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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2010-10-02 11:36 pm

Merlin 3x04

So, that was basically a mash-up of Valiant, Lancelot and The Once and Future Queen. And yet, rather charming! I especially enjoyed Gwen and Gwaine's first scene together, it was sort of lovely and also Gwen getting to be a little more herself than much of this season. (Though Angel always knocks it out of the park to the extent I only wonder what the writers were thinking afterwards.)

Also, n'aww, Merlin, I am rapidly warming back up to him again, especially when he keeps having crushes on visiting knights. And the majority of his interaction with Arthur this week was actually friendly, random throwing things aside. The end scene was also super cute, oh boys, I still ship you really.

Needed Moar Morgana, but then, I wasn't surprised either. We can only have one girl at a time, after all, in this show! Even though we come up with random crap for Uther and Gaius to do the whole time. Siiigh.

But in conclusion: Gwen/flowers=OTP. ♥
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Yeah, ignoring all the things that could have taken the place of Gaius having to tell Merlin to do something he was already going to do anyway, but did LOVELOVELOVE Gwen actually getting a moment to be her awesome self especially in regards to nothing to really do with romance other than some fun flirting and not buying it face. I wish they'd let her do more. But whatevs, looks like next week my expectations will have to lower themselves again, it's a Morgana episode so only Gwen will be allowed to fold clothes and maybe make-out with Arthur (which might not be so bad).
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we really need to get the girls back together - your icon makes me WEEP!
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I enjoyed this episode greatly, though it may be because Gawaine is in my top 5 favourite Arthurian knights (actually maybe that would make a good post in the future) - and I shall never get used to this strange new spelling. And I loved him in this and loved the little traces already evident of his Arthurian counterpart.

Plus Gwen was blissfully lovely in all of this (and you're right about how well Angel sells even terrible lines).

Mostly I am bemused how an episode that at the beginning (Arthur's random bout of violence) made me feel like the Merlin/Arthur ship was totally over for me - could leave me by the end with way too many Merlin/Arthur fic bunnies. (Arthur's decision to lend Merlin out to passing knights for whatever service they wish, practically writes itself.)

Also I am greatly amused at Merlin's ability to get passing knights into his bed and topless within hours - wizard is a player.