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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2012-12-22 02:30 am
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rest in peace

I am tremendously sorry to write that [personal profile] fizzyblogic passed away earlier today. Via his husband's twitter feed, [ profile] leanwellback, it looks like he was rushed to hospital in the early hours of yesterday morning, and today he was gone. He was 28 years old.

On Wednesday night, we were discussing an idea for a story he was thinking of writing. It breaks my heart that I'm never going to read it.

Jason was a wonderful member of the fannish community. He was endlessly kind, supportive and caring, as well as full of creativity and enthusiasm for the things that he loved. Every entry in his journal is a testament to his wholehearted passion for stories, for art, and for his loved ones. He went out of his way to be good to me on so many occasions, and it has been an honour and a joy to consider him a friend. I will miss him very much.

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