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2011-05-16 11:02 pm

Podfic: No Place Like Home (SGA, John/Rodney)

No Place Like Home
author: [ profile] argosy
reader: [personal profile] such_heights
rating: R
fandom: Stargate Atlantis
pairing: John/Rodney
summary: An Ancient device gives John unexpected (and unwelcome) insight into the relationships of Johns and Rodneys across the multiverse.
content notes: none
original text: No Place Like Home
reader notes: recorded for [ profile] argosy as part of [ profile] help_pakistan. Thank you for the generosity of your donation and patience waiting for this!
download: here (.mp3, 52MB, 57:29)
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2010-05-30 06:26 pm

FIC: Hypothesis (the you can go home again remix)

Hypothesis (the you can go home again remix)
Stargate Atlantis ; John/Rodney, Jennifer/Rodney ; PG-13 ; 2500 words
And the thing is, he's busy, they're all busy and so it's horribly easy for months to pass without Rodney even thinking to drop John a line.

A remix of [ profile] krabapple's Hypothesis. Many thanks to [personal profile] secondsilk for the beta and support, and [personal profile] glass_icarus for being an audience to my flailing.

some author's notes )
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2009-04-17 02:21 am

FIC: Raindrops Keep Fallin' & In Wine And Song

thing one: remix returns! One of my very favourite fannish things.

thing two: my writing mojo appears to be back. \o/ Yesterday I marked this by indulging in a quick [ profile] mcsmooch.

Raindrops Keep Fallin'
Stargate Atlantis ; John/Rodney ; PG ; 600 words
John seems especially thrilled by the rain.

thing three: I found this lurking in a WIP file. [ profile] glass_icarus prompted me a while back with a Merlin OT4 drunken kissfest.

In Wine And Song
Merlin ; Morgana/Gwen/Arthur/Merlin ; PG-13 ; 850 words
Destiny's yet to come.

'Oh no,' says Gwen. 'No, no, bad.' )

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2008-11-27 12:10 pm

there will be teeth in the grass

-- Happy, happy birthday to [ profile] snegurochka_lee for yesterday, [ profile] elvenkitty for today and [ profile] nk_aeode for tomorrow! ♥ ♥ ♥ I hope you all celebrate wonderfully.

-- I forgot to mention before, I'm reccing on [ profile] calufrax all this week, a great community that highlights Whoniverse stories hosted on Teaspooon.

-- I'm working on too many things with not enough time, what else is new, and I do wish I could just sit down and take something right the way through the end as opposed to continually tacking small bits onto about half a dozen projects.

-- Said flitting around probably explains why more SGA fic decided to write itself last night:

The Twilight & The Peace
Stargate: Atlantis ; John/Rodney ; 1100 words ; a snippet of the far future for [ profile] mcsmooch
"You're a sentimental old fool, you do know that?"
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2008-11-19 12:53 am

FIC: Your Last Best Chance [SGA]

Your Last Best Chance
Stargate: Atlantis ; John/Rodney ; PG-13 ; 2800 words ; spoilers through 5x14
Other friends make out drunkenly at parties, they apparently kiss when at death's maw most dire. It's a long time since anyone's accused either of them of being functional, after all.

written for [ profile] mcsmooch and posted at the comm.

Rodney doesn't know when this started.