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multi-fandom vids

Space Girl by [personal profile] charmax

Looks like half of fandom has already seen this, but just in case! So, so lovely, a fantastic look at the history of women in sci-fi.

Hands Away by [personal profile] chaila and [personal profile] beccatoria (Fringe/Sarah Connor Chronicles, Olivia/Sarah)

The Olivia/Sarah fever dream vid of my heart! I got to see a draft of this at Vidukon and it blew me away then - it's even more awesome now. Beautifully edited, full of visual parallels and really clever cutting and really brilliant all round.

The Price by [personal profile] thingswithwings

This is a biting satire about manpain. It's kind of amazing. People's reactions seem to vary from rage to facepalming to lulz - it's very funny in places, especially the end. Mostly, it makes me feel really sad. I wish this wasn't such an all-encompassing phenomenon in my shows. The accompanying meta is also an excellent read.


Hidden in Plain Sight by [personal profile] liseuse (Harry Potter, Pansy/Hermione)

For [ profile] queer_fest, this is a gorgeous look at the difficulties and secret thrills of a covert relationship, as well as having a lovely grounding in the lives of these two young women and their friends, all being awesome post-Hogwarts. I enjoyed it a lot!

Grey. Red. Green. by [personal profile] calvinahobbes (Doctor Who, Vastra/Jenny)

a;ljsda. An awesome [community profile] kink_bingo story that derives its hotness entirely from Jenny's mental state and a sense of tension that permeates the whole story as Jenny investigates Vastra's swords.

[ profile] coffeesuperhero and [ profile] leiascully are both writing loads of wonderful Eleven/River stories at the moment. I recommend them all! Particular favourites of mine include [ profile] coffeesuperhero's let's live in the moment just this time, could we? and [ profile] leiascully's double your pleasure, double your fun.

Roles by [personal profile] pocketmouse (Doctor Who, Amy/Rory)

I was excited as soon as I heard this was a story about teenage Rory crossdressing, and it did not disappoint. So completely adorable and written with a lovely, light touch.

Team Bonding by [ profile] pocky_slash (Doctor Who/White Collar, Canton/OC, Diana/Christie)

Oh look, it's my two favourite queer FBI agents hanging out with each other! :DD Kait wrote this for me for my birthday and I love it ENTIRELY.
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+ The Fandom Hot 20 Poll is open for your votes! There are some excellent choices in there, and I'm delighted to see how well some of the ladies are doing - I believe Amy and Zoe are presently leading the polls? I approve. River Song is also doing v. well, as are many other worthy candidates.

+ Speaking of hot women, [ profile] thelittlebang, the femslash big bang, is open for sign-ups. *encourages you all* I will definitely sign up to do a complementary fanwork when the time comes, and maaaybe sign up for the main round as well. We will see.

+ Speaking of awesome fanworks! Here are some recs:


Introductory Drama by [personal profile] livrelibre (Annie/Troy/Abed, spoilers for the finale)

The perfect OT3 coda. :D

Doctor Who

From Morning to Night (Amy/Eleven/River/Rory, Ursula le Guin fusion)

So there was a really cool post by [personal profile] melannen called Love & Marriage about different kinds of poly marriages in sci-fi, including Ursula le Guin's sedoretu, a group marriage of four people involving a mix of romantic and platonic relationships. [personal profile] melannen explains it better. ANYWAY, all of that is a long-winded way of saying that From Morning to Night is a totally lovely story about the four of them being married in spaaaaace omg, and you all know my feelings about that. :D

Geometry by [personal profile] nekare (Amy/Rory, Eleven/River)

This is a lovely, lovely set of four character studies. <3333

Aftermath by [personal profile] tellitslant (River, OCs)

Hee! A hilarious look at the poor, put-upon prison guards at Stormcage and how they feel about River's constant breakouts. Lovely world-building.

VID: Butterfly by [personal profile] kaydeefalls (Jack, River)

There has been much discussion of the similarities between Jack and River in certain respects. [personal profile] kaydeefalls makes it SO FUN WHEE.

VID: Eleventh Dimension by [ profile] di_br (Eleven)

A lovely, lovely look at series five, with lots of great clip choices and sense of motion.

Fringe/Sarah Connor Chronicles

VID: Virus by [personal profile] chaila (Nina, Weaver)

YES, THIS. Tech-savvy corporate redheads secretly plot your demise. So awesome.
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Here are recs for vids that premiered in various shows at Vidukon. There was so many great ones, but these were my very favourites:

Inadvisable Interpersonal Relationship by [personal profile] thingswithwings (Sarah Jane Adventures, K-9/Mr Smith)

I was so excited when t'wings emailed me about submitting this for my robots show, and it's just as hilarious and adorable and awesome as the initial premise promised. :D

Small Blue Thing by [ profile] beccatoria (Fringe, Olivia)

OH, OLIVIA. HONEY. ;_; This is gorgeous - the song is perfect and haunting, there's some really great, subtle colour work here that adds a lot to the character study, and it's overall just a perfect and totally heartbreaking look at Olivia.

Angie by [personal profile] chaila (T:TSCC/BSG, Jesse/Riley, Caprica/Boomer)

eeee, two of my favourite doomed femslash ships vidded in parallel by one of my favourite vidders, this was a fantastic surprise in the Femslash show on Sunday morning. Sad and wonderfully editing and completely great. <3

Fascination by [personal profile] charmax (Billy Elliot)

This is PERFECT. Fantastic blending of song choice, editing, and source, this is just the most joyous, life-affirming thing. A great shot of happiness after the angst of the last two! It is also possible that I just took a break from writing this post so I could dance along to it for a while in my chair. >.>

When I Fall Asleep by [ profile] buffyann (Doctor Who)

I was looking forward to this vid for the whole con, and it did not disappoint! It's beautiful the way all of the vidder's work is, and also captures the essence of Doctor Who in the most perfect way. Her use of movement and external footage is just sublime. Also, this gave me ALL THE FEELINGS. ALL OF THEM. I cannot. *flaps hands* <33333

Dreaming by [ profile] calapine (Doctor Who, Tegan/Nyssa)

AWW. AWWWW. Another premiere for the Femslash show, this was totally delightful.

You should also watch [personal profile] bop_radar's Hug My Soul when she posts it, it's the most adorable thing in the world and I really want to check out the source for it now.

eta: And here is the playlist from my robots vidshow.
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Lots of things going on presently!

+ Subscription facility available to AO3 users, prompting this meme to go around via [personal profile] astolat:

I'm at faviconsuch_heights and fandoms in the immediate queue include Doctor Who, Doctor Who, and - oh, also some Community! I'm still multi-fannish I swear. *g* Also I really need to get all of my fic up on there already.

+ [ profile] queer_fest is open for prompt claiming. I have snagged a Community prompt: Abed Nadir/Troy Barnes, Abed's running out of famously queer-subtexty fictional characters for Troy & him to role-play as, and Troy still doesn't get it. (Suggestions for which characters that should include TOTALLY WELCOME, incidentally! Because the idea is a lot of fun.)

+ [community profile] remix_goes_wild is a long-term remix challenge that's doing some really interesting things with the remix format. You can sign up to participate or offer up your fic for potential remixing at the sign up post.

+ [ profile] beccatoria made a gorgeous and haunting Fringe vid, Mad World, dealing with a lot of my favourites themes of the show and making full use of all the amazing parallels.

+ Going to Vidukon in less than a week, eee! Though I guess that probably means I should do some prep for the panel I'm running sometime soon. /o\


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