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juniperphoenix ([personal profile] juniperphoenix) wrote in [personal profile] such_heights 2011-10-17 06:49 pm (UTC)

This is a beautiful, powerful vid.

I love how seamlessly it moves from the general (the opening images of various children) to the specific (the Ponds). The whole thing feels very inclusive and meta, as though we as fans are included in that roll call of wonder-struck children who go on to discover themselves and become powerful and shape their own amazing stories. I was particularly struck by the alternating Old!Amy and River battle sequences, which highlight the multigenerational nature of the Ponds' story as well as the multigenerational nature of this fandom.

I also love that this vid doesn't separate the Doctor from his companions, but depicts him as being on the same kind of personal journey as everyone else (and wow, you found so many great visual parallels to demonstrate that). I especially love the shot of his cradle — it's that multigenerational theme again, and a great way of showing that people have been going on journeys of self-discovery since time immemorial. The children at the beginning are all of us, and they are the Doctor, too.

Another of my favorite parts is the sequence that culminates in the TARDIS/Pandorica explosion — I love the way it equates the power of personal transformation with the power to renew the universe.

Plus, the whole thing is visually gorgeous, and the song is beautiful.

And now I'm going to have to hunt down those essays that inspired you, because they sound like good reading. :)

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