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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2009-11-28 09:26 pm

Merlin 2x10 & Colin and Bradley's Road Trip

Hello, all! I've still got exchange fic to finish, but I am more or less back nonetheless. And there is new canon to talk about, so. Spoilers ahead!

Well, that happened. From an objective standpoint, I enjoyed the Shakespearian farce of it all, Georgia Moffett continues to be delightful, and I did like the eventual resolution between Arthur and Gwen.

More personally, though? ARGH I COULD BARELY WATCH IT. Gwen! D: I hate that sort of crossed wires plot anyway, and I couldn't stand it playing out at Gwen's expense. And all Gwen's done this season, aside from being Merlin's awesome detective partner and having a couple of scenes with Morgana, is be a love interest. Which, :( Oh Gwen. I love you far more than the show ever will.

And if it's tough out there for a Gwen fan, it's even worse for a Morgana fan, or a Gwen/Morgana shipper, or an OT4 shipper. All of which I am. This season's trajectory makes me immeasurably sad, basically, especially given that so much of it is down to bad writing/the writers not giving a damn about two of their main characters.

eta: oh god, I almost forgot - wtf was with letting Vivienne stay enchanted? And played for laughs? NOT COOL. It was all 'let's punish the woman for her misdemeanours and it was fail./eta

*sigh* I miss my show. Also, I am full of trepidation for the next three episodes. Someone hold me! (Please please please don't kill Morgause, please please please don't make Morgana evil for no reason. Eep.)

And then I watched Bradley and Colin roadtripping around Wales and being adorable, and I felt better. Ahahaha, it was so great. Colin is a nerd and super organised! Bradley -- not so much! The fic writes itself, and I can't wait to read it.

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