kass: Amy, Rory, Eleven. (trio)
kass ([personal profile] kass) wrote in [personal profile] such_heights 2012-09-27 04:02 pm (UTC)

YOU MADE ME CRY and I love you for it!

I love this so much. From all the gorgeous clip choices and rhythmic placements (especially in the intro -- the boxes, the EKG or whatever one calls the electronic line that shows heartbeat, Rory touching the wall that dissolves -- to oh, oh, my heart, all of the embraces and the grins and the love and the heartbreak. The three of them. On the couch. And on the road. And everywhere. And the Doctor telling Amy he's not running *from*, he's running *to*, and he's running to them before they fade. And then seeing the very beginning again through these eyes. God, I'm crying again just typing this comment. THANK YOU.

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