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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2009-09-20 01:38 am

new years of two sorts

+ To everyone who's celebrating Eid and Rosh Hashanah at the moment, Eid Mubarak and L'shanah tovah respectively!

+ Though this will be a few weeks late into the game for a lot of you, good luck to everyone starting out at new schools, colleges and universities, or is otherwise embarking on another year of academics. The intro week of my final year kicks off on Monday, and I can't quite believe this is my last ever September of going back to school. How seventeen years fly!
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Oh, enjoy! I loved third year. Even when it was hard and horrible, it was so much fun. The hard made it even better, in a way.

Umm ... this may not be helping, right?

Let's stick with enjoy!!