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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2010-09-24 01:19 am
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Vidlet: Backseat (Merlin, episodic)

fandom: Merlin
characters: Gwen, Morgana, Merlin, Arthur
music: Carina Round - Backseat
length: 2:00
summary: We were born into the wrong time. Episodic for 3x01/3x02, no further spoilers.
notes: Thanks to [personal profile] avendya for her usual beta magic, and to [personal profile] wanderlight for the song, which I cut ruthlessly.

download 17MB .avi @mediafire | subtitle file

stream with subtitles

stream without subtitles


It should be forever
God told me
We're born into the wrong time
(Whatever you're doing, I'm there with you)
(God bless you)
(Whatever I'm doing, you're here with me)
(God bless you)
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[personal profile] wanderlight 2010-09-24 08:50 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, Amy, Amy, AMY.

I am sobbing. That's not even an exaggeration -- it's not just a few tears, I am sobbing all over my desk, Kleenex was required. I love what you did with the song, and I am never going to be able to listen to it again without thinking of this.

I don't even know what to say. The editing here is just perfect. I have to admit: I haven't even watched 3.02 yet, I'm afraid to, because 3.01 broke my heart so badly already. I feel like the show that took me to my warm, happy place is completely gone -- the relationships I loved so much are being fractured -- and I knew it was inevitable but it still hurts. And this captured all of that so, so perfectly. So thank you for this, love. ♥ ♥ ♥
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[personal profile] wanderlight 2010-09-24 08:54 am (UTC)(link)
... So yeah, cried even harder the second time I watched it. I am going to drum up the courage to watch 3.02 sometime tomorrow, and then report back again with proper Observations. *nods*