heathershaped: (Merlin: Angel/Katie)
heather11483 ([personal profile] heathershaped) wrote in [personal profile] such_heights 2009-09-16 10:49 pm (UTC)

That... kinda ticked me off.

LOL. Don't take it the wrong way! Because this vid is so brilliant, and I loved it, but yeah. Really makes you think about the message the show tries to send about when it's okay to use magic and when it isn't, when it's all right to kill people and when it isn't. Things can spiral out of control very easily when you're completely confident in your rightness, no matter what you do.

I love the shift in tone and thought it fit really well with the way the song shifts as well, and your editing is awesome.

And oh, oh, girls. ♥ Sometimes I just want to get them both the hell away from there before things go arseways.

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