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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2009-09-16 10:54 pm
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VID: Handlebars [Merlin]

edited by [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: Merlin
music: Flobots
spoilers: Season one only.
summary: "What would that solve? That would make me a murderer. That would make me as bad as him."
download: @mediafire [43MB .mp4]
stream: below
notes: Many thanks to [ profile] sunnyrea and [personal profile] kel_reiley for audiencing, and [personal profile] avendya for the beta and general support. If you're having trouble playing the file, I recommend VLC.

"If you had, you know, the choice, what would you do? If you had the power over life and death over Uther? Would you kill him for what he did?"



"What would that solve? That would make me a murderer. That would make me as bad as him."

-- Gwen & Merlin, To Kill The King

Indeed, Gwen. Indeed.

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[personal profile] melusinahp 2009-09-17 10:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow, that was amazing, truly breathtaking, one of the more beautifully put together and powerful vids I've seen.

I think you made some wonderful and astute statements about the way the show portrays power, violence and death.

I'm not quite sure what you were trying to say about they way women vs men are portrayed in the show, as you picked moments in which the female characters were very passive or helpless victims, and there are many moments in the show where they are active and violent themselves, more so than is truly believable for that time period.

But over all, I'm going to be thinking about this a lot and re-watching the vid. :)

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[identity profile] 2009-09-18 12:14 am (UTC)(link)
Wow. I didn't expect to like this vid when the song started (I thought it sounded too modern or something, I was an IDIOT), but wowza, you really got the message across really powerfully. Your use of footage is amazing, and really well done.

solochan - LJ user

(Anonymous) 2009-09-18 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
Sorry, I don't have an account here, was linked by a friend. I absolutely love this! I havent been able to stop watching it! It's just soo....different and yet positively Merlin-esque

briar_pipe: Merlin's golden eye (Magic OT4)

[personal profile] briar_pipe 2009-09-18 07:45 am (UTC)(link)
Dude, Amy, it's going to be at least a week before I have anything coherent to say other than dropping my jaw. I need to think about this. A lot.

(Yeah, I know it's been said before, but not like this.)
beck_liz: Merlin: Arthur and Merlin (Merlin & Arthur)

[personal profile] beck_liz 2009-09-19 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
This is a great vid. I love how it builds and builds. Thank you!
lorannah: (Martha - Doctor)

[personal profile] lorannah 2009-09-21 11:05 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my - I've watched this a dozen or so times and it's just superb and manages to say so much about the show.

The original Arthurian myths have a strong element of power in the hands of men good and power in the hands of women bad - and as much as I love it, Merlin isn't doing well at getting away from that idea. At all. Particularly with To Kill A King which I love for a variety of other reasons but not so much that one and, of course, Nimueh.

Plus the whole lack of consequences to the boys behaviour is often just chilling - I mean even just on a personal level I can understand Arthur being trained to violence and killing from a young age - but Merlin should be reacting to doing these things.

Ah. These are both things I want to play with in fic and then you go and do it so perfectly in this vid.

I think my favourite parts are the whole sequence of Gwen and Morgana arming the boys, moving through to Morgana and Uther and the possible future and then the lyrics building - the whole thing is so powerful.

And I'm getting increasingly incoherent so going to stop now.
brokenbacktango: Captain Robau from Star Trek XI (STXI: Captain Robau)

[personal profile] brokenbacktango 2009-09-24 04:17 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm afraid I am not quite as eloquent as everyone else and even if I was I would probably be repeating many of the sentiments around here but this vid? IS WONDERFUL. It was so complex that the moment it ended I replayed, then read the various comments and dissections about it and replayed it again. I found more to think about every time. Thank you for sharing this, I absolutely love it.

Also, Flobots yay!
magnetic_pole: (Default)

[personal profile] magnetic_pole 2009-09-27 02:56 am (UTC)(link)
A, here via a rec at woldy's, though I haven't seen the show and don't actually know much about Arthurian legend. What a song! And the message is clear and thought-provoking even to someone like me, encountering these characters for the first time. Brava! M.

(Anonymous) 2009-10-03 11:34 pm (UTC)(link)
And so...I have goosebumps and shivers now, all over. That was beyond totally awesome, the ending especially. So downloading. *flail*


[identity profile] 2009-10-05 05:24 pm (UTC)(link)
wow, that was amazing. *watches it over again* *flails incoherently*
daedala: line drawing of a picture of a bicycle by the awesome Vom Marlowe (Default)

[personal profile] daedala 2009-10-12 01:49 am (UTC)(link)

So, um. I don't watch much tv and hadn't seen any Merlin, but sometimes I follow vid recs from my friendslist. And now I've watched all of Merlin, because of this vid. And I got the song.

I thought you might like to know. :)

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isagel: (merlin candle)

[personal profile] isagel 2009-10-13 02:04 pm (UTC)(link)
I failed to comment on this when you first posted, but I just found it when moving files around on my laptop, watched it and started to cry.

[personal profile] ella_bane 2010-04-13 11:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow, I never watch vids, I never got the appeal. I get it now.

This vid is PHENOMENAL. I love what you've done here. The progression of playful to dark was incredible. The clips you chose to tell your story were perfect. The recreation of Merlin and Arthur as partners who can take over their world with Arthur commanding loyalty through physical prowess and charisma and Merlin as the dark sorcerer gave me chills. I loved how you used Morgana.

AND GAH, Gwen, oh my heart. Thank you so much for making this! I know I'll watch it again and again.
ineptshieldmaid: Language is my playground (Merlin - A/M - distance)

[personal profile] ineptshieldmaid 2010-07-14 01:41 am (UTC)(link)
Oooh. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to associate anything with that song aside from the Doctor, but this was... apt. Lovely :)
veleda_k: Nimueh from BBC Merlin. Text says, "Lady of the Lake." (Merlin BBC- Nimueh)

[personal profile] veleda_k 2010-08-11 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay, I've watched this twice and I'm going to need to watch it several more times.

Unlike most people it seems, my first reaction wasn't "Merlin and Handlebars? How will that work?" but "Oh, so I'm not the only one who associates this song with Merlin." However, for me it was just a general association. I had never worked it out like this. I don't think I could have.

Merlin is probably my favorite fandom for vids. There's so much going on that lies unaddressed in canon that vidders can tease out and examine. This vid is an excellent example of that.

I've seen Vids that deal the implications of Arthur/Uther/the dominate paradigm in Camelot, and I've seen discussions of Merlin and his unexamined (im)morality, but this is the first time I've seen them together. Intertwined like this you see that they're really, well, two sides of the same coin. Just...not in a good way.

I know that one commenter mentioned that you used scenes of Gwen and Morgana at their least powerful and most victimized. I agree with this, but have this to add: As well you should have. Because yes, I love to watch Gwen and Morgana kick ass with swords, but those are token scenes. Merlin systematically disempowers its female characters. Sure Morgana and Gwen can chop down baddies, and sure Gwen challenges Arthur and Morgana stands up to Uther. But Gwen is unable to protect either herself or her father from imprisonment and death (both of those arrests at Arthur's hands, might I add). And, yes, Morgana stands up to Uther, but what changes? Only Morgana, who grows more and more bitter. Also, Morgana can argue, but Uther can throw her in the dungeon.

Women in this show aren't allowed their own power, not without serious consequences. Morgan has yet to gain any control over her magic, and is repeatably victimized by it, a stark contrast to Merlin. And Gwen affects change by convincing Arthur. She needs a man if she wants to make a difference. And Nimueh and Morgause, who not only possess their own power, but aren't afraid to use it against men? Well, Nimueh is dead (because Merlin didn't like the rules he had agreed to), and it's obvious which direction Morgause is heading.

It's not just women of course. Mordred is accepted by fans as evil, which the show openly supports, despite the fact that all he does is defend himself. A bunch of armed men attack a child? Root for the armed men, apparently. But Mordred--like Morgana, Nimueh, and Morgause--is a continuation of the theme that if you're labeled evil, then you are, never mind if you're opposing a genocidal regime.

I feel like I'm straying away from the vid itself, so I'll wrap this up by saying that you've built something that resonates with me, something I felt but wasn't quite able to articulate.

[identity profile] 2010-08-28 12:42 am (UTC)(link)
Here via rec on Crack Van ( I would never have thought of using this song for a Merlin vid, but a soon as I heard it existed I had to watch it. I'm a huge Flobots fan. This works so well I had to go download it.

(Anonymous) 2010-08-28 03:26 pm (UTC)(link)
An intense, wonderful look at the first season. I love how you deal with the darkness of Arthur and Merlin, and how Morgana slips into it, and Gwen as the observer.
eggcrack: Gwen from Merlin (Rollin Gwen)

[personal profile] eggcrack 2010-08-28 03:27 pm (UTC)(link)
..that was me. >_

[identity profile] 2010-10-08 03:38 pm (UTC)(link)
I enjoyed this video. I was wondering how you would go about it with that quote and the song. However, it fit very well. I love how it started so strong and just happy/silly/cracky ... and ended, no less strong, but a little bit darker and tying back to the quote. Perhaps a bit broken. I enjoyed the contrasts between the boys and the ... similarities I want to say? With the girls. With how they seem to be the ones pushing Arthur and Merlin, encouraging them. They're also the ones being dragged away and/or turning their backs (Morgana) or having backs turned on them. It's sad yet lovely. I did love Gwen watching Morgana leave. Oh, Season 3. Oh Gwen how she frets for her biffle.

And Uther. I love the glimpses of things happening around them. And how Uther except for a one laughing clip just seems to be bringing dark stuff. It was crafty - if I remember correctly, I might not be ... - that when you showed the happy Uther clip it was near an Arthur one. Yet when he was being evil!Warlord!King- or even just in distress- it was followed by a Morgana one.

I just enjoyed this video in general. And am glad I decided to stalk your Merlin vids after falling in love with the Backseat one (chorus is so stuck in my head! :-P) ... Which I should so review soon.
mumblemutter: ([merlin] into the unknown)

[personal profile] mumblemutter 2010-11-01 10:57 am (UTC)(link)
Wow, that was amazing. For what it's worth, I'm familiar with the Dr. Who vid, but oh, this was so fantastic and clever and shiny, the comparison didn't even come to mind. I *love* how you tied together the narrative towards the end, the different kinds of power used for "good" and for "evil" and how it really comes down to the same thing, and the climax was just shivery good. And the POV shift at the very end! *hands!* Oh, and the clip for "I'm proud to be an American" was the most perfect choice. Amazing.

(Anonymous) 2010-12-30 04:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Holy shit, this is amazing.
januar: Nimueh from Merlin and text "I'm so blogging about this later." ([merlin] blogging nimueh)

[personal profile] januar 2011-05-06 04:19 pm (UTC)(link)
It took me a couple times watching this to completely get it, but when I did... wow. Just wow.

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