oddsbobs ([personal profile] oddsbobs) wrote in [personal profile] such_heights 2009-09-17 02:59 am (UTC)

Ok, so I haven't read the comments yet which means I"m probably going to repeat what others have said, but...

Wow. At first the music and the show didn't quite mesh in my head, but about half-way through I suddenly got it. It was deep and disturbing in a way I hadn't anticipated. There's the good bits - all the good things like justice and helping people and all - and then there's the really disturbing (I keep using that word!) bits that we don't really talk about in Merlin fandom.... they kill people, sometimes without really pausing to think about it. And the music? Makes you wonder how deep they could go. Especially as it seems Gwen and sometimes Morgana are, here, the things that keeps them in check. What happens when their influence leaves? And I'm sure there's even more layers to it that I'm not getting from just one viewing.


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