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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2010-10-23 08:50 pm

Merlin 3x07

omg, omg. They remembered how to write for all four of them, what!

+ ELYAN, OMG HE WAS AMAZING. And he and Gwen had fantastic scenes together that were everything I wanted - Tom mention! Sob! And he's sticking around! And not dead yet, well done show, keep it up.

+ Gwen/Arthur continues to be the only part of my OT4 that makes me happy any more, but by god they make me super happy! <33333 They are adorable.


+ Soooo, it's now been officially retconned that Morause and Morgana are related on their mother's side? LOL, OH SHOW.

+ Merlin and Morgana's interaction this episode was ACES. I just wish that the show had done a better job of continuity, because it's so hard to see the way Morgana is with Gwen and Arthur now. Especially Gwen, you know? Fandom's done a great job of filling in the blanks, but I wish the show could explain how Morgana went from considering Gwen her best friend to putting her in this kind of danger. Also, it breaks my heart. DDDDD:

+ Most of all, though: GWEN. Who's scared and not a natural fighter but brave and badass and is so determined to stay in charge of her own life even when it's crashing all around her. Also, damn, somehow she was even more beautiful than usual this episode, I don't even know.

+ GWENNNNN. *draws ALL the hearts*
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[personal profile] kel_reiley 2010-10-24 04:13 am (UTC)(link)
i was VERY happy when they didn't kill her brother :)
i could have done with about 5 less evil smirks from morgana though
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+ GWENNNNN. *draws ALL the hearts*

x 10000
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One thing about Elyan, though (apart from yay, not dead!) is what about the forge he was kidnapped from? He said 'my forge' so I assumed he was blacksmith somewhere. Elyan relocation story is needed.
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I am all over grinning. We have had, like a string of good episodes (still with regular fail, alas) and I am unsure what to make of this, it's an unfamiliar feeling. In fact the only rubbish ep so far, was Goblin's Gold and that had definite redeeming features.

But I am so happy that they actually managed to use everyone - even if Morgana was mostly just smirking evilly. And I loved the Morgana/Merlin interaction, though not as much as the Gwen/Arthur and it reminded me of The Moment of Truth, with them all riding out and the show actually highlighted how much Morgana has changed towards Gwen and Arthur - which gives me hopes they will actually do something with that.

Plus Gwen mattered and her as a love interest was only half the equation for once. And I really, really loved Elyan - knight in waiting, who knows his way around a sword. Interesting name choice too, intrigued to see whether it's just a name they liked or whether they'll be playing around with the earlier Elyan legends. And was ridiculously amused that he was riding behind Merlin instead of Gwen. There will not be a Knight of the roundtable that Merlin hasn't seduced. Which makes me want a vid of the number of men Merlin has 'bonded' with or just generally a Merlin the Peeper vid, given there was the Morgana stuff at least in Series 1 and he's spent a lot of the time since, sneaking around people's bedrooms whilst they sleep.

Also - yay - next weeks trailer has me all excited. They're doing Fisher King stuff :D And one of the lines makes me think that Arthur will at least find out he has a sister.

This series is making me so happy right now, if it ends with a series regular (any series regular) finding out about Merlin's magic, then I'll be ecstatic.
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Gwen was definitely brilliant in this, but Morgana was definitely disappointing again. I did love the conversation between Morgana and Merlin, but I hoped that it would lead to her feeling at least a LITTLE bit conflicted about what she was doing to Arthur and Gwen. I did, however, like that she was worried about Morgause; she still has the capacity to love.

I wonder if they're trying to draw out the parallels between Uther and Morgana here? Both of them take on these extreme hard-line positions without compromise, even when it harms people so very much. The main difference, of course, is that Uther is rewarded for doing so, while Morgana is punished for it.