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2008-12-28 01:15 pm

Yuletide Recs, Part the First

*frets* Oh my poor little Yuletide story! Though my recipient seemed to really like it, and thus I must content myself and not worry why no one else is really reading it. [/fretting]

No order to this, though I've mostly been getting through shorter pieces so far. More to come before the reveal, I don't doubt!


First: [ profile] eruthros and [ profile] thingswithwings vidded Yuletide. I didn't know you could do that. You can. It's glorious. There are 191 fandoms in it!

One-Night Fandoms: A Tribute to Yuletide
That's what Yuletide means to us: the willingness to make fic and make fandom out of anything and everything, to throw yourself wantonly, joyfully, and passionately into a new fandom, even if it can only last a short time.

Here's what I love about this: it's about Yuletide, yes, in structure and sentiment and all these tiny wee fandoms, and that's amazing, how well the experience of this unique, cultish exchange is summed up. It's also About Fandom - there are lots of meta vids discussing the nature of being fannish, and many of them are glorious things. Out of the ones I've seen, this is the one that best represents how I feel about being a fan. It sums up all of the things we love - hugs and hand-holding and kink and threesomes and marriages and sword fights and wings and computer games and corrupting your childhood and queerness and epic adventures and aliens and magic and costumes and sex and dancing and pining and kissing and joy and joy and joy. All these fleeting moments pressed together, and as fandom we take those glimpses and spin them out and tell endless stories. I love the song, I love the editing, and I love watching it for the montages and the moments when canon you know pops up and the flail just increases - I grin every time I see the Antonio/Bassanio shot from Merchant of Venice, Ned and Chuck from Pushing Daisies, Galaxy Quest and His Dark Materials and Neverwhere and Discworld, Life on Mars and Prince Caspian and Black Books and Bones.

... my love is kind of epic, could you tell? :D

Onto Yuletide fic recs now! Below the cut are recs for Aladdin, The Chalet School, His Dark Materials, The History Boys, LOLcats, Malory Towers, Merlin, The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, The Shawshank Redemption, The Time-Traveller's Wife, and xkcd. Read, enjoy, remember to feed your author!

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2008-12-25 09:25 am

And the call went out across the land: "Yuletiiiide!"

I like this new tradition where Yuletide's the first present I open in the morning. And lo, I have three stories! \o/!

Extra treats by some very kind souls:

celestial alphabets (His Dark Materials, Mary & Serafina)
Gorgeous, utterly gorgeous. We are the symbols. ♥

we stared for hours in our makers' face (David Mitchell - Cloud Atlas, Sonmi~451)
Someone took a half-baked notion in my Yuletide letter and made the perfect drabble out of it. Glee!

And my story proper, which I love beyond all telling:

Book Of Work (David Mitchell - Cloud Atlas, Frobiser & Sixsmith)

I asked for backstory, and oh but this delivers, and so much more besides! The style is just perfect, amazingly in keeping with the tone of Frobisher's part of the novel, which is hard to reproduce, and there are outside POVs and diaries and dreams and a host of moments that are so perfectly realised. This is the sort of story that I desperately wanted to read but knew I couldn't write. Magnificent work, I'm a very lucky little Yuletider!

An extract:

I return. Train's whistle a despairing shriek as I left the Aged Ps, all hope abandoned, only to be conveyed in a brisk rattle over endless dreary fens until the coldly lucid spires tore through my last remnants of illusion and left me gasping on the platform. No porter, either. S. met me outside college and we repaired to Paton's in mutual commiseration. Like the rest of Rutherford's boys he's been back a week already, firing atoms into gold or transmuting lead into swans, am vague on details.
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2008-04-25 11:02 pm

DW Cross, Remix recs, and odds and ends

A post of parts today!

First, briefly on Supernatural )
So there needs to be Torchwood/Supernatural crossovers approximately yesterday. In fact, there are many, many Whoverse crossovers that should be out there! Which leads me beautifully onto part two:

[ profile] dw_cross sign-ups are now open! Last year was a blast and so this year I'm going to be giving [ profile] avendya a helping hand. I can tell you now we've got some fantastic prompts coming in already. The fics are due at the beginning of July, just after the end of Series 4, and whatever bits of Who fandom you're in and whatever crossovers you'd like to write, you should definitely come and play! Read more information here and sign up here before May 10th.

This just in - Freema Agyeman is adorable! (Links to her interview on the Paul O'Grady show tonight, featuring a clip from tomorrow's episode.) Star Trek conventions, guys, I ask you! *draws hearts* I shall be all a-flail tomorrow night, I don't doubt, so expect nothing but capslock from round these parts. Martha! *\o/*

I'm looking forward to Remix reveals tomorrow - I don't think I'm alone in being unable to get The Boy Who Killed Time out of my head, so I can't wait to find out who's responsible. I'm pretty sure on two or three anonymous identities myself, and if anyone else would like to take a stab at which one's mine you may do so here. I've got a few more things I'd like to read and leave feedback on before tomorrow afternoon, but here's a few more recs.


A Moon-Lit Challenge (The Ill-Met, Proud Titania Remix)
Good Omens/His Dark Materials; Lyra/Adam; R
Remix of A Moonlit Challenge (hmm, dead link) by [ profile] hyel
The new Eve and an Antichrist - not so much star-crossed as Dust-crossed lovers. Lyra wants her happy ending so badly, but she's still a long way away from endings of any kind.

Oooh, this is a wonderful meshing of canons - it blends in bits and pieces of other Gaiman and Pratchett stories, and the characters of both the main stories meet in all sorts of interesting way. Lyra and Adam are both perfect, and there's a lot of great cameos from others. A really nicely done, intelligent and interesting story.

Radioactive (the road to hell & good intentions remix)
Harry Potter; James/Lily; PG
Remix of Radioactive by [ profile] ineffabili_tea
In which James means well, but his grand plan loses something in the execution.

Awww, I haven't read proper Marauder prank fic in ages, not like this, this is so funny and well-characterised and great fun all round.

thirteen photographs (the via crucis remix)
Harry Potter; Remus/Sirius; PG-13
Remix of train de grande vitesse by [ profile] glass_icarus
A love story in fourteen parts.

Beautiful, heartbreaking and insightful, and the writing is just stunning. This captures so many moments, the kind of story to just wrap up in for a little while.

Somewhere, Just Not Here (The Five Months and Thirteen Days Remix)
Harry Potter; Remus, Harry; G
Remix of Heliacal Rising by [ profile] sambethe
It did no good to think of fair.

I'm a big fan of the original and this complements it wonderfully - one of those scenes that really ought to have been in canon.


Ah, see, HP, I do still love thee well, truly! And on that note I return to writing [ profile] lgbtfest, which is really not as done as it should be considering my posting date's on Sunday, um. Actually, on that note, if anyone had a bit of spare time over the weekend to give it a once over I'd be enormously grateful. It's Luna gen (well, mostly gen. I think.) and I doubt it's going to end up any kind of epic length.
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2007-07-29 10:55 pm

His Dark Materials, Crossover Rec, Nest of Spiders

Hmm. Fic deadlines have been creeping up on me somewhat. And when I say creeping up on me, what I mean is that I have a His Dark Materials fic and pimping essay due for [ profile] smallfandomfest on Tuesday, have yet to start either, and precious little time between now and then to do them! I'm not entirely sure how that happened. However, I am on a HDM kick at the moment, so hopefully I'll work something out and not be too terribly tardy.

Whilst we're on the subject of HDM, I am now much, much more excited about the film in December having seen the super long, super awesome trailer here, courtesy of [ profile] samincittagazze. :D

And Thing Three regarding HDM... my [ profile] dw_cross story went up today! *squees madly* I am so thrilled someone picked my Doctor & Lyra prompt, and the result is wonderful.

The Other Earth
by anonymous at [ profile] dw_cross
Doctor Who/His Dark Materials; G; Ten, Lyra, Pantalaimon

This is beautiful and heart-breaking, just the Doctor and Lyra finding kindred spirits in each other and being lost and lonely together - Lyra's POV is perfectly drawn and the amount of passionate emotion crammed into what is really a small, quiet moment is fabulous. ♥

And finally, some pimping: [ profile] nest_of_spiders is back! [ profile] sambethe, [ profile] magnetic_pole, [ profile] wanderlight and I will be taking you through next month with prompts to get the juices flowing for any and all First War-era fic and art. It went splendidly last time, and I look forward to seeing old and new faces alike. Whether you want to grapple with new canon or not, hopefully there'll be something for everyone interested in participating. All pairings and characters welcomed with open arms, and hopefully this will be another great month.