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God, November sucks, huh? *kind of wants to hide under the blankets forever* But in lieu of that, here are some things that are cheering me up!

Two additions to the Muse/Doctor Who vid OTP project:

Glorious [Rose, Martha, Donna] by [ profile] rhoboat

Epic does not even BEGIN. This is entirely perfect and shiver-inducing and wow - oh Rose, oh Martha, oh Donna. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Scattered [Tenth Doctor] by [ profile] di_br, to 'Map of the Problematique'

Oh man, you should have seen me after I watched this through for the first time, I was the living embodiment of flail. Oh, Ten, you and your epic cosmic angst will be sorely missed.

And also Shine by [ profile] humansrsuperior, which is just SO HAPPY after the angst of the previous two.


Pushing Daisies vids!

Angel With An Attitude [Chuck] and Modern Nature [Ned/Chuck] by [ profile] charmax, and Open Your Eyes [Ned/Chuck] by [ profile] di_br all capture the joy of the show so well. And so pretty! ♥


Really goofy and amazing SGA vids!

2 atoms in a molecule [John/Rodney] by [ profile] zoetrope - this is so neat, with animation and arty bits and so on! There's even a singalong section.

Grace Kelly and I Won't Say I'm In Love [John/Rodney] by [ profile] dkwilliams - two classic examples of 'you're using what song now?' that work absolutely beautifully and fill me with yay.


Also, SGA fic. I am so in love with this fandom at the moment, especially after Friday's episode, what with the spoilers! )

Many More, by [ profile] sheafrotherdon
~ 970 words, John/Rodney, PG. Tag to 5x14: The Prodigal. Almost all dialogue taken directly from the show.

Finish Line, by [ profile] dogeared
John/Rodney, 350 words, wee tiny tag to 5x14 - The Prodigal

Intentions, by [ profile] cathalin
John/Rodney, PG. This is Ronon's and my attempt to fix some of what was, er, interesting, about Tracker.

Yeah, McKay/Sheppard is pretty much my drug of choice this week. :D


Anyone got cheerful recs of their own they'd like to share? I rather suspect we need them.


In conclusion:

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Fun multi-fandom activity: [ profile] buckle_berry is hosting a Valentines Cardathon, whereby you list some pairings, and then send in-character Valentines cards to each other, as imaginatively as you like. I think this is entirely made of win myself, so if you agree, hop-to! Sign-ups end at the end of tomorrow, full details and sign-up information here.

And now, some things I have very much enjoyed reading recently:

Nineteen Years Later: A Short Rock Opera
by [ profile] furiosity

Title pretty much says it all, really. Featuring characters such as the International Chorus of Pedantic Fanficcers, this is both mad and hilarious.

The Seduction of Sirius Black
by anonymous at [ profile] hp_holidaygen
PG-13, Sirius, James, Marlene, Lily, Remus, Peter, others
I hope to Merlin that everyone's collective wisdom was very wrong and that neither Sirius Black nor James Potter has been the death of me – try though they may have to have been so.

I've been terrible at reading [ profile] hp_holidaygen, which I really should rectify over the rest of the week because there's all kinds of amazing stuff there, however. I am so, so glad I clicked on this one. This has pretty much everything that I most enjoy reading in First War fic, all rolled into one story! Featuring James and Sirius getting into pub brawls, international wizarding politics, Polyjuice high jinks and a take on the Order that I really, really like, this is seriously fantastic work.

Baking for the Dead
by [ profile] trolllogicfics
Supernatural/Pushing Daisies
PG, Ned, Chuck, Sam, Dean
In which the girl called Chuck and the Pie Maker runs across the brothers Winchester and a soul stealing demon.

MADE OF WIN. Can this be the Supernatural finale, please? The Narrator talking about the Winchesters is a joy to read, oh my.


And now to try to one of the things I've been trying to write actually finished, good grief.


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