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Suddenly I See by [personal profile] purplefringe (Firefly, Kaylee & Inara)

OMG OMG. This is the MOST adorable, I cannot even. The first time I watched this I squeed so hard I probably sprained something. ADORABLE SPACE GIRLFRIENDS YAY. And parallels and smiles and lovely editing and omg omg. [personal profile] purplefringe is the best and makes wonderful things for me. <3 And if you haven't seen her Zoe/Wash vid Devil's Spoke you should rectify that, because it is amaaazing. My little vidder, all grown up and doing amazing things all on her own! *sniff*
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"Sir? I'd like you to take the helm, please. I need this man to tear all my clothes off."

'I can hurt you.' )

Rec: those isles of yours that wait for me by [personal profile] siria (SGA/Firefly, Teyla/Zoe)
Of necessity, Teyla's childhood on Athos had taught her patience.
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This is Tomorrow (the getaway driver remix)
Doctor Who, Donna, Christina, G
Donna works for an art thief with a name like a brand of tequila, but Christina has a flying bus and tolerates her occasional Mad Scientist moments, so it's not all bad.

I love the original story, and the remix is charming, funny, and very sweet.

Apple Princess (The Little Girls In Boxes Remix)
Firefly/Merlin, River, Morgana, G
River doesn't dream. She just sees too much.

Absolutely gorgeous - I love stories that get River's voice right, and there are some great lines about the many versions and lives of Morgana.

All Across the Sands (Bones of an Impressive Romance Mix)
Doctor Who, Rose/Martha, Teen
Time travelers are used to nonlinear love affairs.

A lovely, lovely complement to the original. There's definite timey-wimeyness here, but it doesn't try to be too clever, and it's effective in its simplicity.
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Ahahahaha, oh man. I need to stop this unscheduled three hours napping! I will be awake half the night catching up on all the laundry and email-answering and homework I should have done at a sensible hour. *facepalm*


Further reading for Coming Out Day:
There's no big moment where you scream "By all the gods on Olympus, I'm queer!" or something to that effect, and the whole world hears it and treats you accordingly. Every person you meet is someone else who has absolutely no idea, unless you meet them in the context of being queer in some way. People make assumptions, and coming out is jut as much about correcting assumptions as it is about expressing yourself.

-- National Coming Out Day, [personal profile] iambickilometer

here's my deal: I don't believe in coming out. I don't believe that I should have to. I hate the idea that queerness has to be announced - and therefore that heteronormativity is assumed/default. I hate the idea that being any kind of queer is like giving someone a surprise party, where you jump up out of a darkened space and then they say, wow, I didn't expect that! I hate it. I like to say: I don't believe in coming out - I believe in being out.

-- so, it's national coming out day?, [personal profile] thingswithwings



those isles of yours that wait for me by [ profile] siriaeve [SGA/Firefly fusion, Teyla/Zoe, PG-13]

The world is now a better place because this pairing exists, for real.

Club Wales by [ profile] pocky_slash [Torchwood, Ianto, Gwen, PG-13]

This is long (19k!) and absolutely wonderful. I fell in love with the characters all over again and it's a beautiful look at Gwen and Ianto's friendship.

How Ianto Jones Quits His Job and Decides to Take Over the World (Without the Help of a Kangaroo Army) by [ profile] sparky77 [Torchwood/SPN/Leverage, Dean/Alec/Ianto and combinations, PG]

The crack is strong with this one! It's glorious.


We are laying down some anon love? I'm down with that.


I'm SO WIRED, you guys. I will never sleep again! :D :D :D

... D:


Jul. 15th, 2008 03:07 pm
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It started with this:

Riding a Bicycle by [ profile] cherryfeather
Jack/Ianto, R
Alien artifacts with unpredictable effects leave a highly amused Ianto with a female Jack.

Which is made of win and all things good. In the story, Gwen and Owen also get genderswapped, and I mentioned that hearing more about their adventures would be awesome. Sometimes, ask and ye shall receive!

Soap Bubbles by [ profile] cherryfeather
Owen/Tosh with a side of Jack/Ianto, R
In this story, Jack and Ianto head out for a date while Owen and Tosh autopsy an alien and discover a very immediate reason why Torchwood Three needs more than one shower.

Highly enjoyable all round. Hormones! Shenanigans! Just awesome, thank you, Liz. :D

And, oh dear. I appear to be developing a thing for girl!Jack. I'm going to turn into one of those people in fandom, aren't I. Oh well! *adds to to-write list*

And now I'm off to delve a bit more into all the delightful stuff that's been posted for [ profile] femslash08 - many fandoms! many pairings! much shiny! I kicked that fest off to a good start with this last night:

your mouth like an ocean by [ profile] musesfool
Firefly, River/Kaylee, PG-13
River pretends Kaylee's the sun and she's the moon, and they are floating out in space.

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Yesterday there was angsty post-S2 Torchwood fic, like fandom needs another, I know. Still, an interesting thing to attempt in my continuing adventures in pastures new.


It occurs to me that I have a big pile of fics I've been meaning to rec for some time. As [ profile] remixredux08 is coming up (whee!) and I'll no doubt be spamming your flists with links from that next week, seems like it's high time I unearthed a few things.

This also serves as a reminder to myself of how little progress I've made on either of my own submissions to these fests to date, ohhh dear. Anyway, onto the recs - enjoy! Both of these communities have had whole heaps of wonderful stuff on them already, more than I've had time to read, so do go and explore.

From [ profile] lgbtfest:

Carbon, Pressure, Time by [ profile] lilacsigil
Firefly; PG; Simon, Mal, River. Post-Serenity.
Prompt: Malcolm Reynolds. No one knows that Mal used to have woman parts, and no one needs to. But when he needs medical attention, Simon finds out, and he doesn't understand why it needs to be a secret. After all, everyone on the ship knows who's rutting whom.

Oh yes, this is fantastic. Excellent characterisation all delivered with light, intelligent touches, and gentle humour. The snapshots we get of Mal's past are fascinating, as are the suggestions of the state of transgender issues in the 'verse, and it features River as her fabulous self.

Those People: On the History of Wizarding Britain's Attitude Toward Sexuality, by [ profile] obfuscate3
Harry Potter; unrated
Prompt: A Hogwarts student researches for an essay on the Wizarding World's LGBT history.

Pansy Parkinson writes an essay on the history of wizarding gay rights. Arch and insightful, this meshes beautifully into HP canon and offers many thought-provoking suggestions, all delivered with a charming dry wit.

From [ profile] churchontime:

50 Ways to Propose Marriage to Your Non-Lover, by [ profile] wishfulaces
Doctor Who; Eight Doctor and ensemble
Eight decides getting married might be quite fun.

Heeeee! Oh, Eight. I don't even know who about half of these people are but this is just the most enormous fun.

The Ten Weddings of Donna Noble, by [ profile] netgirl_y2k
Doctor Who; Donna/Doctor
Written for the prompt Donna and her ten husbands. Ten husbands, ten regenerations, I couldn't help it, sorry.
FTW. Written just before Partners in Crime, this is Donna at her finest. Featuring time paradoxes made them do it weddings galore, this is hysterically funny.


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