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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2009-09-02 12:09 am
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that time of year is here again!

Holiday fest sign-up season. :D

[ profile] camelotsolstice is an all-ship Merlin exchange that is hosting sign-ups here with spaces running out.

[ profile] hp_holidaygen is running for another year and their sign-ups are here.

Lastly and unrelatedly, [ profile] bop_radar is polling for interest in another Vidukon, a UK vidding con that was held last year. Go and let her know if you're interested and when and where suits. Me, I am THERE, whenever wherever, with bells on. Maybe literally, you never know.
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[personal profile] avendya 2009-09-02 01:37 am (UTC)(link)
Maybe literally, you never know.

I demand photos of this. (And I may have signed up for [ profile] camelotsolstice.)
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[personal profile] glass_icarus 2009-09-02 02:23 am (UTC)(link)
SD:GLHSDF /o\ STILL unable to decide on third holiday fest! especially as a friend has been pimping [community profile] eid_ka_chand, and now i am tempted in yet another direction, augh.

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Is such a con also open to non-vidders who like watching vids and who'd like to listen to some panels about the historical and theoretical background of viddiong and fandom and maybe meet a few other fannish folks for squee?

In that case, I might attend as well, provided I'm gainfully employed when it's officially organized and booking starts.