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Always a joy. :D Here are some of my stories people have recorded lately.

+ [ profile] kalakirya recorded Just Save The First Edition For Me (Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley)

+ [personal profile] adistantsun recorded Still We Wait (Harry Potter, Lily)

+ [personal profile] sophinisba recorded Rebirth (Merlin/Torchwood, ensemble)



Oct. 20th, 2010 03:03 pm
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VID: there's a war going on for your mind, sarah by [ profile] beccatoria (T:TSCC, Sarah, Weaver)

Sarah Connor and Catherine Weaver engage in a rap battle.

FIC: The Curious Incident of the Harpies in Broad Daylight by [ profile] kaydeefalls (Merlin, Lancelot, Gwaine)

or, the Abbreviated Adventures of Gwaine and Lancelot, Not-Quite-Knights For Hire (While We Wait For Arthur To Become King)

FIC: Tea and Sympathy by [ profile] pocky_slash (Torchwood, Gwen, Ianto)

In which Ianto is petulant and congested and Gwen indulges him.

vid meme

Jul. 21st, 2010 07:38 am
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Day 1 - A vid that made you start watching a brand new show
Day 2 - A male character study vid you love
Day 3 - A female character study vid you love
Day 4 - An ensemble vid you love
Day 5 - A vid everyone should see at least once
Day 6 - A vid you've watched at least ten times
Day 7 - A constructed reality/crossover vid you love

Day 8 - A vid you had to watch multiple times to understand

Us by [personal profile] lim (multi-fandom)

I'm still not sure I fully understand this vid, truth to be told. I love it regardless.

Day 9 - A vid that makes you cry

The Railway House by [personal profile] trelkez (Torchwood)


If I haven't got my lump in my throat by about halfway through, then the very last shot will always get me. It's a beautiful vid that makes me sad in a cathartic, aching kind of way where the show just made me miserable.

vid meme

Jul. 19th, 2010 05:40 pm
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Day 1 - A vid that made you start watching a brand new show
Day 2 - A male character study vid you love
Day 3 - A female character study vid you love
Day 4 - An ensemble vid you love
Day 5 - A vid everyone should see at least once
Day 6 - A vid you've watched at least ten times

Day 7 - A constructed reality/crossover vid you love

Papa Don't Preach by [profile] fan_euncie and [personal profile] trelkez (Doctor Who & Torchwood)

I could talk about how cleverly this is constructed etc, but mostly it gives me GLEE (AND LULZ) IN MY SOUL OMG. BEST EVER. This makes me laugh out loud every goddamn time, and also makes me 'awww' in an embarrassing fashion. (Ianto says that he's going to marry him, yay!)


May. 23rd, 2010 10:57 pm
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+ Whee, my remix has been posted and it's awesome! Backstage Management (The Machiavellian Remix), a remix of Access Denied. It's GREAT - it totally messes with the original, adds in new characters, and has a killer ending. Go read, Torchwood fans!

+ If you'd like to hazard a guess at which remix is mine, have at it! There will be a prize for any correct answers.

+ So excited to watch [community profile] kink_bingo gearing up for another round! Check out their accessibility policy (♥), these kinky vid recs and this year's changes. Also, icons.

+ I enjoyed Doctor Who, but all I really have to say about it is that I now want to draw lots of little hearts around Nasreen as well as Rory and Amy and Eleven. ♥

+ I am somewhat reluctant to watch Seeker because then there WON'T BE ANY MORE, but also I need to know what happens. I think I know what's winning out by the end of the night!

+ Also, there seems to be a meme going around where we ask people what our fanworks say about us, id-style? I always find it interesting to look at unconscious patterns in the things I make - I can always find them, certainly. However, I am curious - do any of you find my id showing in unexpected places?

vid recs!

Apr. 27th, 2010 12:01 am
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The Pioneers by [personal profile] giandujakiss (Torchwood, team)

To plagarise myself from my [ profile] torchwood_house rec: The editing in this vid is incredibly skillful, and the music choice is wonderful - an unnerving reworking of the Bloc Party original. It tackles a lot of the big themes present throughout Torchwood - life, death, playing God, the innocence of children - and weaves them all together, leaving the final, devastating footage from CoE looking like an inevitable consequence of all that has come before. We will not be the last, indeed.

Brand New Day by [ profile] humansrsuperior (Doctor Who, Eleven, Amy)

This is like happiness bottled up. Squee! Flail! Love! Etc. *draws sparkly hearts*

Good In My Head by [ profile] meddow (Deep Space Nine, Kira)

This is a classic-feeling and wonderfully executed character study of Kira - her convinction, her faith, the journey she goes on throughout the series. Just lovely.

And finally, denizens of the interwebs, I am pleased and proud to inform you that I have successfully coaxed [personal profile] avendya over to the dark side of the force, and here is her first vid. It is, unsurprisingly, brilliant.

Blood Makes Noise by [personal profile] avendya (Merlin, Morgana)

This is a great, compact insightful look at Morgana - the fuckery that is her life at Camelot, and about her learning to break free from it. The song choice is brilliant, as is the editing, but what I think I love most is how it uses various figures in Morgana's life whilst keeping the focus resolutely on her and her own agency. It's pretty great. Go give a new vidder some love!
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a conversation:

[personal profile] such_heights: Not a spoiler: I LOVE AMY POND SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN DEAL.
[personal profile] avendya: I am shocked by this development! (Please name a companion you do not love.)
[personal profile] such_heights: (...)

And thus, I am undone. *g*


glorious crack:

[personal profile] pocketmouse has a theory! (5x02 spoilers)


a fic rec:

Rotten Petty Perfect Sexy by [personal profile] copperbadge (Jack/Eleven, R)
For the first time in four hundred years, the Doctor regenerated with a sex drive. Fortunately, he knew exactly who to consult about it. (5x01 spoilers)

This induces much, much flaily happiness in my little shipper heart.


in conclusion:

I am full to bursting of fanjoy, and oh, I've missed this! *draws sparkly hearts everywhere*
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Clearing out the tabs!

+ Moar chromatic casting: The West Wing, Discworld, Lord of the Rings, Friends and Chronicles of Narnia. \o/

+ Fic recs: Connected by [ profile] 51stcenturyfox (Torchwood, CoE AU)
It took almost dying to make him realise what living really meant.

her body a bell (BtVS, Buffy/Faith, NC-17)
written for Porn Battle IX, prompt: bathtub

+ Vid recs: The Railway House by [ profile] greensilver (Torchwood, Jack/Ianto)
This is a house of death.

I can't really talk about this vid properly on account of all the feelings, but oh god it is so sad and beautifully and amazingly edited.

+ Dreams by [ profile] fan_eunice (Marley & Me)
A life well lived. Good dog.

Having never been a pet owner myself, I am a leetle less affected than lots of people, I'm sure, but this still leaves me totally verklempt.


linkspam )
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Here is a reclist of the year, of sorts. Below are a selection of fanworks that made me laugh, cry, flail, think, ache, rejoice and love over the course of the year. Below are romances, character studies, sweeping epics, AUs, meta, dance numbers, transitions, friendships, monsters, politics, zombies, and of course, robots. (There are always robots.)

Some of them are very famous, some only have a handful of comments. I love them all, because they all define what the past year in fandom was for me. There are a dozen fandoms represented here, and hopefully there's something for everyone. It's also worth noting that this list is defined by what's not included almost as much as what is - there were so many things I couldn't fit in! A lot of the time, I just couldn't pick only one story by a favourite author to include. (In one case, a certain author's best story is still sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to finish my beta.) My point is, this is in no way definitive, or even really a 'best of'. Just, here are some stories and some vids that I liked. Enjoy!

20 stories! )

13 vids! )

Thank you to all the authors, vidders, beta readers and cheerleaders that made the above possible, and here's to the stories to come in 2010. ♥


Dec. 30th, 2009 02:15 pm
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[ profile] kaydeefalls made a brilliant vid about the ladies of Doctor Who, Book of Days. *_*

[ profile] golden_d wrote a sequel to her Jack & Toshiko linguistics sotry, They Still Write Poetry in the Fifty-First Century, with They Still Tell Stories, Too, and it's spellbinding.

Some more Yuletide recs:

A Perfect Honeymoon (Some Like It Hot, Daphne/Osmond)

Lots of people seem to have read this already, but it's wonderful, and fantastically queer in a number of ways.

Though I Walk Through The Shadow (T:TSCC, John/Savannah)

Future!Savannah, naturally. And I absolutely certain she would grow up to be this kick-ass. This does some interesting things with the post-S2 timeline.

First and Last Rites (T:TSCC, Ellison, Sarah, Savannah)

This plays on some of the same themes as the above story, but from the other end. They make interesting companion pieces but this is a great story in its own right.

Eudaimonia (T:TSCC, Ellison, John Henry)

A conversation about virtue theory. This made my inner philosophy nerd very happy, and it's also a brilliant, unsettling scene that should have been on the show.


Also, I am - tumbling? tumblring? Whatever, I have a tumblr account, and I am mostly using it for lulz and pictures with a bit of social commentary segued in occasionally. synaxed@tumblr, if you're interesting.
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+ Whee, Yuletide! My assignment is awesome. \o/ (Yuletide author, if you're looking for my letter it is this way.

+ Also, IN A FIT OF I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT, I just signed up for [ profile] festivids (like Yuletide but for rare vidding fandoms). It was shiny, I couldn't resist! *facepalm* Anyway, if you want to join me, sign-ups close on Tuesday.

+ I have not seen Doctor Who yet, though I am sure I will soon, as my desire to see Tennant wins out over my apathy at anything RTD writes these days.

+ Some recs:

Mr Potter Lives For A Day by [ profile] snegurochka_lee [Harry Potter, Albus Severus-centric, with a bit of implied Albus Severus/Scorpius and cameos by James, Lily, and portrait!Snape, PG-13]
Albus wakes up on his seventeenth birthday determined to make the most of it.

This story is about far more than the summary would imply - it's a brilliant piece of slowly unfurling narration, and the premise has been haunting me for days. There's not a lot more I can say without spoiling it.

Like Water On The Moon by [ profile] magnetic_pole [Harry Potter, Alice/Amelia, PG]

A gorgeous First-War snapshot and a lovely pairing.

Project Run,way Galaxy [Doctor Who] by [ profile] othellia, a hilarious piece of crack told in over 130 macros.

You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Anymore) by [ profile] blue_fjords [Torchwood, Tosh/Adam, R]

Adam (both the episode and the character) creeps me out like no one's business, but this is more tragic than disturbing, and a brilliant look at the alternate characterisation of Tosh in that episode.

+ Lastly, some more on last's night Merlin, with spoilery recs. )
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+ [personal profile] copperbadge is hosting an online job fair, which is bringing forth a host of resources in any number of different fields and countries. Go see if you have some advice to offer, or something relevant to you. If anyone wants to chat to me about UK law conversion, NGOs or think tanks, please do.

+ Recs!

-- A Beginner's Guide to Vulcan Sexual Practice, by Captain James T. Kirk by [personal profile] thingswithwings [Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock, explicit]

Hee! Okay, so this is based on the crazy non-kink community that was doing the rounds for a few days, and the result is delightful. It is beautifully characterised and hot and Uhura is very much there, which is always a requirement for me with Reboot K/S fic, and basically I love it lots.

-- Here Comes The Sun by [ profile] miakun [Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, R]

This is futurefic with OT4 in the background and a pregnant Gwen and it is made of sunshine and happiness. ♥

-- VID: Spaceman by [ profile] kaydeefalls [Doctor Who/Torchwood]

This is beautiful. It's full of visual parallels and rarely-used shots and gorgeous musicality. The vid is full of so much heart that it made me fall in love with both shows all over again.


Nov. 4th, 2009 01:23 am
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+ Signal boost: [ profile] yuki_onna is stranded far from home without funds. More details here.

+ Some stories I enjoyed recently:

Twitterpated by [ profile] fled_music [Supernatural, slight Dean/Castiel, Sam]
Castiel insists that Dean and Sam start using twitter as a means of communication (seriously).

I clicked on a whim and was totally charmed!

A Cautionary Tale About Tomatoes (and zombies) by [ profile] netgirl_y2k [Merlin, team Camelot, gen]
Armed with two swords, a slightly dented helmet and a wooden spoon, our heroes fight zombies.

Hee, this is delightful and brilliant! Not to mention exactly how a zombie invasion would go down on the show.

The Assist by [ profile] 51stcenturyfox [Torchwood, Rhys/Gwen/Ianto, R]
Three adorable Welsh people have sex.

The summary nails it, really - this is sweet and fun and well-characterised, and reads like a breath of fresh air.

+ Ahahahahaha. Ha. Um. So I just did a stupid thing, namely count up approximately how much writing (academic, fannish and otherwise) I have to do over the next month or so by word count. And, well. Let us just say that frankly, I might as well be doing NaNo based on how it breaks down for words per day. D:
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Ahahahaha, oh man. I need to stop this unscheduled three hours napping! I will be awake half the night catching up on all the laundry and email-answering and homework I should have done at a sensible hour. *facepalm*


Further reading for Coming Out Day:
There's no big moment where you scream "By all the gods on Olympus, I'm queer!" or something to that effect, and the whole world hears it and treats you accordingly. Every person you meet is someone else who has absolutely no idea, unless you meet them in the context of being queer in some way. People make assumptions, and coming out is jut as much about correcting assumptions as it is about expressing yourself.

-- National Coming Out Day, [personal profile] iambickilometer

here's my deal: I don't believe in coming out. I don't believe that I should have to. I hate the idea that queerness has to be announced - and therefore that heteronormativity is assumed/default. I hate the idea that being any kind of queer is like giving someone a surprise party, where you jump up out of a darkened space and then they say, wow, I didn't expect that! I hate it. I like to say: I don't believe in coming out - I believe in being out.

-- so, it's national coming out day?, [personal profile] thingswithwings



those isles of yours that wait for me by [ profile] siriaeve [SGA/Firefly fusion, Teyla/Zoe, PG-13]

The world is now a better place because this pairing exists, for real.

Club Wales by [ profile] pocky_slash [Torchwood, Ianto, Gwen, PG-13]

This is long (19k!) and absolutely wonderful. I fell in love with the characters all over again and it's a beautiful look at Gwen and Ianto's friendship.

How Ianto Jones Quits His Job and Decides to Take Over the World (Without the Help of a Kangaroo Army) by [ profile] sparky77 [Torchwood/SPN/Leverage, Dean/Alec/Ianto and combinations, PG]

The crack is strong with this one! It's glorious.


We are laying down some anon love? I'm down with that.


I'm SO WIRED, you guys. I will never sleep again! :D :D :D

... D:
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+ [ profile] touchyerwood (*snicker* ... *is twelve*), a new Torchwood anon kink meme, is open for business.

+ A new anthology, Headcase, is accepting submissions for non-fiction pieces by LGBTQ writers & artists about mental illness.

+ I still have not watched Merlin. I may not do so before tomorrow evening. Woe!

+ People. I see this all the time and it pains me in my soul just a little. 'Discrete' and 'discreet' are two different words with two very different meanings. Discrete means 'separate and distinct'. Thus, even if Arthur and Merlin (hypothetical example!) are keeping their relationship on the down low, I rather doubt that they'd feel particularly discrete about it.

/end friendly PSA!

+ Lastly, some vid & fic recs! )
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I know, I know - a week ago I didn't expect my journal to still be All Torchwood All The Time either.

Vid recs, links etc all under the spoiler cut )
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Dreamwidth cometh! It moves from Closed Beta to Open Beta tomorrow, and excitement abounds.

A top tip: if you want an account but you don't want to buy one and you're uncertain about getting an invite code, create an OpenID in the next day and 8 hours (and counting). All OpenID accounts without personal accounts will be sent an invite code when Open Beta launches. It's super easy! Also recommended if you've got folks on your flist who are migrating their comments over there. An OpenID account also allows you to make a subscription list and upload a few icons, write a profile, etc. Really, the only thing you can't do is post yourself. eta: Be sure to validate your email address, fyi! /eta

As soon as I have invite codes of my own, you guys will know about it.

For lots of thinky stuff both pro- and anti- Dreamwidth, I recommend [ profile] metafandom and their dreamwidth delicious tag. I'm not going to say anything particularly intelligent on the subject, because I'm not migrating over to Dreamwidth per se. I think that the site is a great idea with a lot of really cool and interesting things going on, and I want to be a part of that. But the majority of my friends are still LJ-only, and there are some things I participate in on LiveJournal that won't migrate fully in the foreseeable future. Thus, I'm not going anywhere, but I am hanging out over on Dreamwidth because I am meeting new people and joining new communities etc. Multi-platform is my way forward! It's nice to start up on a site when I actually know what the hell I'm doing, also.

I am still dithering hugely on cross-posting and importing and a bunch of other stuff, but I shall spare you the flaily details. However, it's worth noting that I will be cross-posting entries like fic, vids, meta, recs, etc, and so if you only want to follow me on one service, please do. I won't be unfriending/un-accessing (or whatever the term is) anyone, so you'll still be able to drop in and see if you've missed things, if you like. I suspect I'll continue to have more LJ-only content than DW-only content, both public bits and the occasional flocked RL whatever.


Every last one of my WIPs, both fic and vid, is amazingly stressful to me right now, I know not why. Oh, right, deadlines. (Seriously, though, making things to submit for this year's VVC is probably the most terrifying fannish thing I've ever done. Especially as I'm still not quite sure about what it is I'm working on to that end, nor the tech specs I'll need to meet. Eeep!)

On that note, I am posting my [ profile] lgbtfest story tomorrow. It is Merlin fandom and it is multi-shippy, the prompt being Any historical fandom, any characters, It's true that their marriage isn't a passionate one; one or both of them prefers the attentions of their own sex. That doesn't mean they're unhappily married. Would anyone be able to look it over quickly when I finish it up later this evening? It also looks like it's going to be R-rated, which I wouldn't warn for except that it's out of the ordinary for me. I appear to be, well, not fading to black. Madness. All extra pairs of eyes much appreciated! eta: all sorted, thank you! /eta


Finally, a rec of the 'yay they wrote my prompt!' variety.

Untitled fic, by [ profile] nohwrah [Torchwood, Jack/Ianto]
*happy sigh* These days, it's very easy for me to forget just how much I ship these two, but [ profile] nohwrah's extract of melanchonic romance captures it perfectly. ♥
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I keep deciding that I will sit down and write out some recs for [ profile] lgbtfest, but then my tabs keep multiplying as everyone keeps posting wonderful stuff. \o/ Clearly I'll be doing in this batches, here's the first lot. I've only had time to read the transgendered stuff so far, so here's ome of the things I've read there already and loved, on something of a theme:


Modern Love, by [ profile] penknife
Discworld ensemble ; PG-13
It's amazing how the world rarely gets less complicated.

[ profile] penknife takes on issues of queerness and gender presentation in the dwarf community and brings a thoroughly enjoyable story to life with her usual lightness of touch.

Iron Man

Walking in these Shoes, by [ profile] redfiona99
Pepper/Tony ; PG ; spoilers for the film
Pepper Potts is the woman she'd always wanted to be. It's probably not all Tony's fault that her well-ordered life has just been blown to pieces. But it's definitely mostly his fault.

Not only is this a thoughtful and kick-ass study of Pepper, it also features explosions. That's all you really need to make me a happy reader.


Now You're a Man, by [ profile] cho_malfoy
Dean ; PG ; spoilers for 4x01
Dean completed a journey in the body he was born with, but just because he's started a new journey doesn't mean he's likely to forget the last one.

I love Dean in this, I love the style, and I love the twist on the fourth season presented here: I know it's one I'd loved to have watched.

Turn The Page, by [ profile] messageredacted
Sam/Dean ; NC-17 ; AU of the pilot
Sam hasn’t seen his sister in four years. A lot more has changed than he ever imagined.

Sam/Dean is not particularly my thing, but this is a very good story. The retelling of the pilot is very nicely done, and there's a lot of detail and pitch-perfect interaction here.


What He Should Have Been, by [ profile] sunnyrea
Ianto, Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/Jack ; PG-13
When Ianto was a little girl all he wanted was to be able to wear his father's suits. Now he does, but his family doesn't want anything to do with him.

This story's got a lot of heart to it, and it makes me smile. Oh, Ianto.

Also, not connected to the fest but nonetheless a great story - Little Sister by [ profile] invisible_lift, a beautifully-written family history for Tosh.


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