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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2010-10-17 01:31 am

I watched some tv

Lip Service 1x01

I was hoping for a trashy show about Glaswegian lesbians, and this did not disappoint! I love Tess and I love Cat and mostly I really enjoyed the episode and look forward to more. I did find myself having to skip through a couple of Tess's scenes, though, they were hitting my embarrassment squick too hard. I hope Frankie will get a little more developed over time, as currently it's hard to see her as anything but Shane McCutcheon light. I am also sort of confused as to why Jay and Ed are even there apart from to be mildly irritating.

Also, damn, Laura Nash is ridiculously stunning, and I have just figured out I recognise her from A Knight's Tale and Casanova. And hi Cush Jumbo hi, I hope we get more of her!


Undercovers 1x04

It was adorable, Sam was amazing and Steven's badass timpani scene was the greatest ever.

Also, can I talk for a second about how I really, really love Lizzy? I find her charming, and I love the way it's a casual, normal part of her character that she's a recovering alcoholic. It comes up in conversation, it's not some deep source of angst and woe at least on the surface, she jokes about it, and we see the ways she's putting her life back together. <3


Merlin 3x06

Let us divide this into good and bad!

The bad:

+ Merlin. Merlin, sweetheart. I find it pretty desperate that your first reaction on discovering that someone who's part of a visiting court is magical is to assume they are UP TO NO GOOD. I mean, really. Does he really think he's the only good magical person in the world? I guess he does. If this were a different show, I think they could do something really interesting about the way Merlin has entirely internalised anti-magical prejudice and in general gone totally off-kilter, but, this is Merlin. Maybe there could be fic? *winning smile*

+ Last season that Gwen/Morgana conversation would have been delightful. Now, it breaks my heart, because we know Morgana must have a plan to use that information for her own ends, and the fact she's willing to manipulate Gwen like that is very distressing to me. :(

+ We can tell there's something wrong with Elena because she has messy hair and is clumsy? And therefore not a real princess and needs fixing? Sigh!

The good:

+ But, mostly, I was very pleasantly surprised with how they handled Elena! She was delightful and the fact that she and Arthur mutually agreed not to get married was perfect. Can she come back sometime, show?

+ ARTHUR AND GWEN OH MY GOD. I ship it so hard now, guys, I can't even, I am so easy for all that noble self-sacrifice shit.

+ Similarly, GWEN. AND HER FACE. AND HER FEELINGS. a;sldkjas <3333 She is just, I don't even. Every moment she appeared on screen was perfection, how Angel manages to do so much with so little will never cease to amaze me.

+ Please see [personal profile] heathershaped's post for further details.
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...I confess I'm still miffed at that show in general because Angel Coulby should've been Cat. I still have that vid of her reading for it on my hard drive somewhere.

BUT I STILL LOVE AND SUPPORT EVERYTHING IT CHOOSES TO BE even though it's like the L Word with more rain and less Shane. *g*
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Dude the main character is basically a slightly toned down Shane. Or like S3 Shane.
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But no, i know, i've been waiting for this show to come out since this time last year, feels like. *g*
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I NEVER EVEN HEARD OF IT. It's a bummer about Angel not getting the part (I'd love to read her lines), but the girl I think is playing her is one of my favorites from various things, so I'm still excited.
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IDK why the premiere's been pushed back so many times, haha. But they filmed this in like late 2009 and it was supposed to premiere in the spring.

Yeah, Laura Fraser is lovely! I'm always going to be wistful no matter who it was, haha. I should send you those vid clips of Angel, hee. She was so adorable and Angel reading lines as a lesbian getting all nervous over her blind date was like ...something i never realized i needed in my life???!?
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Oh, wait, I thought she was playing someone else. OH GOD NOW I AM SAD. The girl who plays her is lovely, but Angel could have brought so much to that role.

Yes you should send me those vid clips.
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And yes, real princesses are perfect Barbies. Bad hair = bad mojo.
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I cannot get into Undercovers. I tried, but with the horrible accents they were using in the last episode (to fool actual Irish people!) I couldn't even finish watching it. The writing just doesn't do it for me and Hoyt is sort of representative of everything I hate about that type of character. It bums me out, because the leads are so hot. So I hope it still does well! I'm glad most of my flist is digging it, but I think I'm going to have to give up on it.

I don't remember much of Lip Service, except that I liked it. I liked Tess the best, I think, just because she was ridiculous and sort of like Dana from the L-Word. It's kind of totally the L-Word which both excites and leaves me with dread and nervousness.

Agreed with all the bad for Merlin. And the fact that really, if this were a different show some of the things that frustrate me so would be very interesting and eventually touched upon, but it's not, so lesigh.

I was much happier with the outcome this time than Sweet Dreams. And I liked that Elena retained some of her personality (though I liked her before fine, I didn't think anything except maybe the live frog eating was particularly repulsive -- plus the clumsiness was awesome, SOMETIMES IT HAPPENS - SHE COULD BOND WITH MERLIN).

Okay, I guess, I agree with your good points too hahaha. Because yes, A/G, so happy! I wish I was able to write canon ships, because I'd be all back up into fandom right now for them, because I have consistently LOVED THE HELL out of them this season. Actual flirtage at the end there, not all drama. Bradley stepped it up a notch this episode too with the acting and emoting. It was awesome.

Anyone who says they don't have chemistry just makes me EPIC EYE ROLL.
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+ We can tell there's something wrong with Elena because she has messy hair and is clumsy? And therefore not a real princess and needs fixing? Sigh!
My problem with princess narratives, till the end of time.
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Watching Lip Service made me happy. :)

As for Merlin -- I think the key to the whole conversation between Morgana and Gwen is the whole "you can't change two hundred years of tradition" thing. I think this explains a lot about why Morgana has turned against Arthur (she doesn't believe he's capable of overcoming the prejudices that Uther has instilled in him), but I think it also betrays a secret hope that Gwen will join her in attempting to overthrow those traditions. SHIP IS STILL ALIVE, DAMN IT.

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Re. Lip Service - Frankie is a bit too similar to Shane for my liking, but I loved the others. Usually I squirm at embarrassing scenes, but Tess charmed me so much it wasn't a problem. Yay for a new femslash fandom!