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Here are recs for vids that premiered in various shows at Vidukon. There was so many great ones, but these were my very favourites:

Inadvisable Interpersonal Relationship by [personal profile] thingswithwings (Sarah Jane Adventures, K-9/Mr Smith)

I was so excited when t'wings emailed me about submitting this for my robots show, and it's just as hilarious and adorable and awesome as the initial premise promised. :D

Small Blue Thing by [ profile] beccatoria (Fringe, Olivia)

OH, OLIVIA. HONEY. ;_; This is gorgeous - the song is perfect and haunting, there's some really great, subtle colour work here that adds a lot to the character study, and it's overall just a perfect and totally heartbreaking look at Olivia.

Angie by [personal profile] chaila (T:TSCC/BSG, Jesse/Riley, Caprica/Boomer)

eeee, two of my favourite doomed femslash ships vidded in parallel by one of my favourite vidders, this was a fantastic surprise in the Femslash show on Sunday morning. Sad and wonderfully editing and completely great. <3

Fascination by [personal profile] charmax (Billy Elliot)

This is PERFECT. Fantastic blending of song choice, editing, and source, this is just the most joyous, life-affirming thing. A great shot of happiness after the angst of the last two! It is also possible that I just took a break from writing this post so I could dance along to it for a while in my chair. >.>

When I Fall Asleep by [ profile] buffyann (Doctor Who)

I was looking forward to this vid for the whole con, and it did not disappoint! It's beautiful the way all of the vidder's work is, and also captures the essence of Doctor Who in the most perfect way. Her use of movement and external footage is just sublime. Also, this gave me ALL THE FEELINGS. ALL OF THEM. I cannot. *flaps hands* <33333

Dreaming by [ profile] calapine (Doctor Who, Tegan/Nyssa)

AWW. AWWWW. Another premiere for the Femslash show, this was totally delightful.

You should also watch [personal profile] bop_radar's Hug My Soul when she posts it, it's the most adorable thing in the world and I really want to check out the source for it now.

eta: And here is the playlist from my robots vidshow.
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Day 13 - Your "pick me up" vid of choice

Yeah, okay, I can't pick just one for this one!

God Is A DJ by [ profile] dualbunny (BSG, Starbuck)

Brand New Day by [ profile] humansrsuperior (Doctor Who, Amy, Eleven)

Be My Yoko Ono by [ profile] gigglemonster (SGA, John/Rodney)

Devotion by [ profile] charmax (Xena, Xena/Gabrielle)


Also, new comm for Masters and PhD students: [community profile] piledhigheranddeeper. Relevant to my interests!
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[personal profile] eruthros and I made a thing! [community profile] white_lotus, for all your Avatar: The Last Airbender needs. Fanwork noticeboard, discussion forum, etc. I am also excited to announce that the comm will be hosting an inaugural flash challenge for fanworks set post-series, running between now and the end of the month.


Day 1 - A vid that made you start watching a brand new show
Day 2 - A male character study vid you love

Day 3 - A female character study vid you love

Cathedrals by [ profile] chaila43 (BSG, Laura, D'Anna, Caprica)

This is a character study of three women who I heart, and it's beautiful and full of the promise that Battlestar had for such a long time. It's the sense of longing in the vid that gets to me the most - the desire for truth, for one's life to make sense. It doesn't hurt that it's set to one of my favourite songs. ♥!

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May. 18th, 2010 05:18 pm
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Whee, I has a [community profile] kink_bingo prize!

Bloodlines by [personal profile] thingswithwings
BSG, Boomer/Caprica, explicit, see post for kinks and a content advisory.
It began when they touched there in the city that gave Caprica her name, began with the beaded moisture on Sharon's hot wrist and the shallow cuts along Caprica's arm.

Cylon OTP! \o/ This is just the story I've wanted ever since I watched 'Downloaded' - the character voices and interplay are perfect, it does some really interesting stuff with bodies and the idea of downloading, and also it is about hot robot chicks having sex, so. A win all round!
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+ vid rec: [ profile] obsessive24's Wicked Game (BSG), which is about Dee, omg, I remember why I loved her so much all over again. And it also made me all ragey at 4.5 all over again!

quickly on BSG and gender, with spoilers for the whole series )

+ Relatedly, this post on queer subtext hit me -right here-. Because yes. We have so, so little positive representation in both mainstream and genre TV, and it makes such a difference. All I want are characters who are like me and alive and get to be happy, and -- well, that's not been the case for a while. I am thus both cautiously optimistic and VERY NERVOUS about Skins S4. *clings to Naomi & Emily* I am also looking forward to the new BBC drama, Lip Service, which is about 20-something lesbians in Glasgow. *crosses fingers* (And AfterEllen's article on it made me laugh - oh, The L Word. I loved you, and am still fond of your early seasons, but really.

+ blog carnival: Disability Blog Carnival #63: Relationships (February 2010 edition) is being hosted by [personal profile] avendya at [community profile] disability, with submissions due by February 20th. \o/
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Here is a reclist of the year, of sorts. Below are a selection of fanworks that made me laugh, cry, flail, think, ache, rejoice and love over the course of the year. Below are romances, character studies, sweeping epics, AUs, meta, dance numbers, transitions, friendships, monsters, politics, zombies, and of course, robots. (There are always robots.)

Some of them are very famous, some only have a handful of comments. I love them all, because they all define what the past year in fandom was for me. There are a dozen fandoms represented here, and hopefully there's something for everyone. It's also worth noting that this list is defined by what's not included almost as much as what is - there were so many things I couldn't fit in! A lot of the time, I just couldn't pick only one story by a favourite author to include. (In one case, a certain author's best story is still sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to finish my beta.) My point is, this is in no way definitive, or even really a 'best of'. Just, here are some stories and some vids that I liked. Enjoy!

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Thank you to all the authors, vidders, beta readers and cheerleaders that made the above possible, and here's to the stories to come in 2010. ♥


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