pretty cool, and I love Hercules and his ginormous dorkitude. And PEGASUS, omg so cute. And and. You get the idea. :D

Bridesmaids - 2011
Details: Surprise hit of the year for me - hilarious ladies and their friendships! I loved it all (though not quite so much the gross-out humour scenes I must say). I'd love something about Annie and Lillian, or an ensemble thing, or something about Megan being better than everyone, or whatever else you want.

Star Wars (1977-1983 original trilogy)
Details: Oh gosh, so many things I love about these films. By all means go with whatever interests you, but I particularly enjoy the films for Leia being amazing, Luke-Han-Leia as a trio and Han/Leia, R2D2 and C3P0 being robots in love, or just bffs forever, the mythology of the trilogy with the Jedi etc, and general shenanigans in space.

Red Cliff/Red Cliff 2
Details: This film is SO BEAUTIFUL. I would love absolutely anything. Ensemble/general story overview would be lovely, and I do also love the quartet of Zhuge Liang, Xiao Qiao, Sun Shangxiang and Zhou Yu in all permutations, if you wanted to do something more along the character study lines.