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nenya_kanadka ([personal profile] nenya_kanadka) wrote in [personal profile] such_heights 2014-12-05 09:22 pm (UTC)

This was amazing and epic. I'm going to go watch it again immediately. :D I especially love the cuts from the Ten/Simm don't-you-die-on-me intensity and Three being revived to the Twelve/Gomez kiss (it absolutely is a continuation of all the rest!) and all the bits that show how much of a dramatic ham the Master is. And the tussling to the floor, and the "let me save you!" in multiple incarnations!

Oh, and all the bondage themes, lol. What I'm getting from this is that these two are codependent kinksters with no sense of personal space, going back as far as the Keller Machine. And sometimes they turn into cheetahs. There are a lot of clips in here (especially the stuff with Four and Seven) that I hadn't seen before and I'm completely delighted that they're not just shippy in the scenes I have seen.

Although the clips of Nine and War rolling their eyes might just top the cake. :D :D OMG.

Love it. :D

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