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+ Thank you to [personal profile] oxoniensis for the v-gift and [personal profile] liseuse and [ profile] amand_r for the holidays cards! ♥

+ Have now finished rewatching All The Avatar. THIS SHOW, I DON'T EVEN. Obviously this was all super serious research for my [community profile] white_lotus assignment and not at all so I could make cooing noises about how much I love everyone and get slightly teary when there are hugs. (Given how frequently there are hugs in this show -- yeah. I have a lot of feelings, okay!) And once again people on the reading list are starting to get into it which makes me gleeful. *smiles winningly at the rest of you*

A question: if you were going to show a few episodes to someone who's never seen it before, what would they be? I'm reluctant to just do early S1 because the show gets so much better after that, but I don't want to pick anything that might be too confusing.

+ So Advent always brings out my latent Catholicism (I know, I know, really it should be Easter that does that, but it's been a while since I was a good Catholic) and I am on the hunt for some choral versions of carols. In particular, could anyone hit me up with a choral version of O Holy Night? I have lovely versions by people like Sufjan Stevens and Josh Groban but would love a more traditional copy.

+ Another request! I am looking for some more baking recipes to add to my repertoire. I do not have any fancy cooking equipment - I pretty much run to some bowls and wooden spoons and a cake tin, and I can't really afford a bunch of expensive ingredients. I am looking for things that are relatively low-carb or can be made so. I swap out sugar for sweetener anyway*, but things like cheesecakes and flourless cakes are awesome, or small things like cookies.

here is the recipe for a flourless chocolate almond cake I make )

* Because I'm diabetic, as lots of you know. But here, have a side rant about trying to get low-carb/sugar-free stuff without being subjected to really skeevy marketing. I just want some Tango without it being totally awful for my health, okay, not because I'm on a diet and "it's tastier than liposuction". D: SO MUCH DNW. There are plenty of reasons people avoid sugar, and all of them are equally valid - I'm pretty sure nobody needs that kind of advertising in their face. /o\ (I guess this is 'hipster advertising' or something.)

+ And lastly, I have a thread in the anonymous holiday love meme.
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So, [personal profile] glass_icarus and I went to go see Vienna Teng perform tonight. It was SO AMAZING, a;sldjas;lj.

set list and notes )

Picspam! We were sitting at a table right by the side of the stage where Vienna sat with her piano, which was just perfect. God, she's so beautiful I hardly know what to do with myself, and her voice! *swoon*

image-heavy )
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+ Huge thanks to everyone so far who's bid on the items I'm offering at [ profile] help_haiti. Totals currently stand at $20 for fic, $35 for a vid and $40 for podfic. The auction closes on the 20th.

+ It's More Joy Day! [personal profile] charmax has a wonderful, joyous picspam - so cute!

+ I put a little joy music mix together this morning (that I may or may not have danced my room to, just a little *g*) that I offer up for you all. You can download either tracks or the full mix, which has been made into a compilation and ordered for a nice flow, at this mediafire folder (.zip file may take a moment to appear).

tracklist )

+ ALSO (goodness, fandom's busy at the moment!), I had another tripped and fell moment earlier this week during the conversations in Merlin fandom about kink, and thus have ended up co-modding [ profile] kinkelot. It's operating as a flashfic comm and the first prompt will be going up tomorrow. I'm working on some resources and some guidelines on how this is going to operate kink-inclusive space, but I'll definitely be hoping for advice and pointers along the way. All tastes welcome!

Join [ profile] kinkelot! A monthly kink-themed challenge community.
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+ New Muse! :D I am halfway through my first listen of The Resistance and enjoying the epic spacerock very much. Here is the first track for your delectation if you so desire - Uprising, which features the old school Doctor Who theme. ♥

+ Finding this gem of a Rose/Martha story, Sparks by crycraven on Teaspoon [adult]. It's gorgeous.

+ Katie&Angel. They did the most adorkable interview for DigitalSpy with you can download courtesy of [ profile] gealach_ros here. There are also glee-inducing screencaps. [A little spoilery for S2 especially in regard to character arcs etc.]

One segment that is not spoilery but very delightful:

[Reporter talking about the generally perceived myth!canon future where Morgana is evil & Guinevere is queen]:

DigitalSpy: [Gwen] wouldn't tolerate evil, I don't think.
Angel: I don't think she'd tolerate Morgana, no, sadly.
Katie: Hey!
Angel: Put her in the dungeons ...
Katie: Never going to happen.
Angel: In a good way!

Dear fandom,

Please get on that.

Love, me.
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I couldn't resist when I saw this Jack/Ianto kissing meme, and wrote a little kisslet here. Aww, these are squishy making - aside from that and the SGA one, anyone know of any others? I apparently have no need of prior fandom knowledge to enjoy these things.

And also, I made this for the current theme over at [ profile] fanmix (make an in-character iPod playlist) a few days back and thought I'd share!

A Harold Saxon Fanmix - spoilers for the Doctor Who finale )
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I put this together around this time last year, re-uploaded by request. Featuring all musical prompts of last year's [ profile] wellymuck and many more springtime gems.

Wellymuck: A Remus/Sirius Spring Fanmix
15 tracks within )
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As I got a couple of requests, I've reuploaded my [ profile] wellymuck mix, for anyone that's interested. Tracklist & download link on this post.

I'm feeling another mix coming on, actually. Hmm...

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Because exams are slaying me, I bring this instead of fic. Featuring all musical prompts of [ profile] wellymuck and many more springtime gems.

1. Antenna - Come On Spring
2. Belle & Sebastian - Another Sunny Day
3. Joe Purdy - I Love The Rain The Most
4. Explosions in the Sky - The Moon Is Down
5. Mirah - Pollen
6. Coldplay - Yellow
7. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Biomusicology
8. The Lucksmiths - Midweek Midmorning
9. Belle & Sebastian - I'm A Cuckoo
10. Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla
11. The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
12. The Smiths - Cemetary Gates
13. Doves - Catch The Sun
14. Powderfinger - Waiting For The Sun
15. Something Corporate - Watch The Sky

Download the zip, including a front cover amalgamation of lovely pictures, here (yousendit) or here (megaupload)

ETA 25/9: New zip uploaded on yousendit here - good for 100 downloads & 7 days. Feel free to ask for it after that if you so wish.


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