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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2009-09-15 02:05 pm

things that have made me happy recently

+ New Muse! :D I am halfway through my first listen of The Resistance and enjoying the epic spacerock very much. Here is the first track for your delectation if you so desire - Uprising, which features the old school Doctor Who theme. ♥

+ Finding this gem of a Rose/Martha story, Sparks by crycraven on Teaspoon [adult]. It's gorgeous.

+ Katie&Angel. They did the most adorkable interview for DigitalSpy with you can download courtesy of [ profile] gealach_ros here. There are also glee-inducing screencaps. [A little spoilery for S2 especially in regard to character arcs etc.]

One segment that is not spoilery but very delightful:

[Reporter talking about the generally perceived myth!canon future where Morgana is evil & Guinevere is queen]:

DigitalSpy: [Gwen] wouldn't tolerate evil, I don't think.
Angel: I don't think she'd tolerate Morgana, no, sadly.
Katie: Hey!
Angel: Put her in the dungeons ...
Katie: Never going to happen.
Angel: In a good way!

Dear fandom,

Please get on that.

Love, me.
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*happy little squee*
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I do not know because it just makes me grin like a mad woman
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How can they possibly be so cute? I couldn't love them more if they were covered in chocolate sprinkles.

Also, very excited about Morgana getting to do more swordfighting in S2. The whole warrior queen exchange was made of win.
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How are they so cute?
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Huge crush that I had? Just got bigger.

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Uprising, which features the old school Doctor Who theme. ♥

Oooh really? I knew about the Chopin bit, but not that. Looking forward to getting the album even more now :)

& I've not been keeping up with Merlin stuff much, but :D:D at the screencaps/the interview.
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Omg, does Uprising really have the Old Who theme? How crazy. I've been listening to it and thinking it could make a really fun Harry Potter vid, but from the Death Eaters' POV. Just to be different, you know. ;)

AHH! Merlin ladies! They are so cute and OMG AM I EXCITED FOR MORGANA'S STORYLINES!
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Aaah, I didn't even realise the Who bit! I just thought, "Okay, that's really, really familiar," and moved on. YAY MUSE! :)
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Oh my god. Dear Angel, ILU forever.