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Okay okay okay I LOVE the ending, I feel like they are and everything that scene is is the perfect poster child for everything else this vid is. And wow I super love actually that the vid focuses on contemporary fandoms! It makes it as much a statement piece of where we are now, at this pint in time, as it is a celebration and it's working so hard for me. And that's why the Korrasami works? Because it's one of THE moments we've had this last year of media fandom. We'll always remember that, just like everyone remembers Xena and Gabrielle.

idk idk idk I just have so many thoughts on how it's so great for me that there are no older fandoms - Pacific Rim (2010?) is the most dated one I recognized - and how unexpectedly powerful that is! And how you've made Nicki and Rhianna the voice of all of this and how that really just adds to that of-the-now dynamic.

And also how instead of showing ALL the women you spend a lot of time revisiting a select but still broad set and how that actually improves the vid for me, like the vid is building this relationship between me and the way you're presenting the women, and it makes my heart swell.

There are a million other little moments, the women you chose for each line (heck yeah Leslie came to win, and wow, calling Korra's arc "thriving" is beautiful) and I want to comment on them all but I CAN'T because that's more than I can remember in one go.

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