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[ profile] kaydeefalls made a brilliant vid about the ladies of Doctor Who, Book of Days. *_*

[ profile] golden_d wrote a sequel to her Jack & Toshiko linguistics sotry, They Still Write Poetry in the Fifty-First Century, with They Still Tell Stories, Too, and it's spellbinding.

Some more Yuletide recs:

A Perfect Honeymoon (Some Like It Hot, Daphne/Osmond)

Lots of people seem to have read this already, but it's wonderful, and fantastically queer in a number of ways.

Though I Walk Through The Shadow (T:TSCC, John/Savannah)

Future!Savannah, naturally. And I absolutely certain she would grow up to be this kick-ass. This does some interesting things with the post-S2 timeline.

First and Last Rites (T:TSCC, Ellison, Sarah, Savannah)

This plays on some of the same themes as the above story, but from the other end. They make interesting companion pieces but this is a great story in its own right.

Eudaimonia (T:TSCC, Ellison, John Henry)

A conversation about virtue theory. This made my inner philosophy nerd very happy, and it's also a brilliant, unsettling scene that should have been on the show.


Also, I am - tumbling? tumblring? Whatever, I have a tumblr account, and I am mostly using it for lulz and pictures with a bit of social commentary segued in occasionally. synaxed@tumblr, if you're interesting.
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I am having so much fun reading every time I get a moment to myself, goodness.

First, here are some recs for the things I've particularly loved so far:

nor no man ever loved (Four Weddings and a Funeral) - the film's problematic to say the least re. dead gay people, and this story took my pain away a little. It's lovely.

Five stories the Reader never began (If on a winter's night a traveler) - I've never read the source, but this is incredible. It's about Yuletide, and fandom, and storytelling, and everyone should read it!

Robots Need Love Too (Mythbusters) - aw! This is a Jamie&Adam future school!au and it's completely endearing. I love the worldbuilding and the adorable characterisation. Definitely enjoyable with or without source knowledge.

map. (Public Service Announcements) - this is basically original fic and it's lyrical and soft and gorgeous, all about a friendship/romance, my favourite kind!

Zihuatanejo (The Shawshank Redemption) - oh, oh, oh. Okay, so Shawshank is my favourite film and this is just - well, it's the perfect coda and it makes my heart grow three sizes.

A Matter of Perspective (Black Books) - I cannot even deal with how perfectly the author captures the trio's voices, it's hilarious and wonderful.

Do remember to leave the writers a little love if you enjoyed their stories! They'll be very glad to hear it.


Also, another thing, if you'd like to guess what I have in the Archive, here are some clues! Ficlets to any correct guesses.

+ There are two stories, one in the main Yuletide collection, and one yet to be revealed in Madness.
+ I have mentioned both sources here before, but never written for either.
+ Both prominently feature at least one female character.
+ One is gen, one is not.
+ One is seasonally themed to some extent, the other is not.
+ One is a little bit of a departure from my usual fare, the other is very much not.
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*frets* Oh my poor little Yuletide story! Though my recipient seemed to really like it, and thus I must content myself and not worry why no one else is really reading it. [/fretting]

No order to this, though I've mostly been getting through shorter pieces so far. More to come before the reveal, I don't doubt!


First: [ profile] eruthros and [ profile] thingswithwings vidded Yuletide. I didn't know you could do that. You can. It's glorious. There are 191 fandoms in it!

One-Night Fandoms: A Tribute to Yuletide
That's what Yuletide means to us: the willingness to make fic and make fandom out of anything and everything, to throw yourself wantonly, joyfully, and passionately into a new fandom, even if it can only last a short time.

Here's what I love about this: it's about Yuletide, yes, in structure and sentiment and all these tiny wee fandoms, and that's amazing, how well the experience of this unique, cultish exchange is summed up. It's also About Fandom - there are lots of meta vids discussing the nature of being fannish, and many of them are glorious things. Out of the ones I've seen, this is the one that best represents how I feel about being a fan. It sums up all of the things we love - hugs and hand-holding and kink and threesomes and marriages and sword fights and wings and computer games and corrupting your childhood and queerness and epic adventures and aliens and magic and costumes and sex and dancing and pining and kissing and joy and joy and joy. All these fleeting moments pressed together, and as fandom we take those glimpses and spin them out and tell endless stories. I love the song, I love the editing, and I love watching it for the montages and the moments when canon you know pops up and the flail just increases - I grin every time I see the Antonio/Bassanio shot from Merchant of Venice, Ned and Chuck from Pushing Daisies, Galaxy Quest and His Dark Materials and Neverwhere and Discworld, Life on Mars and Prince Caspian and Black Books and Bones.

... my love is kind of epic, could you tell? :D

Onto Yuletide fic recs now! Below the cut are recs for Aladdin, The Chalet School, His Dark Materials, The History Boys, LOLcats, Malory Towers, Merlin, The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, The Shawshank Redemption, The Time-Traveller's Wife, and xkcd. Read, enjoy, remember to feed your author!

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I like this new tradition where Yuletide's the first present I open in the morning. And lo, I have three stories! \o/!

Extra treats by some very kind souls:

celestial alphabets (His Dark Materials, Mary & Serafina)
Gorgeous, utterly gorgeous. We are the symbols. ♥

we stared for hours in our makers' face (David Mitchell - Cloud Atlas, Sonmi~451)
Someone took a half-baked notion in my Yuletide letter and made the perfect drabble out of it. Glee!

And my story proper, which I love beyond all telling:

Book Of Work (David Mitchell - Cloud Atlas, Frobiser & Sixsmith)

I asked for backstory, and oh but this delivers, and so much more besides! The style is just perfect, amazingly in keeping with the tone of Frobisher's part of the novel, which is hard to reproduce, and there are outside POVs and diaries and dreams and a host of moments that are so perfectly realised. This is the sort of story that I desperately wanted to read but knew I couldn't write. Magnificent work, I'm a very lucky little Yuletider!

An extract:

I return. Train's whistle a despairing shriek as I left the Aged Ps, all hope abandoned, only to be conveyed in a brisk rattle over endless dreary fens until the coldly lucid spires tore through my last remnants of illusion and left me gasping on the platform. No porter, either. S. met me outside college and we repaired to Paton's in mutual commiseration. Like the rest of Rutherford's boys he's been back a week already, firing atoms into gold or transmuting lead into swans, am vague on details.


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