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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote 2009-09-16 11:39 pm (UTC)

Re: How I See It

Wow, first off, thank you so much for taking the time to leave this fabulous comment! *glee*

but I think that it's really because I'm comparing it to a Doctor Who video

Yep - I know that vid is famous and very widely watched, but I hope that wouldn't be too offputting and stop people engaging with this retelling of the narrative of the song, which I love.

Like the remote control is his life (or life, period) or control over it or something.

You know, I would love to say that was totally my conscious intention, but actually it wasn't. What I was trying to get at was this idea that there's never really any danger Arthur's going to die, in way that there's always danger for other people - someone always puts him back together. I didn't really think that through consciously until your comment, though!

Also love that the rhythm part was about his fighting prowess, I would have had little idea on how to handle that.

I enjoy editing Arthur's swishy fight scenes like no one's business, so, any excuse. *g*

In my interpretation, it seems like the representation of women here is positive, putting the boyos in a questionable light. I'm fine with that, I find it interesting. They (the girls, that is) are the ones who are forced to deal with the emotions before battle, to hand them their sword and feel powerless, only able to try to turn them with words, to cry when they come back dead.

*nod* Yes, absolutely, I think you can pretty much sum this vid up as 'Arthur and Merlin can be vengeful/creepy fuckers sometimes, sucks to be Gwen or Morgana'. Morgana tried to kill Uther that one time, but the show really dealt with that as a big thing, whereas Arthur and Merlin have license to deal out punishment as they see fit without anything really being made of it. It says a lot about male vs. female agency and action both in the fictional world of Camelot and in terms of the choices the writers make.

I would walk the fuck away, too, Morgana.

Me too, me too.

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