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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2010-09-24 01:19 am
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Vidlet: Backseat (Merlin, episodic)

fandom: Merlin
characters: Gwen, Morgana, Merlin, Arthur
music: Carina Round - Backseat
length: 2:00
summary: We were born into the wrong time. Episodic for 3x01/3x02, no further spoilers.
notes: Thanks to [personal profile] avendya for her usual beta magic, and to [personal profile] wanderlight for the song, which I cut ruthlessly.

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It should be forever
God told me
We're born into the wrong time
(Whatever you're doing, I'm there with you)
(God bless you)
(Whatever I'm doing, you're here with me)
(God bless you)
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[personal profile] vahinkoelain 2010-10-03 06:13 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm a sniffling mess. Your videos really make me feel, and somehow they often resonate with my personal thoughts in a way that's, how to say, beyond this or that particular fandom.

I sort of interpreted this vid in two ways. First: You show clips of Merlin and Arthur together when the singer goes "It should be forever", and after that, of Morgana and Morgause when the lyrics repeat. I ship both of those pairings, and it seems like the show does not have a happy ending in store for either of them.

There's this absolutely heartbreaking knowledge that things could have gone differently for them. They could have been happy, somewhere else, in some other time. All these people could have been so much happier. Even if Gwen gets her fairytale ending with Arthur in canon, there will still have been needless sorrow in her life. I feel very sorry for them all.

The thought that somewhere, we could have have been happy, is also something that haunts me personally.

My second interpretation, and the way it makes a bit more sense - because you probably intended it that way - is to view it as a re-telling of episodes 1 & 2. Viewed this way, it becomes Morgana's story. I love how much you show her expressions. It caught my attention, that at 0:23, Morgana's face shows for a bit before Arthur sits down, somehow making me think of a causal effect (without Morgana, Arthur wouldn't have to be making these big decisions). I'm not sure if it's intentional though, because it shows for such a short time. But all the others clips together give me the feeling that this is about Morgana, what her actions have caused and what were the causes behind her actions and how she is affecting everyone.

(And now I'll give a slightly melancholic cheer for the fact that at least S3 has given her some agency!)

The part from 01:15 to 01:30 is very poignant. It is what probably everybody feels on the subject of Merlin's actions toward Morgana and self-fulfilling prophecies, put into amazingly beautiful audiovisual form. It expresses the things I could have written a 1000+ words rant about, and does it elegantly and succintly. You deserve a trophy for that.

PS. I could probably write a whole essay on the things that your vid made me think of, and that's a compliment! And, err, it seems like I already wrote over 400 words. But since I've actually put off commenting on one of your older vids because the comment just kept on growing and growing, I think it'll be nicer to you if I restrain myself to these little medium-sized at least not huge observations.