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2012-05-28 08:53 pm

New Doctor Her post | Queer Cabaret Fundraiser

Two things this evening!

Thing one, I have a new post up at Doctor Her:

I think there’s enormous potential for companions with all kinds of different disabilities, whether they would be a wheelchair user like the woman at the convention or something else. I’d love to see the universe through the eyes of a companion on the autistic spectrum, for instance. I’d also get a huge kick out of there being a companion who, like me, had an invisible illness or two, and had to juggle taking different medications at different times and trying to figure out how on earth you assess the nutritional value of food on alien planets and so on.

-- Just How Accessible Is The TARDIS Anyway?


Thing two, my friends and acquaintances over at the magnificent Queer feminist burlesque collective Lashings of Ginger Beer Time are in the final days of fundraising to take their Alternative Sex Education show to the Edinburgh Festival this summer. They are 95% of the way there and have 2 days and 3 hours to go!

If you have a little spare money for supporting awesome art projects, I highly recommend considering the Lashings crowd - they're hilarious, absurdly multi-talented, and have a great progressive political backbone. Supporters can get cool merchandise as well as recordings of their songs and a DVD of the pantomime they did this year, which I was in the audience for and nearly laughed my way out of my chair.

You can see some of their previous performances at their youtube channel, and I'm going to embed one of my favourites below.

You're the Top - the kink version )

For more info, and to sponsor them, here's their profile at WeFund here.
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2012-02-23 08:36 pm

some aggregated content for your pleasure!

Some stuff I have posted elsewhere lately:

+ There was a Doctor Who audio post meme going around tumblr, so here's six and a half minutes of me having feelings.

+ Doctor Her is a new Doctor Who feminist/social justice blog that I'm going to be contributing to, and my first post went up the other day: My Dad, John Barrowman and Me: How Captain Jack Helped Me Come Out.

+ I also wrote some twitter-length gen snippets in response to people's prompts on February 14th, archived for posterity below.

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